Puffy Fluffy - Monster Version

Puffy Fluffy is a character that appears in A Pal for Gary. He is a nudibranch (although not resembling an actual nudibranch at all). SpongeBob bought him so that Gary wouldn't be lonely while he was at work, but he turned out to be a monster. SpongeBob was ignorant of the situation and failed to notice anything wrong with Puffy Fluffy, even after seeing its monster form, while Gary was wrapped up by its tongues and was about to be eaten. SpongeBob was also about to be eaten but remained oblivious, even after Gary saved him. Puffy Fluffy ran away after Gary tied up its tongues together with a leash and SpongeBob blamed Gary by making Puffy Fluffy ran away.
99px-Puffy fluffy

Puffy Fluffy - Cute Fish Version

Appearance Edit

Puffy Fluffy is a nudibranch and can transform from an adorable fish into a vicious snake head fish form! In each version he's very different.

Cute Fish Version:

  • Big Purple eyes
  • Cute, girly eyelashes
  • Light blue fins & tail
  • Pink and puffy lips
  • Light green body
  • Pink blushes on both cheeks
  • One triangular tooth
  • Doesn't get along with other pets
  • Plump shape
    1000px-99px-Puffy fluffy

Vicious Version Edit

  • Long and slender (round) light green body
  • Scary eyes Added by Seacactus
  • Long, jagged teeth
  • Multiple tongues with Puffy Fluffy.Added by AlyssaNadia mouths inside
  • Light blue giant fins & tail
  • Tongues tend to be sensitive to pain. (As seen when Gary yanks the tongues)
  • Sucker mouths on his tongues [1][2]


  • Nudibranches, which is what Puffy Fluffy is, are actually sea slugs.
  • His multiple tongues might be a reference to the Graboids from Tremors.
  • When getting Puffy Fluffy from the gypsy, she says something about it being dangerous. This is possibly a reference to the movie Gremlins, in which a man buys a strange pet from a Chinese shop owner, which refuses to sell it to the man because it is dangerous.
  • Nudibranches appear as the main antagonists in the online game, "Gary's Revenge".
  • Puffy Fluffy's ploy is to trick innocent customers into thinking they're cute, when they're actually monsters, Puffy Fluffy was probably jealous of Gary.
  • Due to the vivid resemblance of Puffy Fluffy to mawgui (and gremlins), it was probably midnight or after midnight when he transformed (because of eating). This is the same case as the mawgui from "Gremlins".
  • It seems these creatures like to eat other pets and people.
  • SpongeBob seems to be very out of character in the episode it stars in.

Gallery Edit

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