Owner and Pat.

Pat the Snail

Pat with owner while on chair.

Pat on chair.

Pat the Snail

Pat upside down on her shell.

640px-WasGoneGary 2

Pat on the floaty.

Pat the Snail is one of the snail kids and she's on a floaty. She was seen in What If SpongeBob Was Gone? Short. and Treats!When Gary was having a party with the other snails someone threw SpongeBob's stuff back in the house and Gary got hurt. And she was seen in the episode Treats! along with the owner of this commercial called Snail Bites. Pat the Snail was only seen in the hit T.V. series "The Adventures Of Gary The Snail." She is the voice by Jocelyne Loewen.

Description Edit Edit

She has purple and green skin and a aqua colored shell. Her shell has a maroon colored swirl. She has dark blue colored eyes and black eyelashes.

History Edit Edit

What if SpongeBob Was Gone? Edit Edit

She, along with Gary and Daniel, are partying at SpongeBob's house. When SpongeBob's alarm clock came back through the window, she and all the other snails are buried under the wreckage.

Treats! Edit Edit

She is in a commercial for Snail Bites, advertising how good they are, and encouraging snail owners to buy them. 

Quotes Edit

(Meows in Penelope a Ham ham's voice)




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