Sherman "Sherm" SquarePants is the uncle of SpongeBob, Todd, Larry, and BlackJack SquarePants. He is also the son of Grandpa and Grandma SquarePants, the brother of Harold SquarePants, and Cap'n Blue SquarePants, he is the father of Stanley SquarePants and BlackJack SquarePants

Like most of the Squarepants', Sherm is square, and has holes. He has several buck teeth, pants like Spongebob, a bow tie, brown eyes and has a watermelon in his nose.

In the episode Stanley S. SquarePants, Sherm sends his son to SpongeBob's house due to his inability to hold down a job, and that fact that he is irresponsible, and that he ruins everything he touches. Sherm took away several privileges of his adult son, in which Stanley has referenced by telling SpongeBob that his father never allowed him to watch TV, or touch the refrigerator, or toilet.

Appearances EditEdit

In "Krab Borg", he was mentioned while SpongeBob thinks he is a robot. Sherm is mentioned many times in Stanley S. SquarePants since he sent Stanley to SpongeBob's house.

Sherm is mentioned various times in the series, but is never seen except briefly in Pest of the West when Spongebob shows a picture of him with a watermelon up his nose.

Trivia/Goofs EditEdit

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