Sea rhinoceros

The Sea Rhinoceros can only be held off by Anti Sea Rhinoceros undergarments, which SpongeBob and Patrick are wearing. Squidward isn't so lucky.

The Sea Rhinoceros is a fictional creature briefly mentioned and shown in "The Camping Episode". He is a large shark with a body like a turtle and a rhinoceros's head. In order to protect yourself from him, you have to wear Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments. An Anti-Sea Bear Circle won't protect you (they only protect you if the Sea Bear tries to attack you). These creatures are attracted to the sound of a Sea Bear attack, possibly picking up dead meat (like vultures), if the sea bear has killed and/or eaten anything and has something left over. They are easily twice the size of a Sea Bear. The Sea Bear and the Sea Rhinoceros are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. The Sea Rhinoceros is the secondary antagonist of The Camping Episode.

Looks EditEdit

The Sea Rhino has a large sea turtle body, a shark tail, 2 spikes on his back, and he has a rhino head.

Attracting a Sea Rhino EditEdit

  • Hearing the sound of a Sea Bear attack

Preventing EditEdit

The only known way to prevent a Sea Rhino attack is to wear Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments. They are just any underwear. Anti-Sea Bear Circles won't protect you.

Similar Animals EditEdit

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