The Package is The Adventures Of Gary the Snail episode from season three. In this episode, While playing with Gary, Rocky, and Daniel, and the rest of the Snail Friends Snellie says she must deliver an important package to Mr. Krabs. Its Medicine For Little Dollar. Snellie explains that she and Squidward have been hired to help animals in need. Its a service project and members names are randomly picked out of a hat. But Snellie needs help delivering this package because its crowded today because of a special at the Barg 'n' Marts! Meanwhile, while Mr. Krabs waits for Snellie to arrive with package, he takes care of Little Dollar but Mr. Krabs tells him that the package is a shot for snails. Little Dollar is afraid of shots but he doesn't want to upset Mr. Krabs, what will he do?


Gary the Snail

Snellie the Snail


Daniel the Snail

Little Dollar the Snail

Pearl Krabs

Squidward Tentacles

Bikini Bottomites


Eugene H. Krabs

Lary the Snail

Petey the Snail


Mosteeze the Snail

Victoria the Snail

Mary the Snail

Mary's Ex- boyfriend

Spike the Bully Snail

Dan the orange Snail

Micheal the Snail

Eugene the Snail

Pat the Snail

Penney the Snail

Sweet Sue the Snail

Edward the Snail

SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star


Bikini Bottom

3451 Anchor Way



Barg 'n' Marts

Conch Street

Time Card Shown:

Eight Hours Later

Main Article: The Package! Transcript

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