Herbert Alton Star is Patrick's father and Margie's husband. He is the son of Billy Bob Star and Maw Titter. He is physically seen in the episode of I'm with Stupid, when he was identified as Patrick's real parents. He is married to Margie (Patrick's mother) and they most likely live together. It was then revealed in the episode Rule of Dumb that his name is Herb. He was mentioned in the episode: Porous Pockets.

Looks EditEdit

Herb, like his wife, look alike. He has a large walrus mustache and he also is Pink, just like the rest of the Starfish Family. He looks like he is in his 60's because of the wrinkles on his top part of his head. His pants are the same as Patrick’s but he wears a shirt that has a slightly lighter color of purple with green flowers. He also wears the same colors as his wife and Patrick. They knocked and asked squidward all day long, "Wheres patrick?"

Trivia EditEdit

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