She has appeared in many episodes.

Ripped Pants (debut, cameo)

Good Ol' Whatshisname: Her name was revealed in the episode.

The Krusty Sponge: She had a male voice.

Goo Goo Gas: It was revealed that she married Peterson while turning into babies.

The Two Faces of Squidward: It was revealed when swooped a shampoo, the Squidward said then his grandmother gave him that soap.

Hooky: She was one of Pearl's friends.

Bubble Buddy: She was one of Pearl's friends.

SquidBob TentaclePants: She was developed with girls cheering Squidward.

The Great Snail Race: She also attended her special Bikini Bottom events.

Best Day Ever: She was seen watching Squidward perform with his clarinet.

Suction Cup Symphony: She was part of the audience that listened to music made by Squidward as a composer.

Squidtastic Voyage: She and Monroe Timmy are both looking at Squidward and how he was suffering.

The Krabby Kronicle: It was revealed in the episode she was a daughter of Dennis.

Slide Whistle Stooges: She was surprised while Squidward imitated the baby.

Fear of a Krabby Patty: She sometimes married Tom.

Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy: She threw rocks on furless Sandy. In the upcoming episode, "Plankton Wins!", she also had a male voice.

Tentacle-Vision: She was in a full group of people in Squidward's house while interrupting Squidward Chat.

SpongeGuard on Duty: She was seen in Goo Lagoon.

A Life in a Day: She is a tourist that enjoys the beach.

Sun Bleached: She met Craig Mammalton.

Ditchin': She was among the people at Goo Lagoon.

Sand Castles in the Sand: She was present at Goo Lagoon.

SpongeBob vs. The Big One: She is seen as that tourist attraction again.

Roller Cowards: She was also seen to Glove World.

Stuck in the Wringer: She was at Glove World.

Imitation Krabs: She married a male green fish.

Once Bitten: She was altogether with the people that listened to Harold to attack Gary.

Spongicus: She said loudly "RIP HIS SAUSAGES OFF!!"

Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob: She was one of Plankton's customers when Mermaid Man said (while under mind control) that the Chum Bucket offers better food.

Chum Caverns: The wonderous caves became an attraction that made people come to see it.

Chum Bucket Supreme: She became interested by the advertisement made by Patrick saying "Chum Is Fum".

That's No Lady: She sometimes was married to Frank.

Rule of Dumb: She was also seen on TV.

Komputer Overload: She the Bikini Bottomites are panicking, he is seen on TV.

Squilliam Returns: She hangs up with Squilliam Fancyson.

Breath of Fresh Squidward: She was part of the guests in Patrick's party.

The Emperor's New Groove: Has a cameo as one of the Bottomites rejoicing in the freedom of Plankton's mind control bucket.

The Wreck of the Mauna Loa- She and other fish get furiously angry on Mr. Krabs for charging the amusement ride.

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