The Abominable Snow Mollusk is a huge monster that appeared in the special episode Frozen Face Off. Unlike other monsters shown, it is animated with stop-motion.

Mr. Krabs has mentioned that he once encountered the Abominable Snow Mollusk in his past and that he and his crew were eaten by the creature. They had to "wait for nature to take its course" in order to escape its stomach.

When Spongebob and the gang escaped the Abominable Snow Mollusk, it got the taste of Patrick's last gummy worm. It was then the monster earned a craving for sweets. When they encountered the monster again, it ate the jelly beans in Patrick's pocket. It then ate Plankton thinking he was a jelly bean.

The Abominable Snow Mollusk has a greyish-white body with tentacles for arms and legs. It also has fur around its neck, fin-like ears, sharp teeth, and yellow eyes. Since Frozen Face Off, it grew a craving for candy.

Trivia EditEdit

  • According to Mr. Krabs, the Abominable Snow Mollusk is a female.
  • It is the third creature to be attracted to Patrick because of food. The first was Gary in Dumped (because of a cookie in Patrick's pocket), and the second was a Lion Fish in Spongicus (because of blood sausages hanging from Patrick's neck).
  • Its name is a parody of the Abominable Snow Monster from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
  • The Abominable Snow Mollusk marks the second appearence of a clay-mation character in the series, the first being the Spongebob in the intro to Truth or Square and the second being everyone in It's a SpongeBob Christmas!.

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