Mable monica
Mable-Monica is a background character who first appears in the episode "F.U.N."

Description Edit Edit

Mable-Monica is a light olive green anchovy with blonde hair. She wears a light teal dress with a light yellow and pink pearl necklace, pink lipstick, black shoes, and has a blue ribbon in her hair.

History Edit Edit

She has a relationship with Lenny, in which they are seen kissing in the episode "Lame and Fortune." She has a son named Taylor Fishbowl in "20,000 Patties Under the Sea." In "Gary in Love," she is shown to have a pet snail named Mary, with whom Gary falls in love.

References Edit Edit

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Mable Monica/Appearances Edit

  • "F.U.N." (tr)
  • "Something Smells" (tr)
  • "Wormy" (tr)
  • "Squirrel Jokes" (tr)
  • "Party Pooper Pants" (tr)
  • "Have You Seen This Snail?" (tr)
  • "Born to Be Wild" (tr)
  • "Pet or Pests" (tr)
  • "Truth or Square" (tr)
  • "Gary in Love" (tr)
  • "Married to Money" (tr)
  • "Lame and Fortune" (tr)
  • "Sandy's Nutmare" (tr)