(The episode begins with Jellyfish buzzing)

French Narrator: Ahh. Jellyfish Fields. There is nothing more valuble from a wild jelly from a jellyfish. Here we see a little jellyfish heading towards Bikini Bottom home of SpongeBob SquarePants's favorite pet snail "Gary the Snail". Just look at Gary seeing the jellyfish fly through the window. (This starts where Gary sees the Jellyfish fly through the window)

Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: What is it, Gary? What did you see out the window?

Gary: Meow. (Points to something outside)

SpongeBob: Ooh a jellyfish! I'm gonna catch me one of those.

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: What? You're saying that the jellyfish is your friend? Oh Gary, Gary, Gary, can't you see that the jellyfish are mean and they squirt you with jelly and sting you?

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Gary, you have got to learn respect than a friendly jellyfish.

Gary: Meow. Meow.

SpongeBob: Well I'm about to go jellyfishing with Patrick. Stay here and stay away from that jellyfish. Okay?

Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: Good. See you later, Gare! (He walks outside with a jellyfish net in his hands and glasses on with his eyes) I'm Ready!! I'm Ready!! I'm Ready!!

Jellyfish: (Buzzes and knocks on the window. Gary opens the window and the little jellyfish files inside the bedroom) [To Gary and buzzes]

Gary: Hello little guy. Remember me?

Jellyfish: (Buzzes questionly)

Gary: I'm Gary! SpongeBob pet snail! (The jellyfish buzzes and thinks as the scene flashes back to the episode "Jellyfish Jam" where Gary wakes up in the middle of the night seeing the jellyfish come in. Gary meows while the bunch of jellyfishes squirts Gary with jelly they'd buzzed and laughed and went down the stairs to party) Meow. (Then the scene flashes back to the jellyfish and Gary who suggested something)

Jellyfish: (Buzzes)

Gary: Yeah you remember me. We use to dance together with music and dance and jamming with SpongeBob.

Jellyfish: (Buzz, buzz)

Gary: You use to squirt me with jelly and stinging people with your tentacles. So what do you say we be pals. Ok?

Jellyfish: (Buzz, buzz, buzz)

Gary: Great! I'm gonna call you "Jelly" little fella.

Jelly: (Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz. Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz)

Gary: Boy I can't wait to show you my snalifriends of mine at the clubhouse. C'mon, Jelly! Let's go! (He and Jelly go out the window, goes up the pineapple walls, up to the roof and Gary jumps up higher and falls down really really really really far off the roof. He went in mid-air and lands safely on the ground with a splat and Jelly files over to Gary and together they're heading to the Snail-Clubhouse. Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to Snail-Park where Snellie and Lary are waiting for Gary)

Snellie: Lary?

Lary: Yes Snellie?

Snellie: When's Gary gonna be here already? We're about to do some fun at the clubhouse today.

Lary: I'm not sure, Snellie. Oh good here he comes now.

Snellie: Great! And he's got a jellyfish along with him.

Lary: A jellyfish? (Gary and Jelly came by and bumps into his two friends "Snellie and Lary")

Jelly: (Buzzes)

Gary: Hi Snellie. Hi Lary.

Snellie: Hello Gary.

Lary: Yeah uh, hi. So who's that with you?

Gary: This is Jelly the jellyfish. I saw him fly through the window with my very eyes.

Snellie: Wow. he looks kinda cute when it's a jellyfish. (Tickles Jelly) Kchoocy Kootie Koo!

Jelly: (Buzzes, sneezes and squirts jelly at Lary)

Lary: Eww! I've got jellyed!

Gary: Don't worry. It'll wash out.

Lary: Gee thanks a lot, Gary.

Snellie: But why did you get the jellyfish here? I thought they were mean and squirt you with jelly and they sting you.

Gary: Because, Snellie I've adopted the jellyfish as a pal to play with. Also he can do tricks.

Lary: Ohh. That makes sense.

Gary: Now c'mon you guys. Let's go inside the Snail-Clubhouse!

Snellie: And show our snailfriends the jellyfish you've adopted. (Gary, Snellie, Lary and Jelly got inside the Snail-Clubhouse where all 15 snails are sitting around the table. When Gary, Snellie, Lary and Jelly come in, they see all 15 snails eating their favorite food snail-po)

Jelly: (Buzzes)

Daniel: Hun? What's that buzzing?

Gary: Hello you guys sorry you had to hear that.

Snellie: Guess what we brought to the clubhouse.

Lary: (Grabs Jelly and shows that to Mary's Ex- boyfriend/Boss) Say hello!

Jelly: (Buzz, buzz)

Boss: (Gasps) What is that thing?

Gary: This is Jelly the jellyfish.

Petey: Right. And where did you get that jellyfish from?

Gary: Well Petey I saw it fly through the window so I've adopted him as a pal.

Mary: Oui, I love the version of the jellyfish.

Jelly: (Files over to Mary and Mary tickles the Jellyfish)

Mary: Kchoocy Kootie Koo!

Jelly: (Buzzes, sneezes and squirts jelly at Boss, Dan and Spike)

Boss: Eyuccccccccccck! (Hits the table with two eyestalks to get the jelly off. Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward laughed)

Gary: Don't worry. It'll wash out.

Spike: Yuck! Hey how come I get covered in jelly guys?

Mosteeze: Because, Spike the jellyfish really likes you.

Spike: Well I think that word I'm looking for is redicouls.

Foofie: What are we suppose to do now that the jellyfish is in our clubhouse?

Daniel: Excellent question, Foofie.

Lary: But the answer to that question is we don't know.

Jelly: (Buzzes questionly)

Micheal: I think the jellyfish here justed answered the question.

Pat: Meow.

Eugene: Pat's got a point what did Jelly say?

Gary: Jelly said he could stay for a visit at our clubhouse.

Lary: Yeah. That reminds me what are you guys eating?

Mary: We're eating are favorite food a can of snail-po.

Snellie: Wow. I always wanted to eat snail-po.

Victoria: Well come sit down and we'll eat together because we're hungry.

Jelly: (Buzzes)

Gary: We'd love to! (He, Snellie and Lary sit around the table with all 15 snails)

Lary: Would you let Jelly squirt all the snail-po with jelly so we eat and see how it taste like?

Penney: Sure the more the mairrer.

Edward: Be our guest.

Jelly: (Buzzes and squirt all the snail-po with jelly)

Sweet Sue: Let's see what the snail-po mixed with jelly taste like. (So all 18 snails gives a snail-po mixed with jelly a try and eats it. They liked it)

All Snails: Yummy!! (All 18 snails ate the snail-pomixed with jelly all up while all six worms came inside the clubhouse)

Mr. Doodles: Hey snails! Yoohoo!!?

All Snails: (Sighs)

Mr. Doodles: Guess what my wormfriends and I found.

Mosteeze: What did you get, worms?

Mrs. Squggles: Well, we found something that can, me, us pets fly like the scallops and the jellyfish. It's a poster of it.

Kenney: Would you like to see the poster?

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Sure!!

Foofie: Of course, worms.

Max: Alright check this out. (The six worms lay down the poster about an anceint snail that can fly)

Pat: Meooooooow.

Rex: Arrrrrrrrrrf! Arrrrrrrrrrrf!

Dan: What kind of picture is that?

Jan: That's a picture of an anceint snail that can fly just like the scallops and the jellyfish.

Victoria: Oh look at these pair of wings of his.

Mary: Ooh la la. I always wanted to fly like that snail.

Gary: Mary's got a point. We don't mind if we can fly like the jellyfish here we can try it out.

Boss: Runts, you gotta be kidding. Snails can't fly nethier the Worms.

Gary: Ooohhh. I guess you're right.

Daniel: How are we suppose to compare that we beliveve we can fly like the jellyfish?

Pat: Meow.

Rex: Arrrrrrrrf! Arrrrrrrf! (Panting)

Jelly: (Buzzes)

Spike: I think we need everything that we can fly.

Max: Exactly!

Mr. Doodles: So the plan is we'll have to fly like Jelly the Jellyfish correct?

Mrs. Squggles: That's right brother.

Rocky: (Sighs) You just have to beliveve. You can fly like the scallop. (Snores)

Boss: Rocky's right. I guess we have no choice but to give the flying lesson a try. Let's go fellas.

All Snails and Worms: All right!! (Leaves the Snail-Clubhouse to go fly like the jellyfish)

Jelly: [Buzz buzz buzz] (Leaves the Snail-Clubhouse and follows all 18 snails and six worms as the scene fades to black. Scene cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick at Jellyfish Fields laughing and catching bunch of jellyfish)

SpongeBob: Boy. I love jellyfishing with you hun, Patrick?

Patrick: You said it, buddy.

SpongeBob: Just look at all the jellyfish fly above the fields!

Patrick: Yeah. Lucky for the jellyfish they sure can fly. But to you and me, SpongeBob we can't fly.

SpongeBob: That's because I told Gary to stay away from the jellyfish. Besides they squirt jelly on them.

Patrick: Yup. Let's get back to jellyfishing!

SpongeBob: Hooray!! (He and Patrick go back to having fun jellyfishing while the scene cuts to all 18 snails, six worms and Jelly the jellyfish building a flying machine like an airplane)

Mr. Doodles: Here's our official flying machine!

Max: Of great now we can fly toward jellyfish fields with the jellyfish. Thanks a lot, Mr. Doodles.

Gary: This will be great for beginners to fly!

Snellie: Are you sure it's sure it's safe to ride on this plane?

Lary: Yeah. It has wings and so many seats to carry us in.

Mrs. Squggles: Of course!

Kenney: Well what are we waiting for you guys?

Jan: Let's get on the airplane!

Rex: Arrf!

All Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Pat: Meow! Meow!! Meow!!! (All 18 Snails got on the front of the airplane and all six worms got on the back of the airplane. Jelly got into persission)

Daniel: Ok Jelly! Let it rip!!

Jelly: (Buzzes and spins around the fan to make the plane start the engine. Until the airplane breaks into peaces and all 18 snails and six fall down off the broken airplane)

Spike: I knew no good city folk and their flying machines.

Boss: Awwwwwwwwohh! (Scene cuts to all 18 snails and six worms and Jelly the jellyfish covered in feathers pretending to be birds)

Lary: Tell me again. Why are we dress as birds with wings?

Foofie: Cause with these bird costumes on we'll be able to fly like the jellyfish.

Mosteeze: We're dress as chickens!

Mary: We're dress as ducks!

Penney: We're dress as robins!

Edward: I think we're bird snails and worms if you know what we mean, Penney.

Snellie: Are you sure we'll be able to fly, Mrs. Squggles?

Mrs. Squggles: Sure thing, Snell-bare!

Dan: Let's fly!!

Pat: Meow!! Meow!!

Jelly: [Buzz, buzz, buzz!!] (All 18 Snails and Six Worms jumped from the cilff and files while flapping their wings)

Gary: We're flying!! We're flying!! We're...

All 18 Snails and Six Worms: FALLING!!! (Falls from the cliff really really really really really really really really far and falls down with a splat but not the six worms they landed wiggliy on the bottom)

Jelly: (Buzzes and laughs. Scene cuts to all 18 snails and six worms and Jelly the jellyfish on the flying bicycle)

Gary: Now this thing can possbably fly!

Micheal: A flying bicycle? But Gary won't this thing fly without a fan?

Victoria: Besides we're not going to get hurt this time.

Eugene: It will be impossble to fly this thing.

Penney: We knew that!

Sweet Sue: Well sort of!

Edward: How do you fly this thing?

Pat: Meow!

Lary: It's easy. Just pedal with your tail then get ready to say "Eureka!"

Snellie: Are you sure it's okay to fly this thing?

Mr. Doodles: Sure. Trust us.

Dan: Let's fly!!

Rex: Arrrrf! Arrrrf! (All 18 Snails and 6 Worms pedal with their tails and the fan started spinning that lifts them off the ground and into the air)

Jelly: (Buzzes and followed all 18 snail and 6 worms)

Daniel: Ha ha yeah we're flying!!

Foofie: No we're not!!

All Snails and Worms: (Falls down from the sky while screaming and crashes the flying bicycle and broke into pieces)

Jelly: (Buzzes and laughs. We see all 18 snails broke their shells too after that big fall)

All Snails: Meoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!

Spike: I knew no good city folk and their flying machines.

Boss: (To Spike) Would you quit saying that?!!

Spike: It's the truth.

Dan: Yeah Boss, you were right. Snails and Worms can't fly like the jellyfish.

Boss: Awwwwwwwohh! (Scene cuts back to the clubhouse where all 18 snails are covered in banages and the six worms started to think about getting themselves off the ground)

Mr. Doodles: There must be a way to get oursevles off the ground. But what?

Kenney: What if we use a hot air balloon that can carry us off the ground and into the sky?

Jan: Yes yes yes. That way we can see the view down Bikini Bottom.

Rex: Arrrrrrrrrf!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrf!! (Panting)

Max: Probably should have worked a long time ago.

Jelly: (Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz)

Mrs. Squggles: What was that?

Jelly: [Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz] (All six worms wiggle toward all 18 snails where Jelly made flying wings)

Mrs. Squggles: What's all this?

Gary: Jelly here made these pair of wings.

Snellie: It'll help us snails and worms fly with these on.

Lary: Yeah. These fly wings with lift us off the ground and into the sky!

Mr. Doodles: It can?

Mosteeze: Of course it can. Just think about it!

Gary: To keep Squidward off of his yard, we'll just fly with our pair of wings without slithering and making snail trail.

Daniel: That's right! Then we'll go cheap cheap cheap like the scallops they are.

Petey: I think I'm going to like this plan better!

Mary: I'm sure this plan will work better than these old plans.

Pat: Meow!!

Six Worms: Hun? (Thinks as a bubble thought of Gary, Snellie, Lary and all 15 snails had a pair of wings on their backs. Then the bubble thought disappears with a pop)

Max: That was the most awesomest plan I've ever heard!!

Rex: Arrrrrrrf! Arrrrrrrrf! (Panting)

Spike: That won't work!

All Snails: Hun?

Spike: Still we won't be able to fly unless were on snail feet by finding someone that he can fly.

Dan: Spike is right. We need to find an ancient snail that can fly like the jellyfish.

Mr. Doodles: You mean like in a poster?

Spike: Yeah. Like in a poster. Let's go find that ancient snail.

Boss: I think I know where to find the ancient snail felas. It was in Shady Sholes Resting Home.

Gary: Shady Sholes Resting Home? We wanna go!

Boss: That's the sprint. Now follow me fellas let's go to Shady Sholes!

All Snails and Worms: Hooray!!!

Jelly: (Buzzes. All 18 Snails, Six Worms and Jelly the jellyfish went out of the clubhouse and go to Shady Sholes when the scene fades to black. Scene cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick coming home from Jellyfish Fields while Squidward cooked his hamburgers on his special BBQ grill)

SpongeBob: Phew. I'm beat.

Patrick: Me too.

SpongeBob: Hey look. There's Squidward. I wonder what he's doing. (He and Patrick walk toward Squidward who was cooking his hamburger on the BBQ grill) Hey Squidward! What ya doing?

Squidward: If you must know I'm cooking hamburgers on my special BBQ grill.

Patrick: Wow. Hamburgers can we try one?

Squidward: No Patrick. The hamburgers are not ready yet.

Patrick: Ok. Sheesh.

SpongeBob: It's not much of a BBQ grill.

Squidward: Just try to leave me while I'm cooking the hamburgers in peace.

SpongeBob: Ok Squidward. (SpongeBob and Patrick stepped away from Squidward and his BBQ grill while the scene cuts to Shady Sholes where all 18 snails, six worms and Jelly the jellyfish come in)

Reception Man: Hey you there no snails and worms allowed! What do you all want?

Jelly: (Buzzes to the Reception Man)

Gary: Meow!

Snellie: Meow!

Lary: Meow!

Boss: Meow reow reow meow?

Reception Man: Uh no I don't want all of you in here. Shady Sholes is a resting home for old fish only so go away.

Jelly: (Buzz, buzz)

Boss: He's trying to pull a fast one fellas. Hey Jelly why don't you sting a manly fish to prove him he's wrong!

Jelly: [Buzz, buzz!] (Jelly files toward the Reception Man and stings him very extermely with his tentacles)


All Snails and Worms: (Laughed meowed and barked)

Reception Man: Alright aright no more stinging please!! What was it that you wanted to say?

Gary: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

Reception Man: Oh you mean the anceint snail with the hot air balloon.

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

Receptin Man: He's outside at the backyard at Shady Sholes.

Boss: Oh. Thank you we will find the anceint snail so that he can give us a ride through the tour. Let's go fellas! (All 18 snails, Six worms and Jelly the jellyfish went outside the backyard where the ancient snail and his hot air balloon is. Outside the backyard of Shady Sholes, they see an anceint snail with a hot air balloon)

Pat: Meow!! Meow!!

Micheal: There's the anceint snail!!

Petey: And his hot air balloon has gone out of air.

Mary: I wonder what's wrong with his hot air balloon!?

Daniel: Let's check it out.

Jelly: (Buzz, buzz)

Dan: Someone tell me it's not a flying machine. (All 18 Snails, Six Worms and Jelly the jellyfish go toward the anceint snail and his hot air balloon)

Gary: Anceint Snail what's wrong?

Anceint Snail: I was riding in a hot air balloon to look at the view of Bikini Bottom but all of the sudden my balloon crashed. Now it doesn't have air. See? (All 18 Snails and Six Worms see that the hot air balloon has a hole in it)

Pat: Meooooooow!!

Rex: Arrrrrrrrrrrf!! arf!! (Panting)

Petey: We see that.

Mosteeze: Maybe we can help.

Anceint Snail: Oh if you would. I would be happy for you to take 18 of you snails and 6 worms on a tour.

Jelly: (Buzzes)

Foofie: Oh very good sir. Helping you we'll be honest to serve you.

Victoria: Ok so what seems to be the problem?

Anceint Snail: I've got a hole in my hot air balloon I wanted you to fix it for me so that it can fly.

Penney: Sure thing, Partner. We'll fix this hot air balloon no problemo!

Edward: Yes indeed. Besides we have something to cover the hole in your hot air balloon.

Gary: I bet I have some sticky tape inside my shell.

Anceint Snail: Really?

Gary: Sure. Come on you guys let's fix his hot air balloon.

Boss: Finally! Alright girls we need some air. Boys you and I had to hold it steady. Runt use the sticky tape to cover the hole.

Gary: You've got it, Boss. (And so all 18 snails are about to fix the anceint snail's hot air balloon. Snellie, Mary, Pat, Sweet Sue, Victoria and Mosteeze grab hold of the balloon for air. Boss, Dan and Spike holds the basket tight over the balloon. And Gary climbs to the top of the balloon took out a sticky tape took a piece of it and covers the hole right up and after that, the hot air balloon was fixed)

Lary: The hot air balloon was fixed and ready to go!

Daniel: Alright! Now we can ride on the hot air balloon!

Anceint Snail: Hop a board my passagers! (All 18 Snails and Six Worms hopped on the hot air balloon and Jelly untied the rope and the hot air balloon lifted them up in the sky the anceint snail hops on with all 18 snails and six worms. And Jelly the jellyfish follows them up in the sky)

Mr. Doodles, Mrs. Squggles and Rex: Ooooh!

Gary: Heeeey! The hot air balloon is helping us fly!

Snellie: And we're up in the sky!

Lary: We're on top of the world!

Daniel: Yeah ha ha! We're flying at last!!

Pat: Meow!! Meow!!

All Snails and Worms: Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Jelly: [Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz!] (All 18 Snails and Six Worms on a hot air balloon flew towards Bikini Bottom in town)

Monroe: Look everybody all the snails and worms are flying in the sky!

Nat: Whoa! They're on a hot air balloon!

Mable: Wow I guess they're not lonna ticks after all. (Suggested something) Wait a mintue! Is that Mary up there?!!

Lenny: What? (All the people of Bikini Bottom saw all 18 snails and six worms are on a hot air balloon)

Gary: Well it appears that all the people think we're on a hot air balloon flying in the sky!

Foofie: And it looks like they're telling us to land!

Mosteeze: Land on what?

Sweet Sue: Anywhere like SpongeBob's yard!

Petey: But how do we land this thing?

Mary: Yeah. Mable and all the people are starting to get so worried.

Lary: What are we gonna do?

Gary: I've got an idea!

Daniel: You better hurry, Gary! Are owners we'll be really really worried if we get hurt.

Gary: I'm on it, Daniel! (He pulled the rope that is attached to the hot air balloon lowers all the way down towards SpongeBob's yard which makes Squidward's BBQ grill knocked over his yard. All 18 Snails and six worms got off the hot air balloon which it already landed on SpongeBob's front yard)

All Snails and Worms: Hooraaay!!!

Pat: Meow!! Meow!!

Rex: (Howling)

Eugene: We're landed safely on the ground!

Max: That was awesome!! Let's fly again!!

Mrs. Squggles: I think that's enough flying this thing for now.

Jelly: (Buzz, buzz, buzz!)

Gary: Was is it, Jelly?

Jelly: (Buzz, buzz, buzz!)

Micheal: Did we knocked over something?

Squidward: (Sees his special BBQ grill and felt surprised) HOLY DEAR NEPTUNE!!! My BBQ grill! it got knocked over! (Cries)

Gary: Gee Squidward we're sorry. We didn't see that BBQ grill was standing on.

Snellie: We didn't mean to knock it over. Honest.

Lary: Yeah. It was the hot air balloon.

Penney: What's wrong with him?

Edward: Squidward's BBQ grill got knocked over by a hot air balloon.

Spike: Ha. Serves him right. (SpongeBob and Patrick came by and saw Squidward's BBQ grill which it got knocked over)

SpongeBob: What's wrong, Squidward?

Squidward: Oh SpongeBob something knocked over my special BBQ grill.

Jelly: (Buzzes questionly)

Pat: Meow?

Patrick: It's not one of the snails is it?

Gary: Don't blame on us snails. It was the hot air balloon and we're sorry.

Boss: This is Squid's Special BBQ grill?

Dan: Yeah. It was.

SpongeBob: It's okay little guys you didn't mean to knock Squidward's BBQ grill over.

Patrick: Hey look it's the jellyfish!

Jelly: (Buzzes)

Gary: That's Jelly the jellyfish, Patrick.

Mr. Doodles: That's not the BBQ grill!

Victoria: What's that?

Mr. Doodles: I said that's not the BBQ grill. That's a builtin board of it. (Everyone sees that Mr. Doodles was right. It's a builtin board of a BBQ grill)

Kenney: You're right Mr. Doodles it is a builtin board.

Jan: I wonder how'd that happened.

Jelly: (Buzzes)

Gary: We we're trying to fly over Squidward's yard.

Daniel: And that anceint snail teached us how to fly.

Mary: I guess we can fly after all.

Petey: But I think we should stick with our snailfeet again.

Pat: Meow! (All Snails and Worms, SpongeBob and Patrick laughed. Scene cuts to SpongeBob's house that night. SpongeBob is sleeping so peacefully on his bed while Gary is writing his favorite snail journal)

Gary: I met this jellyfish that I saw from outside the window and I brought him as a pal. His name is Jelly and he can fly in the sky like a scallop. So we'd try to fly just like Jelly but it didn't work out as we used to be.

Snellie: We had a big day. All we do is make up a plan about trying to fly like the jellyfish as they use to be so we met this anceint snail and his hot air balloon.

Lary: Yeah, it was amazing.

Gary: We sure had fun today flying with the jellyfish didn't we you guys? And I bet tomorrow will be even better. Don't you think so?

Snellie: I think so, Gary! Looks like tomorrow's gonna be a big day.

Lary: Yeah. Let's go to sleep. (Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep as we zoom out to SpongeBob's pineapple home)



Gary: Hi Gary the Snail here!

SpongeBob: And SpongeBob.

Gary: I'm inviting all my snailfriends over for a playdate and they're bring over toys to play with!

SpongeBob: Good while I'm gone at Boating School I want all of you snails to play nice until I get back home.

Gary: Uh-oh all of our toys are missing. While Patrick falls in love with popcorn it's up to us to find the missing toys that are hidden in one of these houses.

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Next time!! "Gary's Playdate!!" See ya then!!!

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