Puffy Fluffy - Monster Version

Nudibranches are exotic pets featured in the episode "A Pal for Gary"They are sold at a streetside stand by a gypsy. However, they have not appeared in any episode besides this one and they look nothing like nudibranches in real life, which look like sea slugs. Puffy Fluffy is a nudibranch.

Appearance (Small)EditEdit

They are cute, fluffy creatures with long eyelashes and dimples. They come in the colors light purple, aqua, and light green. All have the same eye color.

Appearance (Evil Creature)EditEdit

[1]Adult NudibranchAdded by NotUntil4Giant, slimy, angry beasts with multiple tongues with mouths (referencing either of the movies "Alien" or '"Tremors") that correspond with their original colors. They turn into these creatures when around other animals, probably to show that they are the dominant species of that particular territory.


  • Nudibranches in real-life are sea slugs.
  • Puffy Fluffy the Nudibranch in harmless form has a fish-like appearance with a fin and fish tail rather than a slug appearance. However, these appearance can be seen in their evil form, but still possess a fin.

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