(The episode begins at Mr. Krabs's anchor house where Mr. Krabs wants Snellie her importain job for him)

Snellie: You... wanted to see me, Mr. Krabs?

Mr. Krabs: Slither to my table, girl.

Snellie: (Looks out the kitchen) Uhh... Mr. Krabs, they're aren't any desks to sit near you.

Mr. Krabs: Come here! (Snellie slithers up to Mr. Krabs on his table and listened to what he's about to say) Now you've worked here with Mr. Squidward for a very long time, ey Snellie?

Snellie: Yes sir. And it's always been my life sir.

Mr. Krabs: That's because I've called you here for a very importain job just for you. On this Sunday morning, My snail Little Dollar... became very ill!! (Picks up his snail Little Dollar and see that Mr. Krabs is right)


Mr. Krabs: (Shuts Snellie up with his claws) Listen up girl! Any minute now a package will be arrived at Snail-Park home of your own species so I am in trusting you to retrive it for me.

Snellie: Really? You're in trusting me to retrive the package for you?

Mr. Krabs: That's right. You need to bring some medicine at the Barg 'n' Marts for my snail Little Dollar while I'm taking good care of him. You understand what I'm saying?

Snellie: Yes Mr. Krabs. I understand what you've said.

Mr. Krabs: (Looks at his watch) It's time!! Go Snellie!! Retrive that package and don't come back until it's delivered!

Snellie: (Slithers off to his bedroom) I won't let you down, Mr. Krabs! I'll get the medicine for Little Dollar no problem!!

Mr. Krabs: Wait a minute, Snellie! (Snellie stops) If anything happens to my snail Little Dollar, Don't bother playing with your snail friends!

Snellie: Ohh. (Kept on slithering to his bedroom) I gotta get that package and never play with my snailfriends! (She slithers outside to his window all the way up to his roof and jumps up all the way up to the sky and falls down really really really really really really far. She went in mid-air and lands on the ground with a splat and slithers all the way to Snail-Park where the Snail-Clubhouse is. Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to Snail-Park outside where Gary, Lary, Daniel, Rocky and all 14 snails are playing tag. At that point Snellie came by to all 18 snails)

Gary: Hey look! Here comes Snellie.

Snellie: Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. I just got an importain job that Mr. Krabs ordered me to do.

Lary: What did Mr. Krabs give you to do, Snellie?

Snellie: He gave me an importain job to deliver the package to him. And that's not all. Little Dollar became ill!

All Snails: WHAAAAT!!?

Snellie: That's right and the package will be delivered here at Snail-Park 'Cause I need to get some medicine for Little Dollar before anything bad happens to him!

Mary: Little Dollar's ill? Ooh la la how imbaressing.

Rocky: How long is Little Dollar going to be back on his feet?

Snellie: I'm not sure. But Mr. Krabs told me not to play with you guys. All of you really need my help.

Micheal: Hold on. Why should we help you find the medicine?

Petey: We don't even know what the medicine is!

Mosteeze: That's right. We don't know what this medicine your talking about.

Gary: I have.

Snellie: You have, Gary? Well what is it?

Gary: Well, some doctor took out some shot which it looks like medicine for us snails. It was the Snail Plasma that he just took out when I was ill.

Foofie: A Snail Plasma? What kind of medicine is that, sir?

Gary: A Snail Plasma is a kind of shot which cures all the other snails including us.

Daniel: Wow. I wish I had that kind of medicine.

Victoria: You know Gary and Snellie has gotta point. We should get the Snail Plasma at Barg 'n' Marts before the crowd gets too crowded.

Penney: Wow. No wonder the Snail Plasma is a kind of medicine and a shot.

Edward: Yes Indeed. And besides, Mr. Krabs' snail Little Dollar needs our help.

Eugene: Don't forget I was after SpongeBob's boss Mr. Krabs too. So we can help Little Dollar get back on his feet.

Sweet Sue: But where are we going to find some Snail Plasmas?

Pat: Meow.

Boss: Hey, Fellas Enough with your explaining. Looks like the package is here. (All 19 Snails saw Mr. Mailfish with the package and came towards him)

Mailfish: Here it is. A package for Snellie the Snail.

Snellie: Oh! Thank you Mr. Mailman. Oop, I mean... Meow.

Mailfish: Yeah right. Anyway here's your package. (Hands it to Snellie)

Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow!

All 19 Snails: Meooooooooooooow. Meow. Meooooow. Meoooooooow. Meooooooooow.

Mailfish: Well I must be off. See ya. (Walks off. All 19 Snails saw the empty package)

Spike: Okay. We got the package just like the purebrad snail said. Now what?

Snellie: Now, I must deliver an importain package to Mr. Krabs.

Dan: But how? The package is kind of empty.

Daniel: Come on boys we've think about this for years.

Mary: Oui, It's like Gary said. We need some Snail Plasma shots for Little Dollar before things get worse.

Pat: Meow.

Lary: Yeah. We can bring more Snail Plasmas by carring this empty package.

Micheal: But if we gotta bring shots for Little Dollar, We'll have to work together!

Mosteeze: We're like totally counting on Snellie's importain job from Mr. Krabs.

Rocky: Looks like were agreed. I bet they have Snail Plasma shots at Barg 'n' Marts.

Boss: Then we better hurry if we better save our snail friend Little Dollar for his medicine. C'mon Fellas. We're goin to Barg 'n' Marts.

All Snails: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (Scene fades to black. Scene cuts back to Mr. Krabs' anchor house where Mr. Krabs is taking care of Little Dollar who is ill and waiting for Snellie for the importain package)

Mr. Krabs: What's taking Snellie so long? I'm getting tired of taking care of my snail Little Dollar.

Poor Little Dollar: Mrlooooooooooooooooooow. (Suddenly, there's a knock at the door and Mr. Krabs went to answer it opens the door and there's stood SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward who were knocking at the door outside)

SpongeBob: Hey Mr. Krabs! What's goin on?

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! Patrick! And Squidward! I just knew you boys would come over to my house. Please come inside, there's something wrong with my snail Little Dollar.

Patrick: What is it?

Mr. Krabs: See you yourself. (SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward came inside Mr. Krabs' anchor house and saw that Little Dollar was ill with a big surprise)

SpongeBob: Jumping Jellyfish!! What happen to Little Dollar?!!

Squidward: Why is he sick and became ill just like Gary?

Mr. Krabs: I'm glad you boys asked. You see, when I woke up this Sunday morning I didn't realize that Little Dollar becomes ill.

Squidward: Little Dollar's ill?

Mr. Krabs: That's right, Squidward. And I sent Snellie to retrive the package which is empty and has to fill it up with some kind of medicine.

Patrick: What kind of medicine?

Mr. Krabs: It was none other medicine known as the shot of the Snail Plasma.

SpongeBob: Hey! That's what Squidward was suppose to use on Gary when he becomes ill.

Squidward: But all I said was it's just a little Snail Plasma!

Mr. Krabs: Snellie and her snail friends are in the Barg 'n' Marts trying to find some Snail Plasma shots right now.

Patrick: Ohh. I'm in differances. Maybe you shouldn't get nejected by the Snail Plasma or you'll end up like Squidward.

SpongeBob: Patrick's right. We don't want to transform ourselves into snails again like when me and Squidward are last time when we sing the song with Gary on the fence in the full moon.

Squidward: Oh great.

Mr. Krabs: Yeah. Great. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to all 19 snails who are slithering inside the Barg 'n' Marts building)

Foofie: We're inside the Barg 'n' Marts Market. Now where are we going to find these soul called Snail Plasma shots?

Petey: Well, Acoring to the book... We should find the Snail Plasma shots at one of these asles.

Mosteeze: Yeah. Like there's too many people around here.

Mary: Just how many Snail Plasma shots are there on one of these asles?

Lary: We're not sure, Mary. But were going to find one.

Edward: People are here to shop at Barg 'n' Marts too you know.

Penney: He's right us snails have to spilt up if we wanted that Snail Plasma for Little Dollar.

Daniel: Then we better hurry. Little Dollar can't last for so long once he gets ill.

Boss: Alright enough of all this. Let's spilt up! You three runts go with Daniel and Rocky at asle one. You seven Snail Kids look around at asle two. Foofie, you Mosteeze, Petey and Mary go look around at asle three. And the boys and I will around at asle four. Now let's get going!

All Snails: Right! (Spreads out and look around every asle)

Spike: Since when did we have to look around asle four for guys?

Boss: Didn't Penney say that we should spilt up before we did?

Spike: Well yeah. That what he said Boss.

Boss: C'mon Boys let's look around asle four for the Snail Plasma shots.

Dan: It's like you said, Spike. That is pretty redicouls.

Spike: Thanks Dan. (So Mary's Ex- boyfriend/Boss, Dan and Spike slithered to asle four to look around for the Snail Plasma shot. At asle three Foofie, Mosteeze, Petey and Mary looked around side to side for the Snail Plasma shot)

Petey: The Snail Plasma shot must be around here somewhere.

Mary: There's nothing here but kelp cereal and cookies.

Mosteeze: That's like so dissapointing than the rest of the people.

Foofie: Guys, these people are on every asle buying something to bring to their buildings.

Petey: I sure hope Snellie still has that empty package to put inside there. (At asle two Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward are looking around every side for the Snail Plasma shot)

Sweet Sue: Hey Micheal, Did you find everything to cure Little Dollar?

Micheal: No, Sweet Sue I haven't. There's nothing here but some Kelp grow spray and Kelp plants.

Victoria: Keep looking. There has to be Snail Plasma shots around here somewhere in these asles.

Eugene: I'm sure Mr. Krabs won't wait for too long. What if Little Dollar gets ill and make sure there's nothing we can do?

Pat: Meow! Meow!

Penney: Relax. I'm sure Snellie knows what she's doing to retrive the medicine to Mr. Krabs.

Edward: He's right, Eugene. We'll never play together without Little Dollar until he's back on his feet.

Eugene: Well, if you say so. (At asle one, Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel and Rocky looked high and low for the Snail Plasma shot. Then suddenly Snellie saw a lot of Snail Plasma shots all the way from the bottom)

Snellie: Hey Gary! I've found the Snail Plasma shots!

Gary: Really? That's great, Snellie! Now quickly let's grab a lot of them and put em in the empty package.

Lary: Yeah. No one will ever known that were stealing them.

Daniel: And besides it's just borrowing and paying for them.

Snellie: Ok, but if the people find out were stealing them we'll run for our lives. (Now Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel and Rocky borrowed 10 Snail Plasmas shots and puts em inside the package. After that all 19 snails slithered back to each other to see if they found everything)

Mary: Has anyone found everything yet?

Edward: No, Mary. Nothing at asle two.

Boss: And there's nothing here at asle four.

Petey: We've looked everywhere for the Snail Plasma at asle three but there's nothing there ethier.

Snellie: I have! I found 10 Snail Plasmas shots at asle one from the bottom and put em in a package.

Boss: Ah well done, little girl. I've think you done a ferrow job.

Spike: Yeah. Let's go pay for those Snail Plasma shots and take them to the red crab.

Dan: Uhh is it me or the people still getting too crowded waiting in line infront of the cash register?

Gary: Looks like there's too many people in line to pay for their things to bring in their buildings.

Pat: Meow.

Petey: Now how long are we going to get to the register?

Snellie: Don't worry, Petey. It won't be long now.

Daniel: Any minute now.

Rocky: Yes.

French Narrator: (Reading time card) Eight Hours Later...

Harold: Next in line please!

Boss: Looks like were next in line, Fellas. Let's pay for those Snail Plasma shots that we've got inside the package.

Gary: Whew! Finally. (All 19 Snails slithered toward Harold Tranquoise Fish who's behind the cash register)

Harold: What do you want to pay for?

Gary: Uh How much for the 10 Snail Plasma shots? I mean... Meow?

Harold: $10.50. (Gary took out 10 dollars and 50 cents out of his shell and hands it to Harold Tranquoise Fish)

Harold: Thank you for shopping Barg 'n' Marts and have a nice day.

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Meow.

Boss: Mreow mreow mreow meow.

Harold: Don't mention it. (All 19 Snails slithered out of the Barg 'n' Marts building with the package full of Snail Plasma shots)

Victoria: We did it! We got all 10 Snail Plasma shots for Little Dollar!

Pat: Meow!

Sweet Sue: Now all that's left is to bring them to Mr. Krabs at his anchor house.

Mary: Oui, I'm sure Little Dollar will be back on his feet in no time at all.

Snellie: You're right, guys. Little Dollar needs us so we better hurry back to his anchor house so that Little Dollar will be cured by the Snail Plasma.

Gary: We don't want to be too squeamnish in front of SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs.

Rocky: Yeah. Let's go!

All Snails: Hmmm!! (Scene fades to black. Scene cuts back to Mr. Krabs' anchor house where SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward are taking care of Little Dollar for Mr. Krabs)

SpongeBob: There there, Little Dollar. It's gonna be okay.

Squidward: (Drops Snail-po on Little Dollar by spilling it) Yikes! Not even some snail food can't cure him.

Poor Little Dollar: (Coughs badly)

Mr. Krabs: Little Dollar!

Patrick: Hmm, I think I see the problem.

Mr. Krabs: What is that, Patrick?

Patrick: Little Dollar's gotta bad case of the cough idiss.

SpongeBob: Ohh. So that's what's making Little Dollar so ill.

Patrick: You know you worry too much. The Patrick is here and, SpongeBob I know a lot about snail illnest. Beliveve... (Drools but SpongeBob snaps his fingers to snap him out) Me.

Squidward: That's what's causing all this? Only a complete mondrill mutt will bring in 10 Snail Plasmas from the package. (Just then all 19 snails came back inside with a package filled with 10 Snail Plasmas shots and slithered toward Mr. Krabs)

Snellie: Sorry it took so long to bring in the Snail Plasma shot medicine for Little Dollar, Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: Snellie! You were told not to play with your snail friends!

Snellie: I didn't, Mr. Krabs that's why I needed Gary and his snailfriends' help to find 10 of these Snail Plasma shots from the package.

Gary: She's right that's why Little Dollar needs our help by taking his medicine to him.

Rocky: Don't you see? If Little Dollar doesn't get well soon, will never play with him ever again.

Mr. Krabs: Oh I understand now. Squidward front in center please!

Squidward: Yes Mr. Krabs?

Mr. Krabs: Pick one Snail Plasma shot so we can cure me snail Little Dollar.

Squidward: Alright, Mr. Krabs, I think I'll do it. But remind me not to make SpongeBob nejected by the Snail Plasma again. (Takes out one Snail Plasma shot out of the package)

SpongeBob: I'll get Little Dollar! (Picks up Little Dollar and walks to Squidward) are you sure you know how to do it?

Squidward: Trust me, SpongeBob I know what I'm doing.

SpongeBob: Ok but please don't hurt Little Dollar, Squidward. (Holds Little Dollar infront of him)

Micheal: I can't beliveve it's finally going to happened.

Victoria: At this rate Little Dollar should be cured in no time!

Eugene: Yeah. Squidward who was the only one who can use the Snail Plasma shot.

Penney: Boy, I hope he doesn't stab and nejected it on SpongeBob.

Sweet Sue: And worse, we don't want SpongeBob to turn into a snail.

Edward: Not just SpongeBob who can turn into a snail, Sweet Sue Squidward too.

Pat: Meow.

SpongeBob: Ok ok Steady...

Patrick: C'mon Squidward.

Mr. Krabs: C'mon Mr. Squidward! Time is money!

Squidward: Okay! (Stabs the Snail Plasma on Little Dollar but SpongeBob pulls him away)

SpongeBob: Wait that's too hard. Oh ok ok ok try again. (Squidward kept on trying stabbing Little Dollar with the Snail Plasma. But SpongeBob keeps pulling him away by saying "Wait")

Squidward: (Shammers) Hold him still!

SpongeBob: Wait. Wait. Wait.

Squidward: Would you hold him still!

Poor Little Dollar: (Woke up and saw the Snail Plasma) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (He jumps out of SpongeBob's hands and knocks the package filled with 9 Snail Plasma shots into mid-air and the package spilled 9 Snail Plasma shots on SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs)

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs: Yooooooooooow!!! (One Snail Plasma shot landed on Little Dollar)

Little Dollar: Mreooooooooooooooooow!!

SpongeBob: Oh no. We've got nejected by 9 Snail Plasmas.

Patrick: I'm gonna turn into a snail! It's already happening!

Squidward: Oh, Patrick. Nothing's going to happen to you. It's just a little Snail Plasma.

Mr. Krabs: Get the Snail Plasma out of me poop deck!! Get it out!! (Mary slithers to Mr. Krabs and took the Snail Plasma out of his poop deck. Mary's Ex- boyfriend/Boss took the Snail Plasma off of Little Dollar. Gary took off three Snail Plasma out of SpongeBob's head. Lary took off two Snail Plasmas out of Patrick's tummy and Snellie took off one Snail Plasma out of Squidward's nose)

Snellie: Are you okay, Squidward?

Squidward: I'm fine! But Little Dollar made us nejected by a Snail Plasma shots.

Pat: Meow.

Mosteeze: That's funny. I wonder why Little Dollar is afraid of shots.

Foofie: Maybe he probably jumped off of Mr. SquarePants' hands and spilled all of 9 Snail Plasmas shots on him, Mr. Star, Mr. Tentacles and Eugene H, Krabs. (Little Dollar slithers to the kitchen where his water bowl is filled with water)

Lary: Hey where's Little Dollar going?

Petey: I beliveve he's going to the kitchen to get a little drink of water from the water bowl.

Mary: Hun? No one has to drink water from the water bowl except for us snails.

Pat: Meow.

Daniel: C'mon we better follow Little Dollar. (All 19 Snails slithered inside the Kitchen where Little Dollar is and saw him drinking water from the waterbowl and gurguils with his mouth and swallowed it inside his throat)

Little Dollar: Ahem... Meow.

Rocky: Look... Little Dollar's back on his feet!

Boss: Well I guess the Snail Plasma does help you cure us snails after all.

Snellie: He's not ill anymore.

Gary: Infact, Little Dollar is much better already!

Pat: Meow.

Little Dollar: (In Stan's voice) Hooray! I'm Cured! Yes siree! I can finally moved to the groove! Shake it! (Takes his moricas out of his shell and shakes em)

All 19 Snails: Little Dollar!!! (Slithers toward Little Dollar)

Little Dollar: Hey Gary. Hey guys. Long time no see hun?

Gary: Oh Little Dollar, I'm so glad you're all better!

Mary: So what happen to you anyway? We saw you got really ill and got the bad case of cough idiss.

Boss: That Snail Plasma really cured you hun?

Little Dollar: Yup.

Edward: Well at least we've got the old you back hun, Little Dollar?

Penney: He's right. Nothing will ever bad happen to you.

Pat: Meow! Meow! Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Little Dollar: Well I'm gonna thank SpongeBob and his three friends for all the help for curing me. (Just then we hear SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs screaming into transformation)

Victoria: What was that?

Sweet Sue: Looks like SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs are going for the transformation.

Gary: Oh no. C'mon you guys. Let's see what's wrong. (All 20 Snails slithers back to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs who are now snails)

All 20 Snails: (Gasps)

SpongeSnail: Meow.


SquidSnail: Meow.

StarSnail: Meow.

CrabSnail: Meow.

Gary: Squidward! Patrick! Mr. Krabs! You're Snails!

Snellie: Oh no. Not again!

Little Dollar: Squidward turned into a snail just like SpongeBob. He is now Snailward.

All Snails but Little Dollar: Snailward?

Little Dollar: That's right. When every time Squidward filps his Tiki Head Island House to the right the glass breaks and shitters into peaces and all the pictures frame and papers are torn and he got nejected by a Snail Plasma on his nose.

Lary: Is that true, SpongeBob and Squidward?

SpongeSnail: Meow. Meow.

SquidSnail: Meow. Meow.

CrabSnail: Meow reow?

Spike: Ok what did the crabsnail just say?

Dan: I know what he said. He was saying "What is he going to do?"

Gary: Ooh. I think I know the answer.

Boss: Oh really? What is it, Runt?

Gary: I know someone who can take care of special snails with an owner in charge. Pearl!

Snellie: She's the expert on taking care of snails and worms.

Lary: Yeah. When we take SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward back to their houses they'll have 24 hours to turn back to normal.

Boss: What a brilliant idea. The whale will take care of crabsnail while she's in charge.

Dan: This is redicouls. There's no way Pearl will take care of a crabsnail.

Spike: Yeah. She will say eww gross when she sees this.

Daniel: You maybe right boys. The crabsnail is the chip off the old cheapskate.

Gary: C'mon you guys. Let's take SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward and let them sleepover at the pineapple.

SpongeSnail: Meow.

StarSnail: Meow.

SquidSnail: Meow. (All 20 Snails took SpongeSnail, StarSnail and SquidSnail outside all the way back to the pineapple house)

CrabSnail: Meow.

Pearl: (Walks over to the CrabSnail) Hey it's a CrabSnail that's looks just like my dad. Don't worry, little fellow. I'll take charge of you just before your owner shows up.

CrabSnail: Meow. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to SpongeBob's house that night. Gary is writing his favorite Snail Journal of what he and his snail friends did today while all 19 snails watched him and SpongeSnail, StarSnail and SquidSnail watched him from the couch)

Gary: Today was a really importain job for Snellie is kind of ok I guess. Snellie says that she has to deliver an importain package to Mr. Krabs and that Sunday morning Little Dollar becomes ill and needed the Snail Plasma to make him feel better.

Mosteeze: I didn't know exactly what happen when Little Dollar is afraid of shots.

Pat: Meow.

Petey: That reminds me. Why do you always care for animals along with Squidward, Snellie?

Snellie: Well, Squidward and I always care for animals we take care of them and feed them and take em for walks and tell pets their favorite jokes.

Daniel: Wow, Snellie. No wonder you and Squidward have been alike. Taking care of animals is what you do hun?

Boss: Now that is one careless little girl.

Spike: Yeah. That Purebrad Snail's got her style.

Dan: All in the days work for an importain job ey, Gary?

Gary: Yup. That's exactly what I mean. We sure had fun today didn't we? And I think tomorrow is going to be even better. Don't you think?

Mary: Oui, I can sure go for some fun tomorrow.

Foofie: Me too. Tomorrow's Independince's Day and we'll celebrate the fourth of july for the holidays.

Micheal: Wow. I can't wait.

Victoria: Me too.

Eugene: Me three.

Penney: Make that four.

Sweet Sue: I'm in.

Edward: And so will I.

Pat: Meow!

Lary: Yeah. Let's go to sleep.

SpongeSnail, StarSnail and SquidSnail: Meow. (SpongeSnail, StarSnail, SquidSnail and all 20 snails fell fast asleep as we zoom out to SpongeBob's pineapple home)



Gary: Hi! Gary the Snail here!

Plankton: And Plankton.

Gary: It's the 4th of July in town! So I decided to celebrate by painting my shell Red, White and Blue!

Plankton: Ha! Dream up, Gary! When my new plan is about to begin all of my explosive rockets that will blow the town away.

Gary: Not so fast, Sheldon J. Plankton! While SpongeBob who was a snail is having a 4th of July party at his house when it doesn't go as planned it's up to me, Daniel, Rocky and my snailfriends to stop you and your plans.

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Next time! "The Snail Of July!" See ya then!!!

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