Rescuer: Do you folks need some help?

Fishianda Jones A.K.A. the Rescuer is a fish who actually needs SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward's help. But Squidward doesn't know how happy he is to see him. He said he has stranded out here for weeks with SpongeBob and Patrick and their magic conch shell. And Fishianda Jones got dumb as he pulls it out and he is the club member of SpongeBob and Patrick. Squidward got surprised as he sees this. Fishianda Jones has pet snails too like Drake the Snail and Ed the Snail. He and his two pet snails only appear in Gary's Great Adventure.

Explorer of the  3000009876_Worlds and interpretation development policy French Army Military and British Royal Soldiers Army Capital Captain Von Schuersüÿopiuyrfcggyujjhgjkknjjhhjjhhhjjjkiuujjnhhhhjjkkkkoooookooo___.................'..........._______________ookkjjmmmmn______________

Monty Moneybags is Fishianda Jones Arch Rival since 177-94.

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