Mother Sea Whelk.
Mother Sea Whelk has just appeared in the episode "Whelk Attack". When she was rinsing her whelk kids as her leader! She appeared to be big as a giant just like her kids. She can inhale and use her long tongue to eat everything and everybody!

Characters who are eaten by their Leader EditEdit

Description Edit Edit

The Mother Sea Whelk is a very large snail with a light orange spiky shell and light purple skin. Her children are often seen with her with the same appearance but smaller. She has yellowish-white pointy teeth as well.

Mother Sea Whelk with their whelk kids.
Suck it up!
Mother Sea Whelk inhailing The Krusty Krab
Mother Sea Whelk eats Sandy.
Mother Sea Whelk inhailing SpongeBob and Patrick.

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