Snails, Squids and Squirrels is The Adventures Of Gary The Snail episode from season three. In this Crossover Episode with With Squidward Vs. Sandy, Squidward needs help again! He turns to Gary, Snellie, Rocky, Daniel and the rest of the Snail Friends! He explains about what is going on with the battle with sandy and her squirrels! So Gary, Daniel, Rocky and Snellie and the rest of the snail friends agree to help him! But little do they know that Plankton overheard what they were talking about and follows them there! The Reason Plankton wants to go see the squirrels and Squids is because he made a mind control Helmet for squirrels and squids and plans on using it to Mind Control The Squirrels and Squids! Plankton disguises him self as a salesman and says that The Helmets are nice hats! The Squids and Squirrels decide to stop fighting for now and grab the hats. But Plankton rips off his disguise and tells them that those "Hats" are actually mind Control Helmets! Squidward and his squids get mind controlled and Sandy and Her squirrels get controlled! Plankton orders them to attack the Krusty Krab and steal the Krabby Patty Formula! Now Its up to Gary, Snellie, Rocky, Daniel and the rest of the snail friends to stop Plankton!


SpongeBob SquarePants

Squidward Tentacles


Gary the Snail

Snellie the Snail


Eugene H. Krabs

Lary the Snail

Petey the Snail


Mosteeze the Snail

Victoria the Snail

Mary the Snail

Mary's Ex- boyfriend

Spike the Bully Snail

Dan the orange Snail

Daniel the Snail

Pat the Snail

Tentacle Acres residents

Squilvia (debut)

Squilliam Fancyson

Mrs. Tentacles

Mr. Tentacles (debut)

Bikini Bottomites

Randy Cheeks

Earl Cheeks (debut)

Micheal the Snail

Eugene the Snail

Penney the Snail

Sweet Sue the Snail

Edward the Snail

Sheldon J. Plankton

Karen Plankton


Tentacle Acres

Bikini Bottom



The Krusty Krab

Chum Bucket

Conch Street

Main Article: Snails, Squids and Squirrels! Transcript

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