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Mrs. Tentacles (or Mama Tentacles) is Squidward's elderly mother. She has white hair and wears a dress. She wears slippers and she is turquoise just like Squidward. In "Fools in April," she had white hair but no wrinkles on her face. In the episode "Krusty Towers," Mama Tentacles now has wrinkles, pink clothes, and looks older, but also with glasses.

She made her first live appearance on the episode, "Krusty Towers", because Squidward wanted cookies like mother used to make. After Squidward gets his mother's cookies, Squidward replies "If only Mom was a better cook." She made a small appearance in "Ghost Host" when the Flying Dutchman took the form of her head to haunt Squidward.

Mrs. Tentacles seems to like baking cookies as seen in the episode "Krusty Towers." She also appears to be very friendly, although in "Fools in April" she was mean to Squidward. She is married to Papa Tentacles although it is presumed that they are divorced from each other as she appears to live alone and Papa Tenticles is shown to be alive in "Hooray for Dads". Mrs. Tentacles also resides in an Easter Island head similar to Squidward's; the only difference is her home has womanish curly hair as seen in the episode "Krusty Towers." She is voiced by Rodger Bumpass who also voices Squidward.

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