(The episode begins at SpongeBob's Pineapple House where Gary, Snellie and Lary are sleeping on their newspapers until the foghorn alarm goes off by waking them up. Gary turns off the foghorn alarm)

Gary: Wow! It's Sunday you guys! Guess what's for breakfast.

Snellie: Are we having a sundae, Gary?

Lary: Yeah. Sundae is for breakfast you know. (Gary, Snellie and Lary goes down the stairs to the kitchen)

Gary: That's right! A Sundae! (Gets a big bowl and puts it on the table)

Snellie: What are we going to make for a sundae?

Gary: A very special sundae.

Lary: Do we have any Ice Cream left at the top frige which is the freezer?

Gary: Yes we do. (Opens the freezer and saw some Ice Cream)

Snellie: Ooh. Chocolate, Vinilla and Strawberry Ice Cream our favorite.

Gary: We should add them into the bowl.

Lary: Oh boy. I've been waiting for this! (Gary, Snellie and Lary took the Chocolate, Vinilla and Strawberry Ice Cream and put em into the bowl)

Gary: Next ingreedent. (He, Snellie and Lary checks the cabinet and saw bananas and cherries) Hmm. Bananas, Cherries, Boring. (Close the cabinet. They found Chocolate and Vinilla Cookies in the food closet)

Snellie: Here they are, guys! Cookies!

Lary: Let's put em in a bowl on a table! (Gary, Snellie and Lary puts vinilla and chocolate chip cookies inside the foodbowl)

Gary: Here's the next ingreedent.

Snellie: How about Vinilla frosting with sprinkles and chocolate spyrup?

Lary: Yeah. This is going to be the best dessert we ever made.

Gary: Okay! Let's get some frosting with sprinkles and chocolate spyrup. (They got the vinillia frosting with sprinkles and chocolate spyrup out of the food closet and slithers to the bowl on the table and puts them into the bowl)

Snellie: Just one more ingreedent.

Gary: All we need to add is little bit of chocolate pudding. (They checked the cabinet and found the chocolate pudding in between the bananas and cherries)

Lary: We got the pudding!

Snellie: Now we can put it inside the bowl on the table.

Gary: Hope we snails should share our sundae we made. (He, Snellie and Lary slithered to the table with the chocolate pudding and pours it into the bowl)

Lary: A little texter never hurt. There we go.

Gary: This sundae we made is gonna taste great!

Snellie: And delicouls!

Lary: Yeah! (Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Gary, Snellie and Lary went to answer the door)

Gary: I wonder who that can be. (Opens the door and there stood 19 snails; Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Boss, Dan, Spike, Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue, Edward, Petey, Mosteeze, Mary, Billy, Rocky and Foofie) Hi guys!

Daniel: Hi Gary! So what's new?

Gary: We made ourselves a sundae we can eat in the kitchen.

Lary: Yeah. Why don't you all come on in and see what we made.

Little Dollar: Okay. As long as it's a surprise.

Yo-yo: Yup. And as tasty as it is. (The 19 Snails came inside SpongeBob's house and toward the kitchen to see Gary, Snellie and Lary's sundae. All 19 Snails saw the sundae Gary, Snellie and Lary made on the kitchen table)

Boss: Did you made this sundae all by yourself, Runt?

Gary: Sure I did. I even had help with Snellie and Lary and made this sundae so that we snails can eat it together.

Snellie: It's delicouls! Yummy! Scrumcouls! And Frest as ever.

Lary: This sundae is gonna taste great we tell you.

Mary: Wow. I never thought you ever made a sundae before.

Micheal: It's so realistic! I'm gonna to try one.

Victoria: Me too! I wish everyone was here to see Gary's Sundae.

Eugene: Yeah. I love this desserted sundae.

Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow!

Penney: If we're gonna eat Gary's sundae, we need to think about what it tasted like first.

Sweet Sue: I agree. I loved this kinda desserted food.

Edward: Yes indeed. It's made entiry out of sweet and sugarly sundae.

Gary: That's right, Kids. Besides. SpongeBob's Sundae he made last year was ugly and disgusting.

Snellie: He made a secret ingreedent out of it. It was Ketchup, Onions and stinky peanut plant he grew from the window still and puts em into his bowl.

Lary: We snails never taste one of his sundae. It'll be really gross.

Daniel: Not after SpongeBob and Patrick got acid breathes by eating their sundae.

Gary: You're right, Daniel. Not after what SpongeBob said to me while his acid breath word 'Morning' on me made my eyestalks lower. Remember that day? (Scene flashes back to the episode "Something Smells" where Gary saw SpongeBob coming out of the kitchen breathing his acid breath. 'He drops his spoon while Gary hides behind a coral plant)

SpongeBob: You know what they say, Gary. I'm easy like Sunday morning. ['morning' comes out of SpongeBob's mouth and wraps itself around Gary's eyes, twisting them. Then the scene flashes back to all 22 snails in the kitchen]

Gary: I cannot think what his acid breath really smells like. It stinks and smells really bad and awful.

Boss: Wow Runt, I can't beliveve your yellow guy ate that stinky sundae of his.

Spike: Yeah. That yellow Sponge's sundae he made stinks!

Dan: We like Gary's Sundae better than SpongeBob's Sundae.

Gary: So what do you say you guys? Would you like to help me Snellie and Lary eat this sundae?

Mosteeze: Of course we can, Gary. We love your sundae.

Petey: It's agreed we'll eat your sundae.

Rocky: I love Ice Cream sundae.

Billy: Me too. Wasn't wroth the rate.

Foofie: That sundae is ice cream Mr. Gary made sir.

Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow!

Lary: Okay. Come and get Gary's Sundae. (Gary takes his sundae Ice Cream off of the kitchen table and puts it around the circle between all the snails)

Edward: Boy is this going to taste good or what?

Penney: This is going to taste good than a ice cream cone. (Sunddenly, there somebody ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door outside)

Bubble Bass: (Off Screen) Hello? Anybody home? I'm looking for SpongeBob SquarePants.

Gary: Who's that?

Lary: I'm not sure. Whoever that is I'm not suppose to like him.

Boss: Hey out there. Come in and show yourself!

Bubble Bass: Okay. (Opens the door and comes inside SpongeBob's Pineapple house toward all 22 snails in the kitchen)

All 22 Snails: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.

Boss: Heavy weight guy.

Bubble Bass: Talking Snails. I heard that you've all spoken your first words.

Lary: Well, we heard that you were kinda picky.

Bubble Bass: Yup.

Snellie: What's your name?

Gary: Yeah. Who are you?

Pat: Meow.

Bubble Bass: I'm Bubble Bass. I come from every Bikini Bottom from this eatery called The Krusty Krab.

Gary: Bubble Bass?

Daniel: What kind of a name is that?

Bubble Bass: It's my name and you should be telling me. Where could I find Squarepants?

Gary: He's upstairs in his bedroom. He should be waking up right about now.

Rocky: He'll probably know you from somewhere.

Mary: Here he comes now.

SpongeBob: (Comes down stair to the kitchen and yawns) Morning Gare. Who's that at the door and... (Gasps) Bubble Bass.

Bubble Bass: SquarePants, I've been expecting you for some reason.

SpongeBob: I know you from somewhere at The Krusty Krab and at the movies when we first met.

Pat: Meow? (All 22 Snails thinks and thinks. Scene flashes back to two episode. "Pickles" Where Bubble Bass eats the Krabby Patty at the table and confused SpongeBob about the Pickles. And "F.U.N." where Bubble Bass is sitting on Plankton at the movies. Then the scene flashes back to SpongeBob, Bubble Bass and all 22 snails in the kitchen)

Bubble Bass: You've probably know me two times. Maybe it's time I show those talking snails about those soul called their sundae made.

SpongeBob: Oh you mean Gary and his Snail Friends? Wait till my friends show you that you're in my house.

Boss: Hey, yellow guy. You know this guy?

SpongeBob: I sure did know him. He tried to confused me about the Pickles I put into that Krabby Patty.

Spike: Well trying telling him we need to eat a snail's sundae first.

Dan: Yeah. Bubble Bass is no push over.

Pat: Meow.

SpongeBob: Alright. Bubble Bass, Would you like to try Gary's Sundae for a change?

Bubble Bass: Thanks. But I would like to see the talking snails eat the sundae first before I try it.

Gary: Well, Ok.

Snellie: If you say so.

Lary: Oh well, more for us. (All 22 Snails began to eat their sundae from the bowl really quickly and started to grow huge and overweighted)

All 22 Overweight Snails: Mrloooooow...

French Narrator: (Reading time card) 10 seconds later... (We see all 22 snails got huge and overweight from eating the sundae they ate from the bowl)

All 22 Overweight Snails: (Burps) Ahh... Mrlooooooooooooooooooooooowrooooooooooooooooooooow.

Overweight Gary: Boy. Am I stuffed of what?

Overweight Snellie: You're telling me.

Overweight Lary: Yeah. We're huge and overweight from eating the sundae we ate.

Overweight Daniel: Were unable to go outside the house for now.

Overweight Little Dollar: I'm really full here man.

Overweight Yo-yo: I should really lose weight now.

Bubble Bass: I've been trying to tell you. I'll try Gary's Sundae now.

SpongeBob: It's all yours.

Bubble Bass: Thank you. (Tries one of Gary's Sundae from the bowl and eats it with a spoon. He likes it) MMMM.

SpongeBob: Well Bubble Bass, what do you think?

Bubble Bass: This is delicouls and scrumcouls. But there's one thing to say to your pet snail.

SpongeBob: Ask away.

Bubble Bass: Gary the Snail,... You forgot the banana and cherry!!! (All 22 Overweight Snails gasps)

SpongeBob: (Gasps)

Bubble Bass: Heathly foods for dessert? I don't think so! You snails got huge! (Giggles evily)

Overweight Gary: I knew we've shouldn't have put bananas and cherries on our sundae.

Overweight Rocky: Now we can't get out of the house!

SpongeBob: Oh no. I better get to The Krusty Krab in time and warn my friends about all 22 snails and Bubble Bass. (Goes outside to The Krusty Krab on the road to warn his friends)

Bubble Bass: I beliveve you snails think that I should keep you company.

Overweight Pat: Mrloooow.

Overweight Boss: How disapointing!

Overweight Gary: Tell me about it! (Scene fades to black. Scene cuts to The Krusty Krab where SpongeBob comes in and sautes to Mr. Krabs for duty)

SpongeBob: Reporting for duty, Mr. Krabs!

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob, you're late. Look, Squidward here is filppin Patties in the kitchen again and not making the customers happy.

SpongeBob: Oh he is. Is he? (He and Mr. Krabs saw the customers getting angry at Squidward filppin Patties faster with two spatulas)

Mr. Krabs: That's right, boy. I'm gonna get my paycheck off if I don't make me customers happy again!

SpongeBob: Don't worry, sir I can fix this. (Goes to the kitchen and kicks Squidward out back in the register and starts filpping Krabby Patties and making the customers happy)

Customers: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Squidward: Hmph. It's about time you're on shape today, SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Thanks Squidward!

Paco: I'll have one Krabby Patty.

Frank: I want it with extra onions.

Thaddeus: I want one with cheese.

Fred: I want one with Ketchup.

Harold's Ex- girlfriend: I want one with mustard.

Harold: I want one with pickles.

Nat's Ex- girlfriend: I want one with mayonaise.

Nat: I'll have one Krusty Combo and kelp soda with ice.

Mary Jenkins: I'll take one with no onions.

Frankie Billy: I'll have a Krabby Patty.

SpongeBob: Don't worry everybody. I'll have you're orders ready in a gifty.

Jimmy-Gus: Eating here is my idea!

Lenny: Yeah. I want my food now!

Mable: Come on now!

SpongeBob: (Comes out with a dozens of traies of Krabby Patties and combos with a lot of hands) There you are people. Enjoy your food. (Hands them all to the customers and all the customers took em to their tables)

Mr. Krabs: Good job, boy. I can pay for that life saver of yours.

SpongeBob: Thank you, sir. I forgot to warn you about something.

Mr. Krabs: What's that, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: Do you remember Bubble Bass from the eatery in Bikini Bottom, Mr. Krabs?

Mr. Krabs: Bubble Bass?

SpongeBob: Yes. That's him. He's been living at my house getting my pet snail Gary and his snail friends huge and overweight from their sundae.

Mr. Krabs: Ohh. This is tee... terrable. We've got to get to your house and stop Bubble Bass for this to happen.

SpongeBob: I knew you've wanted to help me.

Mr. Krabs: Yeah. Right after you make me a lot of money by serving customers some Krabby Patties. Now get back to work!

SpongeBob: Aye aye, Mr. Krabs! (Goes back to the kitchen and filps some Krabby Patties)

Mr. Krabs: That's me boy. Make me some money. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to SpongeBob's Pineapple House where Bubble Bass is watching all 22 overweight snails eating a bunch of desserts he brought from the eatery)

Bubble Bass: So, how do you snails love my desserts that I've brought from the eatery?

Overweight Gary: It's very nice of you to bring us that dessert for each and every one of us snails.

Overweight Mary: Oui, I can finally feel the baby from the inside of my snail body.

Overweight Billy: Man am I stuffed.

Overweight Foofie: Me too. But the ice cream sundae is so swimming good.

Overweight Petey: I am going to try one of another Bubble Bass' desserts.

Overweight Rocky: Yeah. Me too.

Overweight Mosteeze: Me three. Wasn't worth it.

Overweight Snellie: I just love desserts Bubble Bass gave us snails.

Overweight Lary: Yeah. I wonder how long are we going to eat this desserts.

Bubble Bass: You'd better be. Once you snails get hugeer and hugeer you'll explode like a bomb. Then I'll laugh at you like no other.

Overweight Boss: What? You're insane. I thought we were friends.

Bubble Bass: Friends with you? Ha. I'm not having adoppted pets like you snails and the little worms. Besides, we're not in the same sollcial class.

Overweight Spike: You're a bad bad man and owner, tubby!

Overweight Dan: Yeah. You're not very nice to us bully snails at all!

Overweight Pat: Mrloooooooooooowrooooooooooooow.

Overweight Daniel: Wait until SpongeBob and his pals get here of what you're doing to us snails.

Overweight Little Dollar: You'll be sorry once they get here.

Overweight Yo-yo: I want no autographs to bad people like you.

Bubble Bass: Ooh. I'm so scared. Not.

Overweight Gary: C'mon SpongeBob where in neptune are you? (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts back to The Krusty Krab where Sally, Sadie and Shubie are about to order Krabby Patties for each of them)

Sally: We'll have three Krabby Patties one for me, one for Sadie and one for Shubie.

Squidward: SpongeBob, I need three Krabby Patties.

SpongeBob: Three Krabby Patties coming up licktly spilt! (Filps three Patties each with his Spatula and puts em on each with his Spatula and puts em on each three bottom buns then lettuce then cheese then tomatoes then ketchup and mustard then pickles and then top buns in that order. He silps the tray through the ordering window along with three Krabby Patties on the tray) Order up, Squidward!

Squidward: (Takes the tray and hands it to Sally) There you are ma'am. (sighs)

Sally: Thanks. (She, Sadie and Shubie walks to table 14)

Johnny: (He and Nancy Suzy Fish walk up to the resgister) Excuse me, Sir. Two Krabby Patties please. One for me and Suzy Fish.

Squidward: SpongeBob, I need two Krabby Patties. (Filps two patties each with his spatula and puts em on two bottom buns each then puts lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and a top buns in that order then puts em on a tray and slips em through the ordering window and ringing the ordering bell)

Squidward: I heard you! (Takes a tray full of two Krabby Patties from the ordering window and hands em to Johnny) Here two Krabby Patties.

Nancy Suzy Fish: Thank you, Mr. Grouchy Squid guy. (She and Johnny walk to table 15 with two krabby patties on a tray. Just then Sandy Cheeks came inside The Krusty Krab)

Sandy: What's their deal?

Squidward: Oh I was just thinking that some tubby fish was making the snails huge and overweighted back at SpongeBob's house.

Sandy: We gotta help them but quick. They could be in grave danger.

SpongeBob: Oh boy quitting time to save Gary and his Snail Friends.

Mr. Krabs: (Came out of the office to what Sandy said) Did you say grave danger?

Sandy: That's what I said. They're in grave danger.

SpongeBob: (Came out of the kitchen as he, Squidward and Mr. Krabs goes with Sandy back to SpongeBob's Pineapple house) Don't worry, Gare-Bare! We'll save you!

Patrick: (Saw SpongeBob on the road) Hey, buddy!

Sandy: Come on Pat! We need your help. (Patrick, follows SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Squidward and Sandy on the road back to SpongeBob's house when the scene fades to black. Scene fades back to inside SpongeBob's pineapple house where all 22 overweight snails are full from eating desserts)

Overweight Gary: Ohh. I can't eat another dessert. I'll explode.

Overweight Snellie: Yeah us snails too. I wonder how long we can stay huge and overweight with Bubble Bass.

Overweight Lary: Maybe it's about his eatery test.

Overweight Boss: That's it. The eatery test. So that tubby fish with Shady glasses thinks he's gonna make us eat a lopt of desserts well he's dead wrong.

Overweight Daniel: Uh Boss, I'm not so sure about Bubble Bass.

Overweight Little Dollar: He's right. There's gotta be some way to impress Bubble Bass. But what?

Overweight Yo-yo: Yeah. Some way for us snails to lose weight so that we can eat Gary's sundae again.

Overweight Pat: Mrloooooooooooooow.

Overweight Gary: Heads us guys. I think I hear SpongeBob is coming back inside our house and this time he's brought his friends.

Overweight Mary: Horaay we're saved! (SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Mr. Krabs came inside and saw 22 overweight snails)

SpongeBob: Gary! You okay, buddy?

Overweight Gary: I'm alright, SpongeBob. Please come in.

Overweight Micheal: Alright. His friends are here!

Overweight Eugene: They came to rescue us snails.

Overweight Pat: Mrloooooooooooooooow!

Overweight Sweet Sue: Wow. SpongeBob and his friends are real heroes. (SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Mr. Krabs came in side the pineapple house until Sandy bumps into Gary's extra slime)

Sandy: What in tarnation?

Overweight Pat: Mrloow.

Sandy: Gary! What happened to you?!

Overweight Gary: My snailfriends and I ate too many desserts.

Mr. Krabs: Who did this to you bottom feeders?

Overweight Mary: Oh Bubble Bass made us did this for the eatery test.

Patrick: Bubble Bass? I don't know what he is.

Overweight Boss: Perhaps you've shouldn't have asked yourself fello sea creatures and squirrel.

Sandy: Hmm. Hey Gary, lend me your extra snail slime. You too Snellie.

Overweights Gary and Snellie: Okay. (Takes their extra snail slime from their bottoms and hands em to Sandy while she checks it with her microscope and looks at all the desserts like cake, cupcake, pudding, cookies, frosting, pie, ice cream and Sundae)

Overweight Pat: Mrloow?

Sandy: Well golly. Just as I thought. You 22 Snails have been eaten too many desserts like cake, cupcake, pudding, cookies, frosting, ice cream, pie and even ice cream sundae. Why they're unhealthy as a sugarly food in the sea.

Squidward: Maybe Snellie needs to stop eating desserts so that she can eat snail food like Gary. So that she and the other snails could stay healthy.

SpongeBob: Uh-oh. Here comes Bubble Bass. I wonder what he's gonna say.

Bubble Bass: (Came by toward all 22 overweight snails) I hear SquarePants brought his friends along.

Sandy: Golly and Texas drull. Who's that guy?

SpongeBob: That's Bubble Bass, Sandy. You know the guy who's trying to confuse me about the pickles.

Patrick: Ohh. He is a fasty one is he?

Bubble Bass: No I'm not a fasty one. I am a ware of all eatery tests in Bikini Bottom.

Overweight Victoria: We need to impress you about your eatery test, Bubble Bass.

Overweight Petey: Yeah. We need to make another one of Gary's Sundae.

Sandy: They're right. The only way to make an ice cream sundae is with healthy fruit to go on.

SpongeBob: How about a cherry and a banana on that sundae?

Overweight Gary: That's it. SpongeBob you and your friends are a genuis.

Overweight Pat: Mrloooow.

Overweight Spike: Yeah. Let's make another sundae.

Overweight Dan: Just give us a minute in the kitchen to make a second of Gary's sundae. Would you?

Overweight Lary: I know a sundae who will taste like a million come on guys follow me! (All 22 Overweight Snails went all the way back to the kitchen to make a second sundae)

Mr. Krabs: Uh this won't take long will it?

French Narrator: (Reading time card) A Few Minutes Later... (All 22 Overweight Snails came out of the kitchen to see Bubble Bass)

Overweight Edward: Sorry it took so long. We just needed to add two fruits to Gary's sundae.

Overweight Penney: Mighty tasty I might say.

Mr. Krabs: (Gets nervouls and sweaty) Oh boy.

Bubble Bass: Give me the sundae. And this time don't forget the banana and cherry. (Overweight Gary took out his sundae and hands it to Bubble Bass)

Overweight Gary: We didn't.

SpongeBob: Now comes the best part.

Overweight Snellie: Go on. try it.

Overweight Lary: Yeah. We're waiting.

Overweight Daniel: Try it. You'll like it!

Overweight Little Dollar: It has banana and cherry.

Overweight Yo-yo: Please...

Overweight Rocky: For us...! (Bubble Bass tries the sundae Overweight Gary and his overweight snail friends made with a spoon and eats all of it)

SpongeBob: Yes...! This looks like it!

Bubble Bass: MMMM. (Gulps up all of Gary's Sundae into his stomach and belly) Perfect!

All 22 Overweight Snails: Yeaaah!

Overweight Pat: Mrlooooooooooow!

Sandy: Wow!

Bubble Bass: You 22 Overweight Snails succeeded my eatery test for now. I must not laugh at you automancally.

Overweight Boss: Thank you, Tubby. Now get out of the yellow guy's house. (Bubble Bass walks off away from the 22 Overweight Snails then to SpongeBob)

Bubble Bass: This isn't over yet, SquarePants I will return for more food test! (Walks out of the house outside. SpongeBob walks over to Overweight Gary)

SpongeBob: You did it, Gary! You made your own sundae and gives that to Bubble Bass. How did you do it?

Overweight Gary: I made it with banana and cherry, SpongeBob.

Overweight Micheal: Now we really have to go to the bathroom.

Overweight Mary: I can lose a little weight.

Overweight Mosteeze: Me too.

Overweight Petey: Count me in.

Overweight Billy: Finally.

Overweight Foofie: How original.

Overweight Pat: Mrloooooooooow. (All 22 Overweight Snails went upstairs slowly all the way up to the bathroom)

Patrick: This could take a while.

French Narrator: (Reading time card) 48 Hours Later... (We see all 22 snails became thin and returned to their normal size and slithers down the stairs to the kitchen back to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Mr. Krabs)

Gary: Sure is good to be back to our normal size.

Snellie: See? We told you going to the bathroom didn't take too long.

Lary: Yeah. But we're still hungry.

Mr. Krabs: I know. How's about you bottom feeders try our Krabby Patty with extra cheese?

Boss: Eh? No thanks, Krabs. I think we should stick with Snail-po that comes in a can.

Patrick: I would like a Krabby Patty with extra cheese.

Squidward: How can you pay such a thing like this Krabby Patty with extra cheese?

Mr. Krabs: How about... $5.99?

Sandy: Sounds good to me.

SpongeBob: Make that two for example. (Everyone laughed. That night, we cut to SpongeBob's bedroom where he sleeps on the bed peacefully on his bed while Gary is writing his favorite Snail Journal of what he and his snail friends did on sunday)

Gary: We made a sundae Ice cream special in the kitchen just until Bubble Bass came inside SpongeBob's house trying to confuse us snails by making us eat desserts which made us grew exteremely huge and overweight)

Snellie: And we promised not to eat another dessert ever again.

Lary: Yeah. Think about what Patrick eats a lot of Krabby Patties with extra cheese.

Gary: We sure had a sunday time making a sundae for Bubble Bass didn't we guys? And I think tomorrow's gonna be even better.

Snellie: You said it. Gary. Tomorrow is going to be a permotion for us snails at Sandy's Treedome.

Lary: Yeah. Let's go to sleep. (Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep as we zoom out to SpongeBob's pineapple home)



Gary: Hi! Gary the Snail here!

Sandy: And Sandy!

Gary: Sandy wants us at her treedome and asked us 22 snails learn how to take care of her pets like this little flea she found in Texas.

Sandy: Don't get to amused partner. The fleas go crazy while invading Bikini Bottom by eating food while having the growth spouts.

Gary: Oh no those fleas are gone giant sized! We gotta stop them!

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Next time! "Giant Flea Attack!" See ya then!!!

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