Patron is the futuristic descendant of Patrick Star from the year 4017. He strongly resembles Patrick except Patron has two heads. He is only seen in the episode "SB-129". He lives in the Chrome Bikini Bottom and is most likely best friends with all 486 SpongeTrons. His big hobby is Jellyfishing. Proof of this is that in SB-129, you can see him holding a Jellyfish net when he teleports to the futuristic Krusty Krab and said "Did somebody say jellyfishing?" Squidward sees him when he was in the future and he finds SpongeTron. Squidward only sees them briefly. Squidward found SpongeTron and Patron in the futuristic kitchen of the Krusty Krab. He is a 41st century generation descendant of Patrick Star in the 21st century.

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