Purple Fish is a Bikini Bottom citizen, who SpongeBob and Patrick once tried to sell chocolate to. His only appearance is in the episode titled Chocolate With Nuts. Patrick agitated him by focusing too close on him, resulting in Patrick's extended eyes being caught in the door. Purple Fish is also one of the most decorated war veterans in all of Bikini Bottom. He fought in the Navy with Eugene H. Krabs on the Pacific. He was the next opposing candidate for the Manly Toughness Award, awarded to Krabs in the Navy Buddies episode.


  • Purple Fish: [to SpongeBob] Yes?
  • SpongeBob: Good afternoon, sir. We're selling chocolate bars.
  • [Patrick then gets close to the fish]
  • Purple Fish: Why is the tubby here staring at me?
  • Patrick: [stares at Purple Fish] Focusing.
  • Purple Fish: Back off, Jack! [Slams the door on Patrick's eyes]
  • Patrick: DOH! [Looks around] Nice place you have here!
  • Purple Fish: [Looks annoyed]


He is a purple fish and wears a green shirt.


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