100px-Professor percy

Professor Percy is one of Sandy's bosses. He is a strict Chimpanzee who has only appeared in the episode Chimps Ahoy. He is also friends with Lord Reginald and Dr. Marmalade. He is voiced by Christopher Ryan.

Professor Percy is an English Monkey, who, along with Lord Reginald and Dr. Marmalade, owns treedomes enterprises. He speaks in a funny accent as Patrick mentions: "You guys speak funny, say more words!" and is very stuck up. He also views Patrick as an idiot, as most people do, because of the stupid way he acts (you can tell he thinks there's something terribly wrong with Patrick by his facial expressions at him). The only time he was seen happy was at the end of the episode when Sandy's failed nut cracker turned out to be the banana peeler that they had been searching 117 years for, at which point they jump up and down and act like... well... CHIMPS!

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