A? milkshake? is dessert served at the? Krusty Krab? in the episode "License to Milkshake". It makes its biggest appearence in that episode to date.


  • Ice Cream (SpongeBob uses Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry)
  • Whipped Cream
  • A Cherry on top

License to MilkshakeEditEdit

In this episode,? Harold? asks for a milkshake.? SpongeBob? makes one for him, however, it is frozen solid.? Mr. Krabs? then takes Spongebob to the? Milkshake Academy? to learn how to properly make milkshakes from? Captain Frostymug. Even though all of the training, Spongebob contiunes making frozen milkshakes and eventually fails. However, after saving Frostymug from a blender, he learns from Frostymug how to properly make a milkshake. Spongebob then uses his own body to make a milkshake, to which, Harold is highly pleased.

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