Mrs. Squggles the Worm

Blue fish combing and spraying Mrs. Squiggles' hairdo.

Mrs. Squiggles is a worm that only appeared in the episode Grooming Gary. She was one of the pets in the pet show in the episode.

Appearance EditEdit

Mrs. Squiggles is a yellow worm that wears an orange wig. She also wears earrings, eye shadow, and lip stick.

History EditEdit

She is owned by a fancy blue fish with black hair and a black suit on. Mrs. Squiggles had orange hair on her head that the blue fish made just for her. However, when Gary told the other pets to start a pet riot, Mrs. Squiggles put her orange wing on the blue fish's black smooth hair as the blue fish screams as payback. She is yellow with orange hair and a collar.

Gallery Edit

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