(The episode begins at Monroe's building where a young fish boy named Monroe is sleeping on his bed snoring. Then an alarm clock goes off and Monroe woke up by turning the alarm clock off)

Monroe: (Yawns) Oh what a beautiful day. (Gets out of bed and puts on his hat then goes down the stairs to have some breakfast with his mother Nancy Suzy Fish and his father Fred the fish) Morning, Mom! Morning, Dad!

Nancy Suzy Fish: Good morning, Monroe!

Fred: Hey son! Good morning!

Monroe: So, what are we having for breakfast?

Fred: Kelpo cereal.

Nancy Suzy Fish: Would you like some Kelpo cereal, Monroe?

Monroe: Great! I'd love some!

Fred: Well then, come on and sit down then I'll make one for you. (He pours in the Kelpo cereal into a bowl then pours some milk into a bowl and puts a spoon inside a bowl)

Monroe: (Sits down on a chair in front of a cereal bowl filled with Kelpo cereal) Oh boy!! (Eats the kelpo cereal from a bowl using a spoon)

Fred: (Looks at his watch) Oh would you look at the time.

Nancy Suzy Fish: Where are you going, Honey?

Fred: I'm going to work. I'm his dad remember?

Nancy Suzy Fish: Oh ok. see you later, Honey! (Fred walks outside the building on a sidewalk to work while Monroe is finished eating the Kelpo cereal)

Monroe: I'm finished! Hun? Hey where's Dad?

Nancy Suzy Fish: Oh Monroe, your dad went to work. So why don't you go outside and play. Okay?

Monroe: Sure! Thanks Mom. (He got up from around the table and goes outside but then stops and asked his mom Nancy Suzy Fish) Hey Mom, do you mind if I go to SpongeBob's house to play with somebody like a pet?

Nancy Suzy Fish: Sure. I guess so. Now run along.

Monroe: Thanks Mom! (Runs outside out of the building on a sidewalk all the way to SpongeBob's Pineapple House. When he got there he saw three homes of Patrick's Squidward's and SpongeBob's houses) Yep. This must be the place alright. One of them must be a pineapple that he's living in and I think it's the one on a right. So what do I say I'd check it out. (Goes on a right and walks near SpongeBob's Pineapple House by going near the door. Inside SpongeBob's house, SpongeBob is feeding Gary, Snellie and Lary organic snailfood from a bag and pours them in each food bowl)

SpongeBob: Come and get it, Gary, Snellie and Lary! I brought you three your favorite treat. It's organic snail food from a bag.

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Because you three are so special to have me as your pet owner. I can be taking care of you along with my two neighbors. Patrick and Squidward. (Gary, Snellie and Lary began to eat organic snail food from their food bowls)

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Meow. (SpongeBob went to sit on the couch to watch some television when the doorbell rings from outside)

Gary: Sounds like someone is at the door you guys.

Lary: Hey! You're right, Gary. I'd wonder who that could be.

Snellie: It's probably some vistior who wanted to come play with us snails.

Gary: Let's check it out. (He, Snellie and Lary slithers to the door and Gary opens the door. It was Monroe who being ringing the doorbell)

Monroe: Hi.

Gary: Hun? Oh yeah I remember you. You're uh... What's your name again?

Monroe: Monroe.

Lary: Nice to meet you, Monroe.

Snellie: SpongeBob saw you when he, you and the kids who wanted to see Krabby the Clown.

Monroe: Really? Well, that was last summer. Too bad Mr. Krabs is a cheapskate.

Gary: Hun? What do you mean, Monroe?

Monroe: I mean thanks to Mr. SquarePants we took all his money, put Krabs somewhere in pain and make the kids and I turn it into a summer mericil!

Snellie: Wow. How did you and the kids do that?

Monroe: I don't know. But it was lucky to come see you three snails.

Lary: Do you wanna come play?

Monroe: Sure! I've always wanted a pet to play with!

SpongeBob: (Got up from the couch and stands next to Gary, Snellie and Lary near the door) Who's at the door, Gary? (Sees Monroe) Monroe? What are you doing here?

Monroe: Hey Mr. SquarePants! Your Snails Gary, Snellie and Lary are so cute when they talk like real fish just like you.

SpongeBob: Oh you think so?

Monroe: Yes. And I was wondering if I can spend the day taking care of Gary, Snellie and Lary for the next 24 hours.

SpongeBob: Well of course you can, Monroe. You can take care of Gary, Snellie and Lary for the whole week for the next 24 hours.

Monroe: Wheeeee! Did you hear that Gary, Snellie and Lary? I can take care of you for the next 24 hours. Infact we can play a lot of games, hang out and show me around the Snail-Clubhouse.

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

SpongeBob: Just remember to play nice with Monroe, while you little guys are gone. Ok Gary, Snellie and Lary?

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Meow!

Monroe: All right let's go! (Gary, Snellie, Lary and Monroe went out for a walk and going to Snail-Park where the Snail-Clubhouse is)

SpongeBob: Don't stay out too late, Gary, Snellie and Lary! See you soon! Have fun with Monroe!

Monroe: See you soon, Mr. SquarePants! (Scene cuts to the Snail-Clubhouse where all 17 snails are sitting around the table enjoying themselves when Monroe, Gary, Snellie and Lary came inside the clubhouse) Wow! Nice place you got here Gary, Snellie and Lary.

Gary: Thanks, Monroe. My Snailfriends and I made the clubhouse all by ourselves.

Snellie: It's where Mary's Ex- boyfriend Boss and his boys live from the inside.

Lary: Yeah. Also they're from Snail-Park. Always wanted to be a snail in charge.

Monroe: Cool!! (All 17 Snails got up from around the table and slithers to Gary, Snellie, Lary and Monroe by telling them anything)

Boss: Hey! What's the kid doing here at our clubhouse, Runt?

Gary: Well Boss, Monroe here is about to take care of us snails for the next 24 hours.

Boss: Oh really?

Snellie: Uh-hun. We were about to spend the day with him by playing board games at his house.

Daniel: That sounds good, Snellie.

Little Dollar: That would be awesome!

Yo-yo: Did anybody remember this kid from before?

Spike: I have. He's that kid that threw snowballs along with his friends.

Dan: Yeah. Just look how orange he is. He's wearing a blue hat and greet pants. And I'm wearing a red cap on my head and have a blue and tealed shell.

Daniel: Well he's certainly almost look just like you, Dan.

Mary: Daniel's right. Orange is a greatest color ever. Just look how Dan and Monroe are alike.

Mosteeze: Yeah like they're realated to each other.

Foofie: How orignal, ma'am.

Pat: Meow.

Petey: It's incredible. We can spend the day with Monroe.

Micheal: So Monroe, How's about we come with you for the next 24 hours with Gary, Snellie and Lary.

Victoria: It'll be great to hang out with you on a saturday morning.

Eugene: Yeah, it'll be a best day ever!

Pat: Meow!

Monroe: Sure! The 20 of you snails is the least that I can take care of for the whole week.

All 20 Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Penney: I'm going to be having fun with Monroe.

Sweet Sue: I want to play board games with Gary and Monroe!

Edward: I'm going to play with Monroe for the rest of my life!

Mary: Ooh la la! How exciting with Gary, Snellie, Lary and Monroe to play with all of us snails.

Daniel: Then we're all agreed! Let's go to Monroe's building!

Boss: That's what I was going to say.

Monroe: Let's go! (All 20 Snails and Monroe went out of the Snail-Clubhouse and goes back to Monroe's building when the scene fades to black. Scene cuts back to SpongeBob's house. Where SpongeBob is looking at the snail clock to see what time will Gary, Snellie and Lary will come back)

SpongeBob: I wonder how long will Gary, Snellie and Lary will come back. I missed them so much. I'd hope they don't play with Monroe too long. (Suddenly, the doorbell rings and SpongeBob went to the door and opened it and there was Patrick)

Patrick: Hello SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick! How's it going, Buddy?

Patrick: Pretty long time if you know what I mean.

SpongeBob: You know I was thinking that you and me are about to do something fun this saturday which is today.

Patrick: Well, how's about we can blow bubbles together while we're having fun.

SpongeBob: Brilliant, Patrick! I can't wait to blow some bubbles outside!

Patrick: Me too! (And so SpongeBob and Patrick went outside laughing with bubbles and a bubble wand and started having fun. Squidward sees SpongeBob and Patrick having fun blowing bubbles and laughing by looking at the window)

Squidward: What the?

SpongeBob and Patrick: (Laughing. SpongeBob blows a bubble by making the bubble float all the way to Squidward's tiki head island anp pops)

Squidward: D'ohhhhhhhhh! (He goes down the stairs and comes out of his house then to SpongeBob and Patrick) Alright! What's going on here!!?

SpongeBob: Squidward!!

Squidward: Why are you two, idiots could possibably be doing this time!?

SpongeBob: Patrick and I are blowing bubbles, Squidward.

Patrick: Yeah were having so much fun blowing bubbles.

Squidward: Well I was about to enjoy peace on my Saturday. Hey where's my pet snail Snellie?

SpongeBob: Oh that. I lended Gary, Snellie and Lary to play with Monroe for the next 24 hours for the whole day.

Patrick: Yeah they won't be back until Six O'clock P.M.

Squidward: Well, If Snellie returns here at our homes tell her I'd was really worried about her A.S.A.P. (Walks away back to his house)

SpongeBob: Ok, Squidward see you later.

Patrick: Wow. No wonder the snails left you, Buddy. Let's continue blowing bubbles!

SpongeBob: Sure thing, Pat. (So SpongeBob and Patrick continues blowing bubbles while laughing when bubbles come up as the scene cuts back to Monroe's building where Monroe comes back inside along with all 20 snails who are meowing)

Monroe: Well, Snails here we are my home. This is where my Mom Nancy Suzy Fish and my Dad Fred lives.

All 20 Snails: Meoooooooooooooow. Meoooooow. Meoooooooow. Meooow.

Nancy Suzy Fish: Monroe! What's that meow meow meowing I hear?

Monroe: Hey mom. This is Gary. And he's brought along his snailfriends.

Nancy Suzy Fish: Oh my. Why aren't you the cutest things ever?

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

Daniel: Meow.

Little Dollar: Meow.

Yo-yo: Meow.

Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward: Meooow.

Petey: Meow.

Mosteeze: Mreow.

Mary: Meow reow.

Foofie: Meow.

Boss: Meow meow meow meow.

Nancy Suzy Fish: (Laughs) Oh Monroe you and your adoorable pets are absoluley getting along with each other very well.

Monroe: Thanks mom. And we're on a playdate together just me, Gary and his snailfriends.

Nancy Suzy Fish: Ok. have fun.

Monroe: Come on. Let's play one of those board games that I'd promise.

All 20 Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! We mean, Meoooooooooooooow!! (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to Monroe's room where Monroe and Gary are playing board games and all 19 snails are watching them)

Monroe: Okay, Gary you're the youngest so you go first.

Gary: Okay, Monroe. (Rolls the two dices) Five. (Moves his red man to five spaces)

Monroe: My turn. (Rolls the two dices) Four. (Moves his blue man to four spaces)

Pat: Meow.

Snellie: You're right, Pat. Gary is doing really great at board game.

Daniel: He's the greastest board gamer ever in Bikini Bottom.

Mary: Oui, I'll say. He would learn to be a great board game player in Bikini Bottom.

Victoria: I wonder how long it'll take for Gary and Monroe for the finish line on a board game.

Sweet Sue: We don't even know who will get to the finish line on a board game to see who wins.

Lary: Yeah. It's gonna take forever to finish the whole game.

Pat: Meow. (Meanwhile Plankton is outside looking at the window watching Gary and Monroe playing board games and all 19 snails are watching them)

Plankton: Oooooooh! How I hate those snails and Gary! Always ruining my plans! No matter. I'm going to capture Gary and his snailfriends along with my giant robot. Then I shall rule the world. Those snails are never gonna stop me! (Laughs evily. Back inside all 19 snails saw Gary and Monroe are finally about to finish the board game while they're moving their men to the finish line)

Little Dollar: Look! Gary and Monroe are about to finish the game!

Yo-yo: Yeah. Let's play the board game to see who goes next!

Penney: Now you're talking, Yo-yo.

Edward: Yes indeed. Let's play the board game again!

Pat: Meow meow! (While all 19 snails slithers next to Gary and tired to play again on a board game, The Giant Robot Plankton had programed brusts inside Monroe's room)

The Giant Robot: I Hate Snails!

Monroe: Whoa. a giant robot.

All 20 Snails: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Runs for their lives. The Giant Robot reaches his arm and grabs Gary and all 19 of his snailfriends who are screaming)

The Giant Robot: Snails ruined the creator's plan. But I will take them to the Chum Bucket. (Walks away with all 20 snails who are screaming in his hands)


Victoria: MOMMY!!!

All 20 Snails: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (The Giant Robot leaves Monroe's room along with all 20 snails who are still screaming in his hands and went back to the Chum Bucket)

Nancy Suzy Fish: (Comes inside Monroe's room) Oh my Neptune! What's goin on here!?

Monroe: Mom, Did you see that? The Giant Robot kidnapped all 20 snails and one of em is named Gary. I've gotta save them!

Nancy Suzy Fish: Oh no. Monroe, you can't save the snails all by yourself. What will happen if my little boy went out there and rescue the 20 snails from the giant robot? You can get killed out there!

Monroe: Don't worry about me, Mom. I'll be fine as long as I can not be hurt by the time I can get to some resturant called the Chum Bucket.

Nancy Suzy Fish: The Chum Bucket?

Monroe: Sorry about that interruption of our playdate but I've got to save Gary and his snailfriends!

Nancy Suzy Fish: Okay but be careful out there. I don't want my son to get hurt. (Monroe ran out of his room and out of his building to rescue Gary and his snailfriends from the Chum Bucket when the scene fades to black. Scene cuts to the Chum Bucket where The Giant Robot took all 20 snails inside the laboratory and puts them down gently)

Plankton: Well well. If it isn't my arch enemies of mine who are snails that I hate. You have ruined all of my plans expecially for Gary. From now on you will all be my prisoners! Where I can keep you from escaping my place. And for that all 20 of you snails will be forced to eat at the Chum Bucket!

All 20 Snails: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!?

Boss: You mean you'd kidnapped us just as though we can eat at your place? No way! No how!

Dan and Spike: Yeah!!

Plankton: Find Snails! Have it your way! (Takes out a remote control and pushes a button making the bigger cage dropped on all 20 snails who are now trapped in a bigger cage)

Gary: Oh no! We're trapped in a bigger cage!

Snellie: We'll never escape now!

Lary: Who's gonna save us snails from Sheldon J. Plankton?

Daniel: Oh. If only SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy or Mr. Krabs are here from this prison

Mosteeze: Yeah. They're like the only ones who can save us from this bigger cage that we're in.

Pat: Meow.

Plankton: Nobody can save you now, snails! (Laughs evily. Just then Monroe came brusting through the doors by getting inside the Chum Bucket)

Monroe: Snails! Gary!

Pat: Meow!!

Sweet Sue: It's Monroe!!

Mary: Ooh la la! We'll be saved by a kid.

Foofie: Hope he knows what he's doing!

Petey: Do you think he can handle, Plankton?

Boss: But he wasn't even a superhero.

Monroe: Uhhand Gary and his snailfriends you no good bug!

Plankton: Over my dead feaver!

Monroe: Plankton! I've should've known this was your doing! Now feel my charge! (Runs toward Plankton by stepping on him)

All 20 Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Monroe: (Takes out a key and puts it through the lock on a bigger cage and sets all 20 snails free) Are you snails okay?

Dan: We are now. Thanks for saving us. But why did you do it?

Spike: Yeah. You're not even a superhero yet, Kid.

Monroe: No time for questions and explaining to do for now, Snails. Let's take care of Plankton together!

Eugene: I'm with Monroe! We're all in this together!

Plankton: (Got up and standed up) Why you little inforent moron!

Gary: It's over Sheldon J. Plankton! Now say good bye while were in a mob!

Plankton: I'm not giving up yet, Snails! I'm gonna steal the Krabby Patty Formula from Mr. Krabs and there's nothing you can do to stop me! (Walks away but stops by Spike the Bully Snail with metal spikes on top of his black shell)

Spike: Where do you think you're going?

Plankton: Uh-oh.

Monroe: Get him!!!!! (Runs toward Plankton)

Spike: Hey I was gonna say that! Oh well. (All 20 Snails run toward Plankton with Monroe by his side and beat Plankton to a pulip)

Plankton: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! (He was squashed and crushed by Monroe and all 20 snails while moaning)

Monroe: (Picked up Plankton) Gotcha! And now for the impropreit punishment from a no good little bug like yourself! (He took out an empty jar and put Plankton inside of it)

Plankton: Hey! Let me out of here! I demand you to release me out of this jar idmeditlay!

Dan: No way, Plankton! It's just what you deserve.

Boss: Hey, thanks for saving us snails from the Chum Bucket, Kid.

Spike: Yeah. If it wasn't for you we snails haven't been goners.

Monroe: No problem. I like the way I can charge and run into somebody with the kids by my side just like we kids beat Krabs to a pulip and took his money away. I remembered it like it was last summer.

Gary: Hmm. Last summer.

Pat: Meow. (Scene flashes back to the episode "Krabby Land" where Monroe and the kids saw Mr. Krabs leaving so soon with a bag full of money)

Kid: Ahem.

Mr. Krabs: Huh? (children are standing behind him) Oh, hey kids. (smiles) Uh... Uncle Krabs has to go to the bank now. Heh.

Monroe: Get him!!! (all the kids run after him. Mr. Krabs getting beat up by the kids as they took all his money away. All the kids cheered. Scene flashes back to all 20 snails and Monroe inside the Chum Bucket)

Gary: Wow Monroe, you beat Plankton into a pulip just like what you did to Mr. Krabs.

Snellie: I guess this is a true meeting of our playdate after all.

Lary: Yeah. You're a good hero, Monroe.

Monroe: Really? Thanks Gary, Snellie and Lary. (Nancy Suzy Fish came inside the Chum Bucket)

Nancy Suzy Fish: Monroe, my son you're alright! And you saved the 20 snails all by yourself!

Monroe: I did it my own way, Mom. I stopped Plankton by charging toward him.

Nancy Suzy Fish: Oh thanks for letting Monroe take good care of you 20 snails.

All 20 Snails: Meoooooooooooow. Meow. Meoooooooooow. Meoooooooooow. Meooow.

Nancy Suzy Fish: Come on Monroe your Dad will be home any minute so let's walk ourselves home.

Monroe: Okay Mom. Good-bye Snails. It was very nice playing with you! (He and his mom Nancy Suzy Fish walked back to his building)

All 20 Snails: Bye Monroe!! (Waves goodbye to him)

Pat: Meow. (Scene cuts back to SpongeBob's yard where SpongeBob and Patrick are laughing again while playing chase)

SpongeBob: Try and catch me, Patrick!

Patrick: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Then Gary, Snellie and Lary returned back to SpongeBob's yard and SpongeBob and Patrick stopped playing and saw Gary, Snellie and Lary)

Gary, Snellie and Lary: We're back!!

SpongeBob: Gary! Snellie! Lary! You're back! (Hugs Gary, Snellie and Lary) So, did you have fun with Monroe?

Gary: We sure did, SpongeBob!

Snellie: Monroe is a great friend to us snails!

Lary: Yeah! It was fun! Monroe took us for 24 hours went to the clubhouse then he took us to the building and watched Gary and Monroe played some board games but then we were kidnapped by Plankton! Oh but Ol' Monroe saved us snails by charging toward Plankton and beat him to a pulip! But now we're back! You don't know how much I'd missed you, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob Wow! Glad you three snails had fun. You know you should probably leave the fun to me and Patrick. 'Cause we're best friends.

Patrick: Yeah. Squidward said that Snellie be back which is right now. (Then Squidward came back outside on SpongeBob's yard)

Squidward: Snellie! You're back! And you're home really late. You and I didn't have a relaxing day.

Snellie: Sorry, Squidward. Gary, Lary and I have been taking care of Monroe for 24 hours.

Gary: I beliveve Snellie's gotta point there, Squidward. Hoped we didn't come home too late.

SpongeBob: Yeah, Buddy. Looks like our snails here had some good times together. (Laughs)

Lary: You sure said the words, SpongeBob.

Patrick: Have we learn nothing about playing? (That night at SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob is sleeping so peacefully on his bed while Gary is writing his favorite snail journal of what he and snailfriends did today)

Gary: We've been taking care of by a kid named Monroe. And he tooks us and our snailfriends back to his building.

Snellie: We'd played some board games and watched at each other to see who will win the game.

Lary: And after that we were kidnapped by Plankton. 'Cause he was so mad that Gary ruined his plans. So Monroe saved us and everything's back to normal.

Gary: We sure had fun with Monroe together today didn't we? And I bet tomorrow will be even better! Don't you think so you guys?

Snellie: You're right, Gary. Tomorrow's gonna be a neighborly adventure for us snails.

Lary: Yeah. Let's go to sleep. (Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep as we zoom out to SpongeBob's Pineapple home)



Gary: Hi! Gary the Snail here!

Patrick: And Patrick!

Gary: SpongeBob and I go to Patrick's house to visit him and Patrick tells us that something's shocking is happening.

Patrick: Didn't I tell SpongeBob? Rocky is indeed a snail. I told him that it was discovered that it was a Hermit Snail, if you know what I mean.

Gary: Wow Patrick. Your RockSnail is a Hermit Snail! I decided to hang out with Rocky. And Snellie, Lary and the other snails will see that Rocky is finally awake and will join us!

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Next time! "Rocking the Truth!" See ya then!!!

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