Glove World
250px-Glove World
Glove World was a theme park in Bikini Bottom.

The park first appeared in "Rock Bottom" where SpongeBob and Patrick had just spent the day there. It also appeared in "Roller Cowards," where the Firey Fist O' Pain was introduced. In "The Abrasive Side", SpongeBob and Patrick planned to go to Glove World, but SpongeBob missed out, because everyone kept asking for his assistance. Glove World once again appeared on "Tunnel of Glove". In the episode, the ride "Tunnel of Glove" was introduced. Glove World makes its fourth and final appearance in Glove World R.I.P., where it gets shut down forever, being replaced by an upgraded version of itself known as Glove Universe.

[1]SpongeBob and Patrick at Glove World in "Rock Bottom."Added by AMK152Glove World sold various glove-themed products, including glovesicles, glove-shaped balloons, glove lights, glove action figures, gloves for glove action figures, glove hats, glove candy dispensers, and glove-flavored glove candy.

In "Roller Cowards," Glove World opened their new ride, the "Fiery Fist O' Pain," It is a roller coaster that stretches to above the surface of the water. Glove World had one other roller coaster, a ferris wheel, a spinning ride, a merry-go-round, swings, and "The Mitten," which is a kiddie ride. Glovey was the mascot of the theme park.

Glove World had a mascot, Glovey Glove. He appeared in "Roller Cowards" when Spongebob and Patrick were afraid to ride the Fiery Fist O' Pain. They decided to get a picture taken with Glovey Glove, but Patrick was afraid of him. Eventually, Patrick got close enough to Glovey Glove to get his picture taken.

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