This is a food list in The Adventures Of Gary The Snail series.

Food in the SpongeBob SquarePants universe EditEdit

For the food sold at the Krusty Krab, see the Galley Grub.

Item Notes Image
Barnacle Loaf It looks like salami sausage and also in the middle of it, it looks like it has small circles inside. It is brown in color. Appeared in the Season 1 episode: "Karate Choppers", it's a spoof of Meat Loaf. [1]
Blancmange A food in which SpongeBob offered to Squidward in the Season 6 episode:Squid's Visit. But Squidward doesn't know what it is. As shown is the episode, it is gelatinous dessert of the color of magenta with a light cream and a cherry on top. [2]
Bon-Bon Chocolate balls that come in an 8-pack in a yellow box. They are enjoyed by Squidward as a part of Sunday Relaxation. They appeared in both Season 4 episodes: Mrs. Puff, You're Fired and Good Neighbors. [3]
Bran Flakes A brand of cereal, it's a spoof of Corn Flakes. Old Man Jenkins once mistakley SpongeBob for a box of Bran Flakes. It was seen on the Season 3 episode: As Seen on TV [4]
Fried Oyster Skins A food Patrick had three orders of and accidentally knocked the guards unconscious in Season 2's episode: Squidville. [5]
Holographic Meatloaf A dish seen in the Season 3 episode, The Algae's Always Greener. It is prepared by Karen for Plankton and may be the only meal she knows how to make, as indicated by Plankton's displeasure at seeing it, saying "Holographic meatloaf...again!" Given that it is a hologram, whether or not the meatloaf has any nutritional value is unknown. Holographic Meatloaf simply looks like a meatloaf hologram, which is strangely edible. It is indicated as Plankton's favorite, as at the end of the episode he says "Holographic favorite!" Plankton eats this with a can or cup of soda. [6]
Jelly Patty A Krabby Patty with jelly on it. It only was on the Krusty Krab menu for about a day in the Season 3 episode, Jellyfish Hunters. There was also a jelly patty with blue jelly made by Friend, the blue jellyfish. [7]
Kelp Jerky A parody of Beef Jerky; Kelp Jerky is also sold at the Krusty Krab, as it has been shown on the Galley Grub. In Season 6 episode Sun Bleached, Patrick replaces two pieces of it in front of SpongeBob's buck teeth to make him look tan. In Season 6 episode Porous Pockets, SpongeBob and Patrick eat Kelp Jerky while they watch trucks of money pour in front of SpongeBob's house. [8]
Kelp Nougat Crunch A candy bar that appeared in Season 1: Rock Bottom. [9]
Kelp Shake

A drink made of Kelp Juice (and also some unknown hazardous waste). This was seen in Season 5's episode: Best Frienmies.

Nacho Oyster Skins A food that was mentioned in the episodes Clams and Squidville. In Squidville, Patrick ate some fried oyster skins before he and SpongeBob went to see Squidward. When the guard was speaking to them, Patrick let out the smell of them, repeating "Fried Oyster skins" and the guards fainted under the smell.
Popkelp Parody of Popcorn. In the episode, Something Smells, a Popkelp machine is visible at the Reef Cinema's snack bar. [11]
Seahorseradish A parody of Horseradish. In the episode Nasty Patty, it is the second ingredient put on the patty. [12]
Seanut Brittle A parody of Peanut Brittle, as seen in the episode Pranks-A-Lot as a prank/booby trap. [13]
SpongeBob's Exercise Shake A shake created by SpongeBob. It was shown on the episode, The Great Snail Race. Where, SpongeBob made his shake and gave it to Gary. Gary did not want SpongeBob's Shake, so Gary walked away and watched TV. It was made by nails and manly objects. [14]
SpongeBob's Sundae A sundae created by SpongeBob in Season 2's Something Smells. The sundae consisted of ketchup, onions peanut butter and peanuts from a peanut plant. Only SpongeBob and Patrick consumed the sundae, which gave them stinky breath. The peanuts put in where rotten. [15]
Swedish Barnacle Balls A canned food which was revealed that Squidward ate in the episode, The Camping Episode" They are packaged in red cans. They can also be cooked or roasted, and they will become hot and steamy. They're a parody of Swedish Meatballs. [16]
Yummy Stuff In Growth Spout, Squidward had assorted containers of unseen food stenciled with the phrase "YUMMY STUFF". [17]
Sea Horse Milk Sea Horse Milk is a fresh and mellow's milk in the city of Bikini Bottom, because SpongeBob ignored it in episode "Have You Seen This Snail?", it change into a decayed's solid milk, Patrick ate it and he swallowed it while grunting.. It only appeared on "Have You Seen This Snail?". [18]

List of food that are also in the real world EditEdit

Other Food EditEdit

Minor foods EditEdit

[19]Mayo, Ketchup, and MustardAdded bySpongeboobs*The Chocolate Balloon

Bikini Bottom's food EditEdit

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