(The episode begins at Snail-Park where the Snail-Clubhouse is. And all 21 snails are sitting around the table chatting with each other)

Gary: Hey Daniel, where are you going on this find find day?

Daniel: Well, Gary. I have to go somewhere but I'm too nervous to look at some girl snail who looks filmilliar as Snellie.

Snellie: Oh you mean my twin sister that Mrs. Puff just owned as a pet snail?

Daniel: Yep. That's the one. (Gary and Snellie looked at each other)

Rocky: Can't you tell us? Where are you and this girl snail are going on this special day?

Daniel: The girl snail and I are about to go on a special date this morning.

Little Dollar: Oh really? Where is that exactly?

Yo-yo: Is it a famous dinner date at The Krusty Krab?

Daniel: Yes. But it's not just an ordinary dinner date. My owner Tom the fish is going to have a special date with Mrs. Puff at The Krusty Krab too.

Mosteeze: Right. Exactly what is this girl snail you were talking about?

Pat: Meow.

Penney: (To Mosteeze) Daniel said it was Snellie's twin sister that he's going out with.

Mosteeze: What are you talking about?

Edward: (To Mosteeze) He means Sam.

Mosteeze: Sam the Snail was Snellie's twin sister?

Daniel: That's right, Mosteeze. Sam is Mrs. Puff's pet snail.

Lary: Mrs. Puff's Snail?

Spike: Isn't she a girl who wears a pink ribbon on top of her shell and it looks just like the purebrad snail?

Dan: Yeah. She looks quite filmillar with her eyelashes and rainbow colors on her snail body.

Daniel: Yes, Boys. That's why I'm heading out with Sam the Snail Mrs. Puff made up the name of.

Boss: Whoa there. There's no way your going out with a twin of a purebrad snail.

Daniel: I must Boss. Tom the fish promised me I have to go out with Sam the Snail on a date.

Mary: Excuse an wa? Can't we just follow you around the whole Bikini Bottom to see what you and Sam have been doing?

Daniel: No, you all can't. Besides if you guys follow me around, it'll ruin my chance to go on a date with Sam the Snail.

Pat: Meow.

Micheal: Look Daniel, we all know SpongeBob has been following Squidward and Mrs. Puff around the whole town of Bikini Bottom but he was trying to commuticate with it.

Victoria: No one's going to give away your secret date with you and Sam the Snail.

Eugene: Just think of it this way, getting a date with Sam the Snail is harder than we thought.

Sweet Sue: Besides that will be spying and spying on somebody that you're on a date with is wrong.

Pat: Meow.

Daniel: Wow I've never thought of that.

Petey: Don't worry about going on a date, Daniel. We're always there for you.

Foofie: He's right sir. A date is a special ways of going out with somebody as an owner and a pet for a special dinner date.

Lary: Or perhaps you can go for a stroll at the park with Sam the Snail.

Gary: Yeah. If Tom the fish is about to fall in love with Mrs. Puff. We'll follow them.

Snellie: Besides, SpongeBob isn't the only one following Squidward and Mrs. Puff. Us snails too.

Pat: Meow.

Daniel: No. I should do this date alone.

All Snails but Boss, Dan and Spike: Ohh... (Feels disapointed. Suddenly there's a knock at the door)

Rocky: Someone's at the door!

Gary: I wonder who that could be. (All 21 Snails got up from around the table and slithered to the door revealing that there's Tom Smith out the door knocking)

Tom: Hey!

Gary: Tom? I mean... Meow?

Tom: Hate to interrupt your chat but... Do you live here?

Gary: Of course we live at the Snail-Clubhouse. I mean... Meow.

Tom: Well I'm here to take Daniel on a special date today with Mrs. Puff's Snail Sam.

All Snails but Boss, Dan and Spike: Meow. Meoooooooooow. Meoooooooooow. Meooooooooooow.

Tom: Now now Snails one at a time please.

Boss: Meow meow meow meow?

Tom: No. No. All of you snails can't come to the date. Besides that will be spying and spying is wrong.

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

Daniel: Meow reow.

Tom: Let's go, Daniel. (Picks up Daniel into his hands) Say so long to your friends. Let's say you and I get our special date together just you and me. (He walks off with Daniel in his hands)

Daniel: Meow.

Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow!

Boss: He's trying to take Daniel to his special date, Fellas. Why don't we investigate the special date together to see what's goin on!

Rocky: Alright! Let's follow Tom and Daniel!

All 20 Snails: All right!! (And so all 20 snails followed Tom and Daniel toward the town of Bikini Bottom and back to Tom's building)

Boss: There it is, Fellas. Tom's building where Daniel is. We can now see him through the window of what he and Tom are doing.

Little Dollar: Should we get a better look if we get inside the building?

Boss: No Little Dollar. It's better when we seek through the window to see what Daniel and Tom are up to.

Yo-yo: Yeah man. Ain't no way were gonna get inside to have a better look. (All 20 Snails look through the window to see what Daniel and Tom are up to)

Tom: You know, Daniel I'm getting ready for my special girlfriend on a special date. All's I gotta do is put on this collar and soon we will be on our way.

Daniel: Meow. (Tom puts on his collar and he and Daniel get out of the building)

Gary: Here he comes! Hide! (All 20 Snails hide in their shells while Tom and Daniel pasted by them. They did not see them coming by. All 20 Snails came out of their shells and saw Tom and Daniel walk off toward Mrs. Puff's house)

Snellie: Tom didn't even see us coming.

Lary: Yeah. And he and Daniel are about to head toward Mrs. Puff's house.

Rocky: I wonder why Daniel is so amazed by his girlfriend Sam the Snail.

Boss: Looks like we better find out what they're up to. After me Fellas. (All 19 Snails followed Mary's Ex- boyfriend/Boss all the way to Mrs. Puff's house. Fred just walked by pasted the 20 snails who is seeing Tom and Daniel at Mrs. Puff's house)

Micheal: What's Tom up to now, Boss?

Boss: I bet he's about to fall in love with Sweet Cheeks who was inside her house.

Mosteeze: Seriously?

Boss: Yeah. The little runt's best friend maybe right about going on a date with Sam the Snail.

Penney: Now I wonder what Daniel's girlfriend looks like.

Edward: I bet she had a pink ribbon on her shell just like Mary's Ex- boyfriend's Boys said.

Spike: I think you need to be more prescriptive.

Boss: Oh. Uh. Okay. Uh. Let's see here. Uh. Daniel is about to marry Sam the Snail which is really Mrs. Puff's Snail name that she made up.

Dan: I bet he has something to do with Mrs. Puff.

Pat: Meow.

Snellie: Maybe we should get a better look to see if my twin sister really looks like.

Gary: No way, Snellie. It's better this way when we stay behind to see what Tom and Daniel say to Mrs. Puff about her date. (All 20 Snails watched while Tom rang the doorbell next to Mrs. Puff's door)

Tom: Mrs. Puff is gonna laugh her hat off once she sees me in that collar and tusk on. Ain't that right, Daniel?

Daniel: Meow.

Mrs. Puff: (Opens the door and sees Tom and Daniel) Yes? Oh hello Tom. Hi Daniel.

Daniel: Meow.

Tom: Hey Mrs. Puff. I've been waiting for you. 'Cause were going on a date at The Krusty Krab. Is your snail Sam at home?

Mrs. Puff: Yes. I have a pet snail named Sam.

Tom: Well, let's see her ma'am.

Mrs. Puff: Ok, Oh Sam!! Come on out. Don't be shy girl. (A Girl Snail named Sam came slithering outside next to Mrs. Puff and saw Daniel in her very eyes)

Daniel: (Eyes turned into hearts) Mreow.

Sam: (Eyes turned into hearts) Meoow. (Daniel and Sam purred at each other while in love)

Tom: So Mrs. Puff, what do you say? Wanna go to The Krusty Krab with me on a date just you and me and our two snails?

Mrs. Puff: Actually a date at The Krusty Krab sounds wonderful. Let's go. (And so Tom and Mrs. Puff are about to go to The Krusty Krab on a date along with Daniel and Sam while All 20 Snails hide in their shells and Tom, Mrs. Puff, Daniel and Sam didn't see the 20 snails and just kepted on going to The Krusty Krab. All 20 Snails came out of their shells)

Rocky: Did you see that? Daniel's in love with Sam the Snail.

Little Dollar: Yeah and Tom's falling in love with Mrs. Puff.

Yo-yo: Who is he? A cheapstake?

Gary: Guys. Tom is not the match and the same as Mr. Krabs. Don't you remember Mr. Krabs is falling in love with Mrs. Puff?

All Snails: No.

Gary: Well I do. And I can prove a flashback. (All 20 Snails think as the scene flashes back to the episode "Krusty Love" What Mrs. Puff said to Mr. Krabs)

Mrs. Puff: I didn't know SpongeBob had such a colorful vocabulary. Actually, there's something I'd like to say too, Mr. Krabs. [Takes off her fur coat, shoes and hat] I'm afraid I don't feel comfortable accepting all these gifts. I'd rather go Dutch, if you don't mind. [Hands him some money from her purse]

Mr. Krabs: Uh, OK.

Mrs. Puff: You're a very sweet man, Mr. Krabs. [Mrs. Puff kisses him and his eyes bend into the shape of a heart]

Mr. Krabs: AAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!! (Then the scene flashes back to all 20 snails who are still thinking)

Eugene: Wow. No wonder Mr. Krabs is falling in love with Mrs. Puff.

Gary: Right. So if we all do the same just like they did. I'm sure Daniel would sure he would like Sam for sure.

Foofie: Sir, Count me in. We would be honored to help Daniel on his date.

Snellie: Me too. After all, she is my twin sister.

Lary: Yeah. Let's go to The Krusty Krab!

Boss: Looks like he's got this girl on the list. (All 20 Snails slithered toward The Krusty Krab when the scene fades to black. Scene cuts to The Krusty Krab where Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are in the kitchen)

Mr. Krabs: Let's get this kitchen fancy! Ok boy, Today is a special day at me resturant so I want this place nice and fancy.

SpongeBob: Aye aye, Captain! (Goes to the resturant and got to work on this fancy resturant)

Mr. Krabs: Looks like today's gonna be a special date between the love of these two on a dobole date. Yes sir I can smell the sweet cent of money. (SpongeBob got started on making the tables fancy for someone on a date he puts on sheets on every table and santed candles on every table)

Squidward: Hmmph. He doesn't even know the first thing about dates while making this job fancy. (SpongeBob puts on some fancy waiter clothes on)

Mr. Krabs: Squidward!

Squidward: Yes Mr. Krabs?!

Mr. Krabs: Looks like we're gonna need some fancy customers here today and someone is on a special date along with the two snails.

Squidward: Who is it exactly?

Mr. Krabs: It's a dobole date between Tom and Mrs. Puff and the two snails Daniel and Sam.

Squidward: Oh boy. (Tom, Mrs. Puff, Daniel and Sam came inside The Krusty Krab and saw the fancy tables SpongeBob made)

Tom: Look at this place. It's so fancy.

Mrs. Puff: This place looks filmilliar since you and I came in.

SpongeBob: (Came to Tom and Mrs. Puff as a waiter) Welcome to the Fancy Resturant at The Krusty Krab! Table for two please?

Mrs. Puff: (Gasps) SpongeBob! You're the waiter?

SpongeBob: That's right Mrs. Puff. I'm the waiter of the fancy resturant at The Krusty Krab. Right this way please.

Daniel and Sam: Meow. (SpongeBob lead Tom, Mrs. Puff, Daniel and Sam to table 15 with a santied candle on it)

Tom: (Sits down on a chair) This is amazing.

Mrs. Puff: (Sits down on the chair) I agree.

Daniel and Sam: Meow. (Back outside all 20 snails see Daniel and Sam with Tom and Mrs. Puff inside the fancy resturant of The Krusty Krab)

Victoria: Wow. Look at the resturant. It's so fancy.

Sweet Sue: Yeah. SpongeBob really did a hard work on a fancy tables.

Pat: Meow.

Edward: Looks like Daniel's too scared and nervous if he and Sam are on a date.

Penney: I agree. I guess it's up to us to make Daniel like Sam so that he'll be friends with her.

Eugene: I always wanted to help Daniel.

Micheal: Me too. Let's get inside The Krusty Krab.

Mary: Hold it! We can't go in there while Tom the fish is here with Mrs. Puff.

Petey: They'll think they'll beliveve that were talking snails.

Gary: Then we better get inside The Krusty Krab and tell Daniel that we're not spying on him. (All 20 Snails get inside The Krusty Krab and slithered to Daniel and Sam. That's where Mrs. Puff and Tom are sitting at Table 15)

Tom: Hey! What are those snails doing here?

Mrs. Puff: That's funny. My snail Sam is very filmilliar to that snail Snellie I mean they're the same as twins.

All Snails but Boss, Dan and Spike: Meoooow. Meooooooooow. Meoooooooooow. Meooooooooooow. Meow.

Tom: Don't worry about them, Mrs. Puff. They're always something. Now what do you say we enjoy ourselves while waiting for our Krabby Patties.

Mrs. Puff: Okay. But just as though the 20 snails don't goof off.

Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!

Daniel: You guys! What are you doing here?

Gary: We came to The Krusty Krab with you and Sam.

Snellie: And we're exactly not spying on you and Tom on a date.

Lary: Yeah. Were not here to spy on you and Tom on a date with Mrs. Puff.

Daniel: I told you guys not to follow me on a secret date!

Boss: We're sorry, Daniel. We didn't even know you were dating a girl.

Little Dollar: He's right. No wonder you were on a secret date with Mrs. Puff's Snail.

Yo-yo: I'm saying that she's hot.

Sam: (In Kasey's voice) So this is your best friends that were about to show me hun, Daniel?

Daniel: (Scared and nervous) No Sam it's not what you think!

Sam: I've thought we were on a special date just you and me at The Krusty Krab!

Dan: Uh-oh. Looks like your girlfriend is really mad.

Spike: Yeah. I don't like her additude. Not even we were following her too.

Foofie: Looks like Sam is so mad at Daniel.

Pat: Meow.

Mary: Sam, what Daniel's trying to say is it's not what you've think it is.

Snellie: She's right my twin sister. Daniel's Gary's best friend and so were the rest of us snails.

Mosteeze: Yeah like who do we think we are? Super Secret Agents?

Pat: Meow. Meow.

Sam: No, you guys are not super secret agents! Me and Daniel are breaking up just before you'd showed up!


Sam: Yup. I don't love him. I hate him.

Gary: Rapaulsive!

Daniel: I'm so sorry Sam!! (Slithers back to all 20 snails)

Lary: So sorry you have to hear that. (Daniel goes with all 20 snails to the kitchen while Tom and Mrs. Puff Saw them and hear what they said)

Tom: Did you see that Mrs. Puff? I never known they're so many talking snails. And I heard and saw them of what they said.

Mrs. Puff: Barnacles! Dardy Barnacles! Did my snail Sam justed talked like the rest of the 21 snails?

Tom: Aparently yes. I heard what she said. She saying that she hates my pet snail Daniel and broke up with him what's Daniel gonna do?! (Back in the kitchen, All 20 Snails told Daniel that he feels bad about Sam the Snail)

Boss: What were you thinking, Daniel? I can't beliveve that Sam broke up with you.

Daniel: I'm sorry, Boss. I'd lied to all of you snails. I can't beliveve that Sam the Snail doesn't like me anymore. What am I gonna do?! How am I going to make it up to her?!

Victoria: Don't feel bad, Daniel. Gary and Rocky will figure out the way for you to like Sam better.

Sweet Sue: All Gary and Rocky needs is you to apologize to her so that way Sam will like you again.

Pat: Meow.

Little Dollar: First of all talk to Sam and apologize that we'd followed you here.

Yo-yo: I'm not sure how to say this but it's the only way to like Sam the Snail again. Then she'll forgive you of what you said.

Mary: And when you apologized things we'll get better while you and Sam are on a date.

Daniel: You're right you guys. I should make this better to her no matter what she said to me.

Gary: That's the sprint, Daniel. Looks like me and Rocky are about to help you apologized to Sam the Snail! (Scene fades to black. Scene fades back outside The Krusty Krab where all the fancy customers came inside for their Krabby Patties)

Mr. Krabs: (Opens the dobole doors for the hungry fancy customers) Come right in folks, there's plenty of tables for you to sit around so make sure you hand me out your money. (Back inside The Krusty Krab SpongeBob serves two Krabby Patties for Tom and Mrs. Puff at table 15)

SpongeBob: There you are people two Krabby Patties for each of you.

Mrs. Puff: Uhh, Thank you SpongeBob.

Tom: Yeah thanks.

SpongeBob: Now if you two will excuse me I'll have to go back to making the Krabby Patties for the fancy customers. (Heads back to the kitchen to make more Krabby Patties for the fancy customers. All 21 Snails came out of the kitchen and slithers to table 15 where Tom, Mrs. Puff and Sam the Snail were at)

Gary: Psst. Sam. Sam!

Sam: What do you want from me?!

Gary: We didn't mean to find out that you and Daniel were on a date at The Krusty Krab. So it's not our fault.

Lary: Yeah. It's not our fault.

Pat: Meow.

Sam: Well, La Dee Da. I don't care who's fault was it?

Snellie: Sam, Daniel's got something to say to you before you say something about breaking up with him.

Daniel: Yeah. Just for a minute.

Sam: Forget it. All I said was I broke up with him. There's no way I can apologize.

Dan: Oh come on. What happen to the people who would except their apology?

Spike: I think you owe that snail an apology.

Sam: Alright. I'll apologize and tell you everything.

Daniel: Hmm. (Slithers to Sam)

Petey: Well Daniel, we're waiting.

Foofie: Go on and apologize, sir.

Mosteeze: I can't beliveve this is like so happening.

Mary: Oui, it's Daniel's first apology to Sam.

Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow!

Daniel: Uhh... (Scared and nervous) I'm... Uh... Well... I... I'm not sure how to say this Sam but... I'm sorry.

Sam: What did you say?

Daniel: I'm sorry that my snailfriends followed you here, Sam. They'd try everything to say to you while were on a date.

Sam: Oh Daniel. (Hugs Daniel happily) I'm sorry that I'd broke up with you. I didn't mean to yell at you. You're my best friend ever.

Daniel: Do you forgive me then, Sam?

Sam: I forgive you, Daniel. Apology excepted. (Daniel and Sam hugded with a purr)

Gary: They did apologized!

Snellie: I guess everything turned out to be okay!

Lary: Yeah! Look at Daniel and Sam now!

Rocky: Wow. I can't beliveve it Daniel and Sam like each other again!

Little Dollar and Yo-yo: Hmmm!

Micheal: You know. Everything turn it out to be okay between Sam and Daniel.

Victoria: Can you see the love between these two?

Eugene: Yeah hoe romantic is that?

Pat: Meow!

Penney: (Laughs) I have to edmit that was pretty neat.

Sweet Sue: I'm sure Daniel and Sam will get along just fine.

Edward: Yes indeed. This will be an even better date with these two lovers.

Tom and Mrs. Puff: (Saw Daniel and Sam hugging and purring at each other)

Boss: (To Mrs. Puff) Uhh... You saw that did ya, Sweet Cheeks?

Mrs. Puff: Oh only all of it. I didn't realized my snail Sam had apologized to Daniel.

Tom: Me ethier. It's very realistic that 22 snails could talk.

Mrs. Puff: Actually, there's something I wanted to say too, Tom.

Tom: What was it?

Mrs. Puff: Thanks for the romantic date here at The Krusty Krab. I'm sure Mr. Krabs will put all of my money in the cash register.

Tom: Sure, no problem, Mrs. Puff. We'll always be together just you and me.

Mrs. Puff: You're a very sweet man, Tom. (Kisses Tom in the face)

Tom: (Eyes turned into hearts) AWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Little Dollar: Looks like Mrs. Puff kissed Tom in the face.

Yo-yo: Yeah she looks like a different person. (Mrs. Puff took out her money from her purse and she and Tom walked over to the cash register where Squidward is on the ordering boat)

All 22 Snails: AWWWWWWWWWWWW. (SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs walks next to all 22 snails and Saw Mrs. Puff and Tom at the cash where Squidward is)

SpongeBob: Wow. Looks like Mrs. P has finally found her true love over Tom.

Boss: Yeah Krabs, and it didn't even cost you a fortune.

Spike: What will we do without that blowfish?

Dan: You know what we mean. She is the same teacher we used to be.

Mr. Krabs: Ahh, you're right it didn't even me a... Whaaay?!!! (SpongeBob and all 22 snails laughed. Scene cuts to SpongeBob's house that night. SpongeBob is sleeping peacefully on his bed while Gary is writing on his favorite snail journal of what he and his snail friends did today)

Gary: Today's Daniel's special date at The Krusty Krab. At first Daniel doesn't want me and my snailfriends to follow him and Tom on what they're up to. So we follow them all the way to Mrs. Puff's house where Mrs. Puff finally had her pet snail that I've ever saw before and her name is Sam the Snail.

Snellie: Wow. I'd never know Daniel is on a date with my twin sister.

Lary: Yeah. She is the same purebrad snail as Snellie.

Gary: (Closes his snail journal book) We sure had some fun today on a date with Daniel today didn't we? And I think tomorrow will be even more fun. Hun you guys?

Snellie: You're right, Gary. You know maybe you should do this adventure on your own with SpongeBob.

Lary: Yeah. Let's go to sleep. (Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep as we zoom out to SpongeBob's pineapple home)



Gary: Hi. Gary the Snail here!

SpongeBob: And SpongeBob!

Gary: The Goo Lagoon is having another surfing contest. I wish I could surf.

SpongeBob: Not to worry, Gare Gare. I'll teach you how to surf so I've thought I'll be taking you to Goo Lagoon so that I can't teach you how to surf against surfing Steve the Snail.

Gary: Surfing Steve? Who is he anyway? Hey I remember it belongs to it's owner Scooter Fish. While Squidward takes Snellie to the groomers. It's up to me to take on Surfing Steve and the other surfers.

SpongeBob and Gary: Next time! "Surf Snail!" See ya then!!!

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