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Sea Bear is a large piranha-like fish with claw-tipped fins and a head of a grizzly bear. Squidward didn't believe in the sea bear's existence until he was attacked by one in The Camping Episode. However, SpongeBob and Patrick are fervent believers, having read about them in the Bikini Bottom Enquirer and Fake Science Monthly, which are both tabloids. The Sea Bear is the main antagonist of the episode The Camping Episode.

Ways to Attract the Sea Bear EditEdit

The following are ways that attract the Sea Bear.

  • The Sea Bear can attack you if he doesn't like you.                                        
  • Playing the clarinet badly
  • Waving your flashlight back and forward (flashlights are their natural prey according to Patrick)
  • Stomping the ground
  • Eating cubed cheese (sliced is safe) 
  • Wearing a sombrero upside down or in a goofy fashion
  • Wearing clown shoes
  • Wearing a hoop skirt
  • Screeching like a chimpanzee.
  • Running
  • Limping (worse than running)
  • Crawling (worse than limping)
  • Drawing ovals in the sand               

Prevention EditEdit

Sea Bear attacks are preventable by drawing an Anti-Sea Bear Circle in the sand.

Similar Animals EditEdit

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