Judy is one of Pearl's friends.

Description Edit Edit

She is a red-orange fish and wears a blue dress and earrings, she is blue in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, bright orange in "Whale of a Birthday," and yellow in "The Slumber Party."

Personality Edit Edit

She thinks that Mr. Krabs is lame because Pearl's parties are so cheap, such as sharing a balloon, or having paperclips as party favors. She calls SpongeBob the "Really Tall One," in "The Chaperone." She loves to go shopping. She isn't always nice to Pearl, as seen in The Chaperone when she helps throw her and SpongeBob out, "Whale of a Birthday" when she frequently makes fun of her lame parties, and "The Slumber Party" when she says she won't be her friend anymore if SpongeBob turned into a zombie and ate her brain.

Biography Edit Edit

She once dated Billy Fishkins and attends Bikini Bottom High School.

In Slumber Party, it is revealed that she is allergic to news print and breaks out in hives when exposed to it.


  • The Chaperone (debut)
  • Barnyard: The Original Party Animals
  • Whale of a Birthday
  • The Slumber Party
  • Barnacle Face

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