(The episode begins inside SpongeBob's Pineapple where SpongeBob and Patrick are making Chocolates for friendship day)

SpongeBob: Oh boy. Friendship Day! I can't wait. Can you Patrick?

Patrick: (Eats some chocolate) Did you just say something?

SpongeBob: I said Friendship Day! Are you excited for the hoilday, buddy?

Patrick: Yeah. I can't wait to give somebody chocolates on Friendship Day!

SpongeBob: It's a good idea to make a lot of chocolates on Friendship Day to everyone in Boating School in the kitchen hun, Patrick?

Patrick: You said it, Buddy. Which reminds me. What are you going to give one of these chocolates to on Friendship Day, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: To my dearest friends, Squidward, Sandy and of course... Pearl.

Patrick And I'll give these chocolates to Mrs. Puff when we get to Boating School together. (We cut to Gary, Snellie and Lary outside falling down the pineapple roof really really really really really far. They went up into mid air and lands on the ground with a splat)

Gary: (In a High Pitched Male Voice) C'mon you guys! Let's go to the Snail-Clubhouse!

Snellie: (In a High Pitched Female Voice) Yeah!

Lary: (In Mitch Mitchellson's Voice) Let's do this! (Gary, Snellie and Lary slithers to the Snail-Clubhouse on the road. Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to Snail-Park where the girl snails Mosteeze, Mary, Victoria, Pat and Sweet Sue are thinking about what to give to the boy snails on Friendship Day)

Victoria: (In Pashmina's Voice) Hey Mary, What do you want to give to your Ex- boyfriend on Friendship Day?

Mary: (In Bijou's Voice) Oh. Just a little something that I can give to Boss. But I just can't think of everything.

Sweet Sue: (In Betty's Voice) Can you think of everything on your own?

Pat: (In Penelope's Voice) Meow?

Mosteeze: (In Sandy a ham ham's Voice) Yeah Like think of something to do for the boy snails like to give us on Friendship Day.

Mary: I was suppose to give Boss some flowers to him and my new boyfriend Billy some roses which are red.

Victoria: Oh. That's a relief. For a minute there I thought some boy snail just heard it.

Pat: Meow!

Sweet Sue: Uh-oh. Looks like someone's coming to see us girl snails. Look! (The girl snails saw somebody coming by snail-park. It wasn Craig Mammalton who came to Snail-Park carring a Luiguige)

Craig: (Puts down the Luiguige) Good Thinking, Man. Learned it from the T.V.

Mosteeze, Mary, Victoria, Pat and Sweet Sue: Meeeeeooooooooooow!! (Excitedly slithered to Craig Mammalton) Craig Mammalton!! (Hugs him with a purr)

Craig: Hen hen hen. None other. (Winks) Some girl snails that can talk like real fish. Pretty amazing.

Pat: Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.

Mosteeze: We saw you on the television while were inside the building and we were there to meet you.

Mary: We girl snails never saw you before.

Victoria: I can't wait when Micheal, Eugene, Penney and Edward are here to see you.

Pat: Meow.

Sweet Sue: And so were the rest of the boy snails. They're probably at the Snail-Clubhouse thinking about what to give to us on Friendship Day.

Craig: Oh. Some boy snails are in the snail clubhouse thinking about what to give to you girl snails.

Mary: Really? Oh I love to see what the boy snails give to us girl snails.

Victoria: I wonder what they're gonna give to us snails to... you know everything?

Pat: Meow.

Sweet Sue: Yeah. I wonder too. I wonder what the boy snails are up to right now. (We cut to the inside of the snail-clubhouse where the boy snails Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Boss, Dan, Spike. Micheal, Eugene, Penney, Edward, Petey, Foofie, Billy and Rocky are thinking about what to give to the girl snails on Friendship Day)

Boss: Hmm. What should I give to my Ex- Girlfriend Mary on Friendship Day?

Dan: Well Boss, Aren't you gonna give Mary her flowers on friendship day?

Spike: Yeah. Just like somebody ruin it when we were a bit too rowdy.

Boss: Well uh I... I was going too before somebody ruin my flower and I was trying to have a relaxing morning.

Daniel: (In Oxnard's Voice) C'mon Boss. It was an accident to break Mr. Doodles' desk. Victoria's Green Bow and your Flower.

Little Dollar: (In Stan's Voice) I wasn't in there having a rowdy moment.

Yo-yo: (In Jingle's Voice) Me nethier. I was in the music building practicing my gutiar while singing a Hip Hop Song. (Just then Gary, Snellie and Lary came inside the Snail-Clubhouse)

Gary: Hey Boss! Sorry it took so long to get inside the Snail-Clubhouse.

Lary: Yeah. So what are you all thinking about?

Boss: We were thinking about what to give to the girl snails on Friendship Day.

Snellie: Friendship day!? Wow. Can I think with you boys?!!

Daniel: Sure! Come wait with us.

Little Dollar: There's plenty of room here to think about.

Yo-yo: He's right. Our thinking is your thinking.

Micheal: (In Panda a ham ham's voice) Snellie's just a girl. Why would she think along with us boy snails?

Eugene: (In Cappy's Voice) I thought she's about to think along with the other girl snails.

Penney: (In Howdy's voice) He's right. She maybe a girl but she could hang around with us boy snails.

Edward: (In Dexter a ham ham's voice) How hard could she be thinking along with us?

Foofie: (In Duckworth's voice) That's a lot of thinking, sir!

Petey: (In Maxwell's voice) I think that Snellie's gotta point there guys.

Billy: (In Adam West's voice) Oh Mary what should your Ex- boyfriend and I give you something on Friendship Day?

Gary: I heard that a tanned man seal named Craig Mammalton has come to town and at Snail-Park on Frienship...Ship... You know what I mean.

Boss: What? Did you say Craig Mammalton?

Dan: The tannest man on T.V.?

Spike: Who's Craig Mammalton?

Snellie: That seal is so tan and his skin is so letterily that no snail has ever heard of him.

Lary: Yeah. I wish we get to see him and his tan skin.

Edward: Really? I was thinking that I should give Victoria some tulips which are violet red.

Penney: And I should give her my very own heart. (Laughs)

Rocky: (In Snoozer's ancester's voice) What's a Hermit Snail gonna give a girl snail on Friendship Day anyway?

Gary: C'mon guys we should give the girl snails and Craig Mammalton something special that no boy snail has ever givin to the girl snail. (Scene fades to black. Scene cuts to Boating School where SpongeBob and Patrick gave Squidward, Sandy and the rest of the class the chocolates they made on Friendship Day)

SpongeBob: Happy Friendship Day Everybody! Patrick and I made these chocolate epecially for you all to eat.

Patrick: We put in a few chocolate syrups if you know what I mean. (We see everyone except Sandy and Squidward eats a chocolate bar from their desks. And Mrs. Puff was really worried and confused)

Mrs. Puff: Chocolate are worth money for.

Squidward: So these chocolates were made by those two lame brains?

Sandy: Why of course, Squidward. Can't you see? Those two can make a lot of chocolate why they are sweeter than the candy they use to be.

SpongeBob: I'm sure you two would like em if that's okay.

Sandy: SpongeBob? What about Pearl? She use to love a lot of chocolate a long time ago.

SpongeBob: Oh you're right, Sandy. How could I ever forget to give one of these chocolates to her?

Patrick: Maybe we should give one to her and one of her friends would like one as well.

SpongeBob: Patrick, once again you have exposed your brilliants!

Squidward: Maybe Pearl is hanging one of her friends from the outside of the building.

Sandy: I never get the chance to talk to Pearl to say Happy Friendship Day! C'mon let's go see her and her friends.

SpongeBob: Okay. (He and his friends Patrick, Squidward and Sandy left the classroom to go find Pearl and her friends) Happy Friendship Day, Mrs. Puff! (Laughs)

Mrs. Puff: Neptune give me strenght. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts back to Snail-Park where Craig Mammalton and the girl snails Mosteeze, Mary, Victoria, Sweet Sue and Pat are on the swings)

Mosteeze: So Craig, are you a famous tannest man on T.V.?

Craig: I was. Until a sponge and his best friend the starfish just showed up.

Mary: Oh. You mean SpongeBob and Patrick?

Pat: Meow?

Craig: Oh those guys from before? Yes I know them. I just handed everyone in Goo Lagoon at my first annual summer shin dig party. I remembered it like it was last year. (Scene flashes back to the episode "Sun Bleached" Where SpongeBob grab the first annual summer shin dig party. But it won't let go)

SpongeBob: And here it is! [Craig won't let go]

Craig: Can I help you, little fella?

SpongeBob: It seems to be stuck.

Craig: Yeah, I don't think this is your type of party. I don't want to embarass you guys... Hey everyone, check this out! [everyone comes back] ...but this party is for the pig-mentally gifted. [shows them the invitation]

SpongeBob: Must be this tan to enter. (Then the scene flashes back to craig mammalton and the girl snails Mosteeze, Mary, Victoria, Pat and Sweet Sue at a swing set)

Pat: Meow. Meow. Meow.

Victoria: Oh so that's it hun? Everyone lets you at the party when their tan enough.

Sweet Sue: You were so lucky when you meet us snails.

Mosteeze: I can't wait when Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo and Rocky are about to meet you, Craig.

Mary: Oui, Even Boss will be happy to see you.

Craig: Sure. In Friendship Day. I'll find somebody special to give like the lobster. (We cut to the other side of Snail-Park which is the Snail-Clubhouse where Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Boss, Dan, Spike, Micheal, Eugene, Penney, Edward, Petey, Foofie, Billy and Rocky came slithering out of the clubhouse and went outside)

Boss: Remember Fellas, We're trying to think about what to give the girl snails on Friendship Day so keep an eye out for any presents that we can find.

Gary: And we get to meet the tannest man on T.V. named Craig Mammalton. Right Boss?

Boss: Whatever you say, Runt.

Daniel: So what now? What are we suppose to do while finding some presents?

Spike: I know. What if we spilt up to find a lot of presents for the girl snails.

Boss: Hmm. Brilliant Idea. The four of you snailkids search that way toward Barg 'n' Marts. Billy you go with the rest of the snails the boys and I will find the muscular Lobster to bring to Craig Mammalton.

Dan: Do we really have to Boss? He's really strong.

Spike: Yeah. He even hangs out with the rest of the muscular fish in Goo Lagoon.

Boss: I say that's what were heading right now boys. No offense on that one.

Gary: Okay so will see you there then.

Snellie: Say hi to Larry the Lobster.

Lary: Yeah. He'll never know what you hit em.

Boss: We will. C'mon Boys let's go. (The seventeen snails spilted up to find some presents for the five girl snails on Friendship Day. We cut back to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy outside the building of Boating School. They saw Pearl hanging out with the girls)

SpongeBob: There she is.

Pearl: So I told them that Friendship Day is like totally Coral.

Judy: Wow.

Amy: Coral.

Jenna: How Original.

Jenny: I never knew Friendship Day is like our favorite hoilday.

SpongeBob: Did you hear that guys? Pearl said that Friendship Day is coral.

Squidward: Oh great.

SpongeBob: I don't know, Patrick. Maybe giving these chocolates to Pearl won't be a good idea for me. What if she never likes me?

Patrick: For Neptune's Sake, SpongeBob. Pearl's been your best friend for weeks.

SpongeBob: What do you mean?

Patrick: Remember? You and Squidward had to name the coral restaurant along with Pearl.

Squidward: Until it got worse. (SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy thinks. (Scene flashes back to the episode "Bossy Boots" Where SpongeBob and Pearl are thinking about the name of the restaurant)

Pearl: SpongeBob, what do you like better? The Kutie Krab or the Kooky Krab?

Squidward: (Runs over) For what, dare I ask?

Pearl: Our new name for our new look. I mean, "The Krusty Krab" has got to go. Who wants to eat at a place they think is crusty? Bleh! [She points the pencil towards her open mouth, to show disgust]

Squidward: Well, sure it's a terrible name, but this is a terrible place. Therefore, the name should be left alone. Right, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: I got it! How about The Khaotic Krab?

Pearl: Hmm… how about The Kissy Krab? [puckers up lips and makes kissing noises]

SpongeBob: [SpongeBob is now in royal attire] The King Krab?

Pearl:  [Pearl holds up a lollipop, which bears an odd resemblance to her father] The Kandy Krab!

SpongeBob: [SpongeBob is now dressed as a jazzy beatnik] The Kool Krab. [now, he's a cowboy riding a stick horsy] Or the Kowboy Krab! [now, he's totally stretched out] The Kurly Krab. [now, he's like a mad scientist holding a brain with Mr. Krabs-like arms coming from it] The Kreepy Krab. [now he's a crazy killer jungle man with a loincloth] THE KILLER KRAB!

Pearl: [freaked out] Aaah! No!

SpongeBob: You're right, too scary. [they both think and finally get the name and hug]

SpongeBob and Pearl: The Kuddly Krab! [a rainbow of colors fills the screen. Pearl, SpongeBob and an anguished Squidward stand outside the new restaurant. The sign for the restaurant is now a heart and a cutesy robot Krabs is waving his arms atop it. The restaurant outside itself is tie-dyed with colors and rainbows and the flags are now hearts. Balloons are hanging from the roof and giant lollipops come from the chimney. Pearl and SpongeBob, giggling, walk back in the restaurant. Squid is so mad that the two K's on his uniform catch on fire and he shakes the pole. Millie and Fred drive by in a car]

Millie: It's a shame old man Krabs sold The Krusty Krab.

Fred: That's a darn shame. Hey, lady! Do you know where we can get something to eat around here?

Squidward: That's it! I quit! [he rips off his uniform, revealing nothing under it. A police whistle is blown and a cop comes over. He writes him a ticket and places it between his legs. Then the scene flashes back to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy at the outside of Boating School building)

Patrick: Now do you remember, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: You're right, Patrick. I should give one of these chocolates to Pearl. (They saw that Pearl and her friends had left already while going pass Snail-Park)

Sandy: Well golly! Pearl and her friends had finally left already.

Squidward: And she and her friends passed Snail-Park and toward the town of Bikini Bottom.

SpongeBob: C'mon! Let's follow her! (SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy followed Pearl and her friends all the way pass Snail-Park and into the town in Bikini Bottom. Bubbles come up as the scene cuts back to Snail-Park where Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Billy, Yo-yo, Little Dollar and Rocky slithers all the way to find the girl snails Mosteeze, Mary, Pat, Victoria and Sweet Sue)

Gary: Part of spilting up is what we snails do hun you guys?

Billy: I can't beliveve Boss made us spilt up to find the girl snails. But the best part is I can finally see Mary on Friendship Day. (Just then, Mosteeze, Mary, Victoria, Pat and Sweet Sue accidently swings toward Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo and Rocky on a swing set)

Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo and Rocky: (Went in Mid-Air) Meow reow reow reow!!! (Lands on top of their shells on the ground) Breow!!

Billy: Are you okay? (Mosteeze, Mary, Victoria, Pat and Sweet Sue got off the swing sets and slithered to Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Rocky, Little Dollar and Yo-yo to see if their okay)

Mary: Oh Gary and every snail from the clubhouse. Are you alright? (Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo and Rocky got up and lands on their slitherly bodies)

Snellie: We're alright, Mary.

Lary: Yeah. Can't you watch where you girls swing on the swing set?!

Mosteeze: Sorry.

Gary: So what's are Friendship Day present girls?

Mary: Uh. It's not ready yet. You guys have to wait a little more longer.

Victoria: Besides we have someone that you wanted to meet.

Sweet Sue: He's a seal and has a perfect tan skin. Also he's the tannest man on T.V.

Pat: Meow.

Gary: Really? Who is he?

Mary: He's the one and only Craig Mammalton!

Craig: (Came by toward the 12 snails) Sounds like you snails have finally got some friends.

Pat: Meow.

Gary: It's you! Craig Mammalton!

Snellie: So that's Craig Mammalton.

Lary: Yeah. Every pet inside their homes watched him on television.

Craig Mammalton: That's right. Infact, check this out. (Pulls his brown legged skin and turns it to cowboy knee pads)

Daniel: Wow. I never seen a shift shaped skin like that before.

Little Dollar: No snail has. People seem to like him.

Yo-yo: I want Craig Mammalton to give him his autograph.

Mary: Autograph? You can't! He's only has perfect tan skin.

Mosteeze: Yeah like he's a perfect guy for somebody special on Friendship Day.

Gary: Oh I almost forgot to tell you girls. Boss and his boys are in Goo Lagoon bringing Larry the Lobster to him.

Victoria: Really?! Boss and his boys are bringing Larry the Lobster here?!!

Rocky: That's right. That lobster is also the perfect guy on Friendship Day.

Lary: Yeah. They should be here any minute though.

Craig: So Larry the Lobster hun? Is he the guy with the muscles?

Mary: Oui, That's right, Craig.

Billy: He's a friend of SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy.

Snellie: He'll be coming to see you once you get to know each other and to understand each other.

Pat: Meow.

Craig: Hen hen hen. That will be great infact I'll give to this Larry the Lobster fellow something special to him. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to Goo Lagoon where Mary's Ex- boyfriend/Boss, Dan the Orange Snail with a red cap on and Spike the Bully Snail with metal spikes on top of his black shell are searchin for Larry the Lobster)

Boss: After me Fellas.

Spike: Hmm. Where are we going to find that lobster for guys?

Dan: We told you, Spike. Boss said that he was hanging out with the muscular fish at the excercise gym.

Spike: That must be the place we will be searching for.

Boss: There he is, Boys. Just like somebody said and there lifting some weights. (We see Larry the Lobster and his muscular fish friends doing a little work out. And Boss, Dan and Spike slithered toward them)

Larry Lobster: Hey, Snail Dudes! What brings you three here?

Boss: Meow meow meow meow?

Larry Lobster: Why sure. I can come with you three to take me to Snail-Park.

Boss: (To Dan and Spike) Looks like we got ourselves a friendship going on, Fellas. Let's bring him to Snail-Park. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to Snail-Park where Foofie, Micheal, Eugene, Penney and Edward are finding flowers for Friendship Day)

Foofie: I can't beliveve Boss, made us spilt up to find something for the girl snails on Friendship Day.

Micheal: C'mon Foofie. It's all part of the plan to give the girl snails the flowers we find on Friendship Day.

Eugene: He's right. We'll need to find a perfect flower.

Edward: I'm going to find a perfect flower for Victoria then she'll be mine.

Penney: Oh no she won't you little smart mouth!

Micheal: No reason to get a perfect flower for Victoria, Edward and Penney. Let's pick up some flowers for the girl snails.

Eugene: Yeah. Besides, I'm going for the tulips. (Picks up some red tulips)

Foofie: I usually pick up flowers properly. (Picks up daisies and roses and sunflowers properly)

Penney: Yeehaw! The girl snails are going to be so surprised!

Edward: Nobody would have give the flowers to the girl snails. (Sighs. Scene fades to black. Scene fades back to Snail-Park where Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Rocky, Mary, Mosteeze, Victoria, Pat and Sweet Sue are playing with Craig Mammalton)

Gary: This is fun playing with you, Craig.

Craig: Thanks, little boy.

Gary: Please call me Gary.

Snellie: I wonder what's taking the boy snails so long.

Lary: Yeah. Micheal, Eugene, Penney and Edward should be here with the flowers.

Foofie: Here we are! (Micheal, Eugene, Penney, Edward and Foofie returned to the 12 snails with the flowers in their snail hands)

Mosteeze: Why Foofie, You've brought flowers for us girl snails.

Foofie: Thank you ma'am. I was able to go along with the Snail-Kids.

Mary: Speaking of flowers, where's Petey with the gift on Friendship Day?

Petey: Here I am! (Returns toward the seventeen snails with a box full of chocolates) I've got a box full of chocolates on Friendship Day.

Billy: Great Petey! That'll sure be enough pesents on Friendship Day for the girl snails.

Victoria: You brought the box full of chocolates? Why Petey you shouldn't have.

Petey: Thanks I was able to get it and pay for it at Barg 'n' Marts.

Daniel: Really? I thought Boss, ordered the snail kids to Barg 'n' Marts by finding something for the girl snails.

Edward: Who needs Barg 'n' Marts anyway? We've got pretty flowers for Victoria!

Penney: I was wondering that who saw her first.

Craig: So they we're 19 of you snails?

Gary: Actually they were 22 of us snails. Speaking of which where are Boss, Dan and Spike with Larry the Lobster?

Little Dollar: Yeah they should be back at Snail-Park a mintue ago.

Yo-yo: I know Larry the Lobster would come to you.

Pat: Meow.

Craig: He'll be here. (Takes out a present) 'Cause I got a present for Larry the Lobster. (We cut back to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy in the town of Bikini Bottom)

SpongeBob: Oh Neptune! I can't do it! What if Pearl never likes me anymore?

Sandy: You can do it, SpongeBob. Just say happy Friendship Day an give her your chocolates.

SpongeBob: You're right, Sandy. I can do this! Here I... Go! (Walks and runs toward Pearl and her friends while holding a lot of tray of chocolates) Oh Pearl! Girls! No worries. I made it just in time!

Pearl: SpongeBob!

Judy: Like what is he doing here?

Amy: I bet he's got something in his sleeve.

Jenny: Really? Wow!

Jenna: I wonder what the guy is gonna say.

SpongeBob: Uh... Pearl? I justed wanted to say (gulps) Today's Friendship Day. I want you to have one of these chocolates Patrick and I made for you.

Pearl: Chocolates? For me? You shouldn't have!

SpongeBob: Go on take it. After all it's free.

Pearl: Don't mind if I do. (Takes one covered chocolate and eats it. She likes it) Yummy! I like it!

SpongeBob: Do you really like it?!

Pearl: I love it! But it's not as much is that I love you, SpongeBob. You know this reminds me of my 17th birthday coming soon. My dad's gonna make me some of those dilcouls chocolate cakes!

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs is going to make a chocolate cake?

Pearl: That's right!

SpongeBob: I just gotta say, Pearl. Happy Friendship Day! And happy almost birthday!

Pearl: Thanks SpongeBob. (Kisses him)

Judy: Ooh. Pearl kissed him.

Amy: I know SpongeBob is her boyfriend.

Jenny: No one will know we said that.

Jenna: Yeah. It'll be imbarressing. (Pearl, Judy, Amy, Jenny and Jenna walked off and Patrick, Sandy and Squidward walked to him)

Sandy: You did the right thing, SpongeBob.

Patrick: Yeah way to go, buddy. You nailed her to make her eat one covered chocolate we made.

Squidward: I hope this is next years Friendship Day.

SpongeBob: Gee thanks guys. (We cut back to all 19 snails waiting for Boss, Dan, Spike and Larry the Lobster to arrive back at Snail-Park)

Gary: Where is Larry the Lobster?

Lary: Yeah he should be here looking for Craig Mammalton.

Mosteeze: I wonder where Boss and his boys are coming.?

Mary: They will be coming... right about now! (Larry the Lobster, Boss, Dan and Spike came back toward all 19 snails and Craig Mammalton)

Petey: You guys made it. And you brought Larry the Lobster!

Pat: (Jumps with a glee) Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!

Boss: Sorry it took so long, Fellas. We told you that we can spilt up. Didn't we?

Micheal: Not at all.

Larry Lobster: So your Craig Mammalton the tannest man on T.V. Hun?

Craig: That's right. The one and only. Have I got a special Friendship Day present for you.

Dan: Go on Larry/ Let him give you a present.

Spike: Yeah. Just say Happy Friendship Day to that seal.

Larry Lobster: (Walks toward Craig Mammalton) So where's the present, Craig?

Craig: Right here! (Takes out a present and hands it to Larry the Lobster)

Larry Lobster: Gee thanks! (Opens the present and then it explodes then some barbells dropped on the ground)

Craig: Heh hen hen hen hen hen hen. You shouldn't have fell for that. That's the Friendship Day prank just for you. What would Larry do?

Larry Lobster: What would Larry do?!!! (Craig Mammalton runs for his life and Larry the Lobster chased him around) I'll show you what Larry would do come here! Come here I say! Hey!

All 22 Snails: (Laughs and meows)

Eugene: Well what did I tell ya, Craig Mammalton did bring Larry the Lobster the present and it's the barbells.

Mary: Oui, I guess Larry the Lobster didn't even say Happy Friendship Day to Craig Mammalton.

Billy: She's right. No one messes with Larry the Lobster.

Pat: Meow meow meow!

Micheal: That's right, Pat. We can't wait for next years Friendship Day!

Sweet Sue: Yes. I love this hoilday. Even if it doesn't go wrong.

Victoria: I hope I can see Craig Mammalton again. (All 22 Snails laughed again)

Larry Lobster: Get over here!!

Craig: What? I was just kidding! (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to SpongeBob's Pineapple house that night. SpongeBob is sleeping on his bed peacefully while Gary is writing his snail journal of what he and his snail friends did on Friendship Day today)

Gary: Today's Friendship Day was a great day. At first we were planning on what to give the presents for the girl snails but Craig Mammalton came to Bikini Bottom and wants to be Larry the Lobster's friend.

Snellie: I'm a girl snail. It doesn't matter what side am I on. I'm still Gary's best girl friend ever.

Lary: Yeah. Who knows she will be thinking along with the boys snails?

Gary: (Closes his snail journal) You know guys, This Friendship Day turned out to be great. I think tomorrow's adventure is going to be even more fun. Don't you think?

Snellie: You betcha, Gary!

Lary: Yeah. Let's go to sleep. (Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep as we zoom out to SpongeBob's Pineapple home)



Gary: Hi! Gary the Snail here!

Patrick: And Patrick.

Gary: Sounds like were heading up to the snowy mountain for the big race today hun?

Patrick: A race on snowy mountain? That's where my monster friend Raarg is on challenging the other monsters to a big race. What will I do!?

Gary: No need to worry, Patrick. Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Mary and I will help Raarg win the big monster race against the other competidators.

Gary and Snellie: Next time! "Raarg's Big Monster Race!" See ya then!!!

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