280px-Jellyfish feilds lol

Jellyfish Fields (Jellyfish Area in the two Korean versions) is a vast area in which jellyfish reside which was first seen in the episode, "Tea at the Treedome." Over 4,000,000 jellyfish reside here, as evidenced in "Jellyfish Hunter." In "Born to Be Wild", it's revealed that Jellyfish Fields is 50 miles long. There are two entrances. (1 at the beginning and 1 at the end, so it stretches out to other towns.) Other creatures live there such as clams, leeches, poisonous sea urchins, and a giant green monster. It is also a place where SpongeBob and Patrick enjoy Jellyfishing. Objects found are a treasure chest, an anchor, and hooks. Features include seaweed, rocks, coral plants, and big cliffs. Also, every year, for 3 days, different kinds of jellyfish all over the world come to Jellyfish Fields. This is known as "Jellyfish Migration".

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