King Patrick
King Patrick 2

The King Of Morons.

King Patrick is one of Patrick Star's alter egos. King Patrick is known to be cold-hearted and selfish, doing cruel things such as:
  • Stealing comic books from nerds that have spent their entire lives collecting them
  • Forcing people to give him all of their stuff
  • Forcing people into being essentially slaves to him with undying loyalty to him
  • Eating Krabby Patties without paying for them
  • Moving Squidward's house without even asking Squidward if he could.
  • Terrifying SpongeBob.
  • Taking away babies' pacifiers.

In Rule of Dumb, he stays like this until he sees a monsterous version of himself in the mirror. This makes him change his attitude, and become his old self again. Mr. Krabs and Squidward were the only ones who stood up to him.