Surf Snail is The Adventures Of Gary The Snail episode from season three. In this episode, The Goo Lagoon is having another surfing contest. Gary wishes he could surf. SpongeBob is going surfing but decides to teach Gary how to surf! After a couple minutes, SpongeBob takes Gary to the Goo Lagoon! Gary meets a famous surfing snail called: Surfing Steve! And Surfing Steve belongs to Scooter! But will Gary be able to beat Surfing Steve and these other Surfers? Meanwhile, Squidward takes Snellie to the groomers, but things don't go well when Snellie gets scared!


SpongeBob SquarePants

Gary the Snail

Lary the Snail


Sandy Cheeks

Snellie the Snail

Squidward Q Tentacles

Surfing Steve the Snail (debut)

The Big One (debut)

Harold William Reginald

Perch Perkins

Mayor of Bikini Bottom

Lightning Larry Luciano

Medley Fishbowl

Larry the Lobster


Conch Street

Goo Lagoon

Pet Groomers (debut)

Time cards shown:

Two Hours Later

One Serious Trainning Later

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