The piright ponderer

Pi- Right Ponderer is a member of the original, I.J.L.S.A., he was a member, before the Quickster. He is known for advice, and wisdom, and the wisdom apparently comes from a hairnet that he wears. He is a normal human, but he has a huge, shiny, bald head due to knowledge. He only appears in The Bad Guy Club for Villains. He is not seen, or mentioned in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V.


  • Pi-Right Ponderer is a parody of the Silver Surfer.
  • Part of his name comes from "Pyrite"(but is spelled "Pi-Right" in his name), which is a mineral that looks like gold. This is used to describe the color of his skin.
  • In his first and only appearance "The Bad Guy Club for Villains", he was replaced by the Quickster in IJLSA
  • His name is sort of ironic considering he's so smart and wise and Pyrite (more specifically Iron Pyrite) is called fools gold
  • In Mermaid Man Begins, he appears as one of action figures that SpongeBob has.
  • Pi-Right Ponderer slightly resembles the Watcher.

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