Howard first appeared in New Fish in Town as the new neighbor of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. When he moves in In Patrick's front yard, he quickly becomes Squidward's best friend but when they first met he doesn't really like him. During most of the episode, Squidward tries his best to keep Howard from noticing SpongeBob and Patrick . Howard later ended up acting like SpongeBob and Patrick which annoys Squidward into sending his house off a cliff while Howard jumps after it and it is known that he may come back to live there.

Personality EditEdit

Howard is very much like Squidward , he is very intolerant and is interested in music and art. Later on in the episode, Howard stops being "stuffy" and befriends Spongebob and Patrick.

Trivia EditEdit

  • It is not clear what happens to Howard after he jumped off the cliff, although he could have been injured or killed.
  • Howard plays the bassoon.
  • He lives in a RV which means he's a gypsy along with Madame Hagfish .
  • Stephen Hillernburg in one interview said that Howard will come back and live there and be a Main Character, but sometimes he will still play with SpongeBob and Patrick, but Squidward will not get annoyed, also he will still play with Squidward.

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