Patrick and Gary's family consists of the family members related to Patrick and Gary, who are first cousins.

Family Members EditEdit

[1]Patrick StarAdded bySpongeboy443===Patrick StarEdit===

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Patrick is SpongeBob's stupid and gluttonous friend. He is not only unintelligent but a bit selfish sometimes.

Herb Star EditEdit

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Herb Star is Patrick's father and Sam's respective father and Margie's husband. He is the son of Billy Bob Star and Maw Titter. He made his debut in the episode, "I'm with Stupid," when he and Margie went to visit Patrick for Starfish Day. It was then revealed on a family tree in the episode, "Rule of Dumb" that his name is Herb. Herb, like his wife, is quite overweight. He has a large walrus mustache and he also is pink, just like the rest of the Star family. His pants are the same as Patrick's but his top has a slightly lighter color of purple with green flowers. He is voiced by Thomas F. Wilson.

[2]Herb (right) and Margie (left) Star, Patrick and Sam's parents.Added by 120d===Margie StarEdit===

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Margie Star is Patrick and Sam's mother and Herb's wife who is voiced by Lori Alan. She made her first appearance in "I'm With Stupid", when she and Herb visited Patrick for Starfish Day. She was also seen on the Star family tree where her first name was given as Margie. She wears a dress which has the same pattern as Patrick's shorts and she has short black hair with a red flower in it.

Sam Star EditEdit

[3]Samantha StarAdded byCatscratch Wiki:Main article: Sam Star

Sam Star is Patrick's older sister who was lost in the surf when she was a kid. Sam appeared in "Big Sister Sam", and in that episode she had a big temper, but also a soft side for her brother and getting made fun of.

[4]Gary the SnailAdded byKimj9610===Gary the SnailEdit===

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Gary the Snail - Sluggo's son, Patrick's first cousin, Herb and Margie's nephew, and SpongeBob's pet snail.

Other family members EditEdit

[5]Added by Spongeboy443*Sluggo - Gary's father, Patrick's uncle, and Herb Star's brother. He was seen in Rule of Dumb. Since Gary was to inherit the throne as a successor of King Amoeba, Sluggo may be deceased, or refused the crown. He is a purple snail with a green bottom part.

  • Billy Bob Star - is Sluggo and Herb's father. His wife is Maw Titter. He is Patrick and Gary's grandfather. He is a green starfish dressed in cowboy wear.[6]Pecos Patrick Star
  • Maw Titter- is Sluggo and Herb's mother. Her husband is Billy Bob. She is Patrick and Gary's grandmother. She is the only child of Yorick and Tulsa. She is a beige snail with a green dress.
  • Shriek - Maw Titter's father and Princess Tulsa's husband. He is Patrick and Gary's great-grandfather and Herb and Sluggo's grandfather.
  • Princess Tulsa - is Maw Titter's mother and Yorick's wife. She is Patrick and Gary's great-grandmother and Herb and Sluggo's grandmother. She was a princess under the reign of her father, King Amoeba, but did not succeed to the throne for unknown reasons.[7]PatarAdded by719cam
  • Prince Callows - Princess Tulsa's brother, and the son of Amoeba and Mildew. He is Patrick and Gary's great-granduncle and Herb and Sluggo's granduncle.
  • Prince Dingus - is Princess Tulsa's brother in law, and the son of Amoeba and Mildew. He is Patrick and Gary's great-granduncle and Herb and Sluggo's granduncle.[8]Primitive StarAdded byNathan Izdepski
  • Carl - is Princess Tulsa's brother and the son of Amoeba and Mildew. He is Patrick and Gary's granduncle and Herb and Sluggo's uncle.
  • King Amoeba - is Princes Tulsa's, Prince Callows', and Prince Dingus' father and the husband of Queen Mildew. He is Patrick and Gary's great-great-grandfather, Herb and Sluggo's great-grandfather, and Carl and Maw Titter's grandfather.
  • Queen Mildew - is Princess Tulsa's, Prince Callows', and Prince Dingus' mother and the wife of King Amoeba. She is Patrick and Gary's great-great-grandmother, Herb and Sluggo's great-grandmother, and Carl and Maw Titter's grandmother.[9]PatronAdded byGojiBob
  • Ed Star - is Patrick's cousin. He only appeared in the end of the Story Reader book The Never-Ending Stay.
  • Patrick Revere - is Patrick's great-great-great-granduncle who warned Bikini Bottom about the mollusks. He Appear in the Episode Pest of the West.
  • Pecos Patrick Star - is a great-great-great-grandfather of Patrick who lived in Dead Eye Gultch at the time of SpongeBuck.
  • Prehistoric Gary - Gary's ancestor seen in Ugh. He is bigger than the rest of the family.
  • Patar - Parick's prehistoric ancestor seen in Ugh, but is a descendant of Primitive Star.
  • Primitive Star - Patrick's prehistoric ancestor seen in SB-129.
  • Patron - Patrick's descendant seen in SB-129.
  • Cletus - Patrick and Gary's great-uncle, Herb and Sluggo's uncle, and Billy Bob's brother. He was only mentioned in SpongeBob's Last Stand where it was revealed he was arrested in a freedom march. His fate afterward is said to be unknown.

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