For the episode see "Krusty Towers".

The? Krusty Towers Hotel? was a short-lived replacement of the? Krusty Krab? and has only appeared in "Krusty Towers." During its existence, Mr. Krabs planned on running a more successful and paying business, but service didn't go the way as he imagined.

History EditEdit

Origins EditEdit

It started when Mr. Krabs booked into a hotel whose motto was "We shall never deny a guest, even the most ridiculous request". Before he left, he was charged a pricey hotel bill ($25.00 for a hamburger). The costly service gave him the idea of a new money-making scheme, and the Krusty Towers was born.

Service EditEdit

When? SpongeBob? and? Squidward? hear about the story of the new hotel, they obtain new uniforms without additional staff. SpongeBob has no trouble following the motto, but Squidward refuses to do many things and eventually quits. Suddenly, Squidward comes back as a guest and starts abusing the employees. [1]The gold containing the code the Krusty Towers lives byAdded by? Plasmid15===DestructionEdit=== When Patrick made a huge cannonball into the indoor pool, the hotel floors caved in, causing the entire hotel to collapse floor by floor until only the Krusty Krab itself was left standing unharmed. Patrick, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs were all badly injured and sent to the hospital where Mr. Krabs gets the idea of building his own hospital after receiving his medical bill. The hotels design was the blame for the collapse.

Guests and Employees EditEdit

Manager EditEdit

Employees EditEdit

Guests EditEdit

Employment EditEdit

Squidward asked where all the new hotel employees were. But he and SpongeBob were revealed to be the sole employees. Mr. Krabs never got any other employees for some reason, the reason for this is he will give a huge amount of paycheck to his hired employee(s). Later, however,? Squidward? quits because of being over-worked by? Mr. Krabs. Also, Mr. Krabs is shown to be an employee later in the episode.

Meals EditEdit

The only known meal at the Krusty Towers Hotel is the? Krabby Patty. It can only be obtained by ordering room service and getting them made however wanted. The other meals are the same orders at the Krusty Krab.

The other meals known to be eaten were:

  • Krabby Patty with no crust and cheese.
  • Krabby Patty with toenail clippings and nose hair, without the cheese!
  • Mrs. Tentacles' cookies
  • Mr. Krabs? version of Mrs. Tentacles' cookies.

Structure EditEdit

Exterior EditEdit

The Krusty Towers is basically a tall tower with several floors and the original Krusty Krab restaurant on top. Mr. Krabs also mentioned a pool being out back of the hotel. Outside, a pool was installed but not seen.

Interior EditEdit

The inside of the hotel consists of a lobby, several floors and rooms. At the front desk in the lobby, a clerk has a bell, a guest book, and keys to each room. It also has a guest elevator and an employee elevator (the employee elevator is just a row of stairs). Most of the rooms look the same - except Patrick's room got covered in cheese and Squidward kept changing the scenery of his room. Before the hotel's destruction, a pool was added into the top floor of the hotel.

It is unknown how Mr. Krabs afforded all the stuff for Krusty Towers (because usually, Mr. Krabs is incredibly cheap).

Trivia EditEdit

  • Mr. Krabs was plagiarizing the motto from the other hotel and should have been arrested.
  • The hotel apparently has seventeen floors, because Squidward wanted a room on the top floor, and it turned out to be the seventeenth floor. But when you look closely, it only has eleven floors (including the Krusty Krab). If Squidward wanted the top roof, he'd live in the Krusty Krab main building.
  • When Squidward asked for a? King Neptune-themed room, it shows a picture of King Neptune from "Neptune's Spatula", proving that this episode takes place before the movie.
  • It is unknown why? Spongebob? was clogging the toilet in Patrick's room, maybe he was cleaning the pipes inside.
    The Plaque in Krusty Towers

180px-Krusty Towers Plaque

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