Patty was a Krabby Patty that was made by SpongeBob. It was a female. SpongeBob fell in love with. SpongeBob never wants to eat her because he loves her. She is only and ever will be seen in the episode: To Love a Patty. SpongeBob and Patty did lots of things together like dancing. SpongeBob also saranated her with Oh Baby.

Looks EditEdit

Patty is a meat patty with tomato eyes, lettuce hair, cheese clothes and ears and tomato sauce cheeks. Her nose is made of a pickle and her smile is a squirt of mustard. As the episode goes on, Patty becomes rotten and looks extremely smelly and ugly. Green stench comes out of it and Patty is looked to be squashed and off color. when SpongeBob was singing to her, she fell in the water, which made her fall apart and start to smell. It becomes even more rotten when SpongeBob stuffed cotton candy into it, so Spongebob eaten her which which made go back normal and him sick.

Personality EditEdit

Patty would originally be a tough fish's lunch, but SpongeBob doesn't want her to get eaten. SpongeBob gives him a Grilled Shoe Burger, and takes Patty home. Patty then has a makeover and hair-cleaning. Patty goes on an adventure with SpongeBob. SpongeBob sings the song Oh Baby to her as they get attacked by hungry scallops and fall into the end of a waterfall. Patty soon becomes disgusting, smelly, rotten, and is so terrible-looking that people ran away from her. Then, SpongeBob realizes that he must eat Patty, and he does, and asks Mr. Krabs for a doggie bag.

Trivia EditEdit

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