TUOOFATTAFAD is "The United Organization OFish Against Things That Are Fun And Delicious." Members of this group contain the Puss family, the leader being Miss Gristle-Puss. They have only been seen in one episode, "Banned in Bikini Bottom". TUOOFATTAFAD has shut down the Krusty Krab once because the Krabby Pattieswere blamed as being fun and delicious according to SpongeBob's musical tribute. They were able to shut it down because Gristle's husband, Al Puss, is the Bikini Bottom Chief of Police. When Plankton told them about a new secret Krusty Krab, TUOOFATTAFAD rushed over with Al. At the end, Al was eating a Krabby Patty and when Gristle tried to stop him from eating that, her shoe was untied and she tripped and ate one herself. As she adored it and sang SpongeBob's musical tribute, she decided that Krabby Patties should be legal again.

Trivia EditEdit

It would be nearly impossible for Mrs. Gristlepuss and her crew, TUOOFATTAFAD, to be on a bus without food for days for many reasons: 1. It is unexplained why Gristlepuss and TUOOFATTAFAD even entered the bus. 2. It is not reasonable not to eat nothing for days and not take a single bite out of a patty because they are too fun and too exciting.

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