Simple-Ton Magazine is a magazine seen in the episode, "You Don't Know Sponge." It apparently has a ton of simple things to do. It contains a "How well do you know your best friend?" quiz. It is SpongeBob and Patrick's favorite magazine. The best friend quiz had questions like, "Is your friend left or right handed?" and "What is your friend's favorite ­­color?"

Description Edit Edit

The magazine has a green background with a fish on it doing a thumbs up. Above the fish, it says "Simple Ton - A Ton of Simple Things to Do!" written in yellow and dark green It may also mean that the magazine is for 'simpletons', one of the many names Squidward calls SpongeBob and Patrick. It contains quizzes like, for example, a friendship test which SpongeBob and Patrick took, and a game where you make your favorite noise.

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