(The episode begins at SpongeBob's house where SpongeBob's feeding Gary, Snellie, Lary and Daniel snail-po while pouring em into their foodbowls)

SpongeBob: There you are Gary, Snellie and Lary. Your favorite food snail-po is ready. I hope that you three will be impressed since you invited Daniel in my house to pet sit.

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

Daniel: Meow. (Gary, Snellie, Lary and Daniel began eating their snail-po from their foodbowls)

SpongeBob: I'm going to teach my best friend, Patrick to play Ping-Pong this morning. Patrick won't know the difference about becoming a pro at Ping-Pong. Ain't that right little guys?

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

Daniel: Meow. (Suddenly the doorbell rings and SpongeBob walks to the door, opens it and there was a mailfish who brought a special delivery)

SpongeBob: Yes?

Mailfish: Package for Gary the Snail.

SpongeBob: (Took the package out of the Mailfish's hands) Gee thanks. I'll hand this to my pet snail Gary immediately. (Walks to Gary, Snellie, Lary and Daniel with a package)

Gary, Snellie, Lary and Daniel: Meow.

SpongeBob: Hey Gary! Your package is here. I'll open this for you okay? (Opens a package revealing a video tape that says "You're a winner Gary the Snail")

Gary: Meow?

SpongeBob: A videotape? (Reads) "You're a winner Gary the Snail!" (Gets happy then to Gary) You're Gary the Snail!

Gary: (Gets happy) MEOW!!!

Snellie: (Gets happy) MEOW!!!

Lary: (Gets happy) MEOW!!!

Daniel: (Gets happy) MEOW!!! (SpongeBob puts in a video tape to the VCR which is connected to the television and turns it on)

Realistic Fish Head: Dojo building!! Where all the animals and pets are trained to be great karate fighters!! All the other pets have been trained as fighters by scratching and biting part of ACTION!! For centuries the Japanese fish has trained the other pets who wanted themselves to become... King... Of Dojo!!

SpongeBob: King... Of Dojo?

Gary, Snellie, Lary and Daniel: (Gets excited) MEOW!!!

Realistic Fish Head: Now it's you're turn... Gary the Snail. You and your snail-friends won this trip to Dojo building!! AI-YAH!! Where you could become this crowns King... Of Dojo!!

Gary, Snellie, Lary and Daniel: Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

SpongeBob: Well I better be going to Patrick and take him to become a pro at Ping-Pong and it's at the arcade building see ya later, little guys. (Walks outside and leaves the house)

Gary: Did you hear that, you guys? We're going to be crowned... HI-YAH!!! WHA-CHA!!! KA-POW!!! King of Dojo!

Snellie: Ooh!! I'm so excited to hear that!!

Lary: Yeah! I love being the King of Dojo!

Daniel: We better get to the Snail-Clubhouse to hear the good news. C'mon. Let's go!

Gary: Okay! Just follow our league, Daniel. (And so Gary, Snellie, Lary and Daniel went to SpongeBob's bedroom by slithering outside the window, climbing the pineapple walls all the way to the top of the roof and jumped high in the air and falls down really really really really really far. They went to mid-air and lands on the ground with a splat and slithers to Snail-Park where the Snail-Clubhouse is. Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to the Snail-Clubhouse where Gary, Snellie, Lary and Daniel told all 17 snails about going into the Dojo building while sitting around the table)

Boss: What?!! You're going to the Dojo?

Daniel: That's right, Boss.

Gary: Realistic Fish Head said that we've won a special trip to Dojo building where we become crowned King of Dojo.

Snellie: And all of us snails are gonna be invited.

Lary: Yeah! All the big karate pet experts go there.

Mary: Really? Ooh la la. I can't wait to be a karate snail. At least if Mable Monica said if it's okay with me to go.

Muffsies: This is like so amazing. Can anyone tell me where the Dojo building is at?

Foofie: Exactly where is it located in Bikini Bottom?

Petey: (Looks through the book) The Dojo building is located next to the Pet Day Care building. It's where you'll get to meet the one and only Japanese Fish Master Wu Han. And his pet snail Master Shell Ku.

Little Dollar: Master Wu Han?

Yo-yo: And Master Shell Ku?

Spike: Aren't they the guys who teach snails and worms to do a bit of karate?

Dan: Yeah. They seem pretty strange while wearing some ninja clothes on.

Boss: Sure they are, Boys. After all we snails are experts of doing karate.

Rocky: What about me? Hermit Snails like me can do karate too you know.

Micheal: Rocky, a karate pet expert is what we can do for training.

Victoria: Except when some sea monster is some Master at Kung Fu.

Eugene: Should we come with you to the Dojo building? The seven of us snail kids will be a big help.

Pat: Meow.

Penney: And to think we're experts at karate.

Sweet Sue: C'mon please say something if we want to come.

Edward: Some snails can't do karate by themselves when one of us is alone.

Gary: Sure you can my seven snail kids. All you have to do is listen to the instructions of Master Shell Ku himself.

Lary: Yeah! Just remember one thing. With power comes responsibility.

Gary: That's exactly what SpongeBob said to Patrick. I heard him of what he said really far while watching television.

Daniel: Then we're agreed to go to the Dojo building.

Boss: Alright, Fellas! Let's get out there and become King of Dojo!

All Snails: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (Suddenly, there's a knock at the door)

Dan: Uhh, Boss. There's somebody at the door.

Boss: I bet it's one of the owners.

Spike: We'd better get to the door to see who it was. (All 21 Snails got up from around the table and slithers to the door and Gary opens the door and there was Sandy Cheeks)

Sandy: Howdy, Gary. Hey, little guys.

Gary: Hi, Sandy. I never seen you come into our clubhouse. Please come right in.

Sandy: (Comes inside the clubhouse) Thank you. Well golly. Nice place you got there, little guys.

Gary: Thanks. My Snail friend Mary's Ex-boyfriend Boss and his boys build this clubhouse for snails only.

Sandy: No any other pet could get their own clubhouse. All I do is hear you from the inside since I came over here.

Boss: Oh... You did. Didn't ya, Squirrel? Well haven't you heard the news on the VCR which those three runts and Daniel are watching?

Sandy: What exactly are you getting at, little guys?

Snellie: Oh, Sandy did you forget? Gary, Lary, Daniel and the rest of my snail-friends and I are going to the Dojo building.

Sandy: Dojo building? I never heard of Dojo building before!

Lary: Oh c'mon, Sandy all the karate pet experts go there.

Sandy: But my karate is better than yours in a country mile and I'd never been invited.

Spike: Never heard of it before huh, land creature? Well I think that's pretty ridiculous.

Dan: Yeah. Just in time to see us snails complete in the Dojo building ready to retrieve the belt and our crowning moment.

Pat: Meow. Meow. Meow.

Daniel: It's gonna be hard to retrieve the belt.

Sandy: There's something strange about this Dojo building but I'd better tag along with you guys just to be sure.

Little Dollar: That's great, Lil' Squirrel dude! We always wanted a karate helper to help us along the way to the Dojo.

Yo-yo: Yeah. Stick around with us. And we'll go along together.

Sandy: Well we can't argue with that can we?

Snellie: Well what are we all standing here for? Let's go to the Dojo.

All 21 Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! (Runs out of their snail clubhouse)

Sandy: Hey, wait for me! (Runs out their snail clubhouse. Scene fades to black. Scene cuts to the Dojo building which is next to the Pet Day Care building where Sandy and all 21 snails came all the way there)

Gary: Are we there yet?

Sandy: Yes. That's it over there. (Points to the Dojo building)

Edward: What makes you so sure that's the Dojo building?

Penney: Yeah. We don't know that Dojo building is next to the Pet Day Care building.

Sandy: I don't know. Lucky guess. (All 21 Snails and Sandy walked all the way to the entrance which the Dojo doors are not open yet)

Edward: At least we made it to the entrance.

Penney: Pretty much for the Dojo doors if it's not open yet. (Suddenly, The Three Girl Snails Lilly, Clover and Sue from "Love Hurts" jumped from behind all 21 snails above the air, lands in front of them with a splat and does a karate dance)

Lilly: Hello Gary. Miss us?

Clover: We've known about you for years.

Sue: Yeah. We saw you doing a prank on us back at the Pet Day Care building.

Gary: Hey! It's Lilly, Clover and Sue! The Three Girl Snails!

Daniel: Good thing we always carry the joy buzzer and the exploding chewing gum inside our shells. (Gary and Daniel took out the joy buzzer and the exploding chewing gum out of their shells. But Lilly, Clover and Sue explained everything)

Lilly: Wait! We're not trying to be mean to you snails.

Clover: We wanted to make it up to you.

Sue: Yeah. Please don't try to pull another prank on us.

Gary: What do you mean we're trying to make it up to you?

Daniel: Yeah. Just what are you girls trying to say?

Lilly: We wanted to say... We're sorry that we pushed you around.

Clover: And Mary's Ex-boyfriend is right. Only he and his boys do that.

Sue: All we ever wanted is to meet you so that we can join the place called Snail-Park where the Snail-Clubhouse is.

Gary: Apology excepted, ladies. We would be honor to have you and join us in our clubhouse.

Daniel: And pretty soon they'll be 24 of us snails leaving together as friends.

Lilly: So let's cut this a deal and call it a truce. Friends?

Gary: Friends! (Shakes Lilly's snail hand)

Pat: Meow.

Snellie: Hey, who are those several girl snails?

Lary: Yeah. I never heard of those three girl snails before in my life.

Boss: They're from the Bikini Bottom Pet Show. The Girl Snails. They're names are Lilly, Clover and Sue.

Petey: Lilly?

Muffsies: Clover?

Mary: And Sue?

Spike: Yeah! At first they don't like us as mortal enemies last Valentine's Day. But now they had a truce as friends.

Dan: Well at least Gary and Daniel seem to like those girls now.

Foofie: Hmm. Lilly, Clover and Sue huh? Now I remember them I wanted to prove them to win the pets beauty by winning the pet contest against my owner Charles butler fish.

Little Dollar: So, you ladies are new around here, correct?

Yo-yo: I can lend you girls an autograph of my hip hop moments.

Lilly: Sorry. We're not fishes. We're Girl Snails. We don't do autographs.

Clover: But you can follow us inside the Dojo building of what our Master Shell Ku is that we had promised.

Sue: Yeah. And he's gonna teach the rest of you 21 snails how to do karate.

Gary: Really? Wow we can't wait to be crowned King of Dojo!

Snellie: Don't forget the belts from the Dojo building!

Pat: Meow! (Just then the Dojo doors open wide and all 24 snails and Sandy went inside the Dojo building)

Wu-Han: (Flips and jumps and lands in front of all 24 snails and Sandy) HO-WAAAAAAAAAAAHCHAAAAH!!!

Master Shell Ku: (Flips and jumps and lands in front of all 24 snails and Sandy with a splat) Mreooooooow!!!

Wu-Han: Welcome to my Dojo All 24 Snails! I am Master Wu-Han Japanese fish and a ninja!

Sandy: Howdy Master Wu-Han. Sandy Cheeks. I appreciate of doing karate myself.

Boss: C'mon Squirrel. Wu-Han and Master Shell Ku have no interest of meeting you. They're here to meet us snails.

Gary: He's right, Sandy. Besides this karate pet experts which is us are about to introduce ourselves to Wu-Han's Pet Snail.

Master Shell Ku: (In Jackie Chan's voice) Yes. Welcome to the Dojo 24 snails. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Master Shell Ku. Karate snail expert. And you've probably met my owner Master Wu-Han Japanese fish. Who are you 24 snails that may I have speak of?

Pat: Meow.

Gary: I'm Gary.

Snellie: I'm Snellie.

Lary: I'm Lary.

Daniel: Hi. I'm Daniel.

Little Dollar: Call me Little Dollar, Master!

Yo-yo: They call me Yo-yo. The Famous Hip Hop Snail.

Rocky: And I'm Rocky the Hermit Snail.

Boss: I'm Mary's Ex-boyfriend. Leader of Snail-Park but you can call me Boss. And these are my boys "Dan and Spike".

Dan and Spike: Hi.

Mary: Bon juor. I'm Mary. Mable Monica's Snail.

Muffsies: Like hi. I'm Muffsies.

Edward: I'm Edward.

Penney: I'm Penney.

Petey: I'm Petey.

Sweet Sue: I'm Sweet Sue.

Eugene: I'm Eugene.

Micheal: I'm Micheal.

Victoria: I'm Victoria. And this is Pat.

Pat: Meow!

Foofie: I'm Foofie. And I used to be a butler snail. I was adopted by my owner Charles butler fish.

Lilly: I'm Lilly the Girl Snail.

Clover: I'm Clover the Girl Snail.

Sue: And I'm Sue the Girl Snail.

Master Shell Ku: Very nice to meet you all.

Gary: And it's very nice to meet you too, Master Shell Ku.

Master Shell Ku: Please show me your moves, Master Gary.

Gary: You hear that, Sandy? He called me... Master.

Sandy: Oh brother. (Gary Karate chops and does all the fighting stance)

Wu-Han: Ah! I must say this snail has got some skills of a karate fighting stance.

Gary: Why thank you, Master Wu-Han.

Snellie: We snails do many skills.

Lary: Yeah you know. Singing, Talking like real fish and having some fun at the Snail-Clubhouse.

Sandy: (Sighs) I sure hope SpongeBob and Patrick are doing fine. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick walking on a sidewalk in a town of Bikini Bottom)

Patrick: Uh. Thanks for coming with me to the arcade, SpongeBob. I'm not sure if I'm good at some game.

SpongeBob: No problem, Patrick. I'm pretty sure that we could find the ping-pong set so that you can become the pro at it.

Patrick: Look there's the arcade. (We see the arcade building which is familiar to the episode "The Cent Of Money". So SpongeBob and Patrick got inside the arcade building) Wow! So this is what the arcade looks like.

SpongeBob: There's a whole lot of games to play in the arcade and lots of people are playing one of them.

Patrick: Yeah. You need a lot of coins to play one of these games.

SpongeBob: (Takes out a dollar) Let us say we put this dollar that I had in my pocket through the machine so that we play ping-pong on a ping-pong set.

Patrick: Now you're talking. Let's do this.

SpongeBob: Yeah. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts back to the Dojo building where Master Shell Ku taught all 24 snails how to do karate)

Master Shell Ku: So are you ready to do some karate?

Boss: Sure thing, Master Shell Ku. Ladies, Fellas, My boys and I are ready to fight some bad guys.

Spike: Yeah. Bring on your worse fighters known as the guardworms.

Dan: We'll try to go easy on them.

Master Shell Ku: TOWAAAAAAH!!! (Summons the three big guardworms and the three big guardworms leaped and lands in front of all 24 snails)

All Snails: (Gasps)

Pat: Meow!

Guard Worm #1: (Barks Loudly)

Guard Worm #2: (Barks Loudly)

Guard Worm #3: (Barks Loudly)

Daniel: Those are big guardworms.

Victoria: Are you sure we're gonna handle those guys? 'Cause we're not suppose to run away from them.

Micheal: Course we can, Victoria. It's what we were born to do.

Eugene: Yeah. We'll take care of them.

Sandy: Gary, your karate's not good enough to handle those sidewinders.

Gary: Ho-cha! Watch and learn, Sandy. C'mon you guys. Follow my league!

All Snails: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (All 24 Snails charged in front of the guardworms. Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo and Rocky dodged guardworm number's one attacks and karate chops him oh the head making him wand. Petey, Muffsies, Mary and Foofie hits guardworm number two with a snail punch while Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward karate chops him on the head making him wand. And Mary's Ex-boyfriend/Boss, Dan and Spike grabbed guardworm number three twirls him around and throws him into mid-air while Lilly, Clover and Sue leaped into the air and karate chop him on the head making him wand too. The three big guardworms are moaning and groaning in pain)

Master Shell Ku: Excellent! Truly you are the King of Dojo all 24 of you snails.

Gary: Thanks. SpongeBob just use his karate skills to punch, kick, and chop through everything.

Snellie: He's a karate expert too. Which Sandy Cheeks taught him how to do karate.

Lary: Yeah! I bet SpongeBob can karate through everything.

Wu-Han: That is correct young snails. Now why don't you step into the ring so that the real fight begins.

Master Shell Ku: Wu-Han is right all 24 of you snails should battle through four fights of fear.

Boss: (To all 23 snails) You heard Master Shell Ku, Fellas. Let's get in the arena and battle through the four fights of fear!

All Snails: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! (All 24 Snails get into the arena of the four fights of fear)

Sandy: Alright, Wu-Han I'm on to you. What in tarnation are you and your pet snail planning this to train with the little guys?

Wu-Han: Ah, Patients, young Squirrel. Perhaps you and your snails have been trained yourselves to karate, Kung Fu and Ninja.

Sandy: But I didn't train Gary to do a bit of karate. I did it with SpongeBob.

Eugene: Looks like we're in the arena. This isn't half bad is it?

Micheal: You know. We're not scared of everything.

Sweet Sue: Ha ha you said it.

Pat: Meow.

Lary: Sandy's gonna miss out big time! (Suddenly, a rawwring sound has heard and the Cave Dewellers walked into the arena scaring all 24 snails while in front of them)


All 24 Snails: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Scene fades to black. Scene cuts back to the arcade building where SpongeBob and Patrick are warming up for the Ping-Pong doubles when Dale and Mary Old Fish came to the Ping-Pong set to play with them)

SpongeBob: Okay we're all warmed up and ready to play Ping-Pong.

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob. Looks like we've got ourselves two challengers.

Dale: Oh boy I can't wait to play this Ping-Pong game.

Mary Old Fish: Me nether after all I'd played this since I was a little girl.

Dale: Hey, SpongeBob how's about me and Mary Old Fish play with you and your pink friend.

Patrick: Oh yeah?!! Well bring it on!

SpongeBob: Patrick, you remember how to play this game?

Patrick: Of course I do.

Dale: I'm serving it up, SpongeBob! (Throws the ping-pong ball into the air and hits it with a ping pong racket. Patrick hits the ping pong ball back with his ping pong racket. Dale hits the ping pong ball back with his ping pong ball back with his ping pong racket. SpongeBob hits the ping pong ball back with his ping pong ball racket. Mary Old Fish hit the ping pong ball with her ping pong racket. Patrick hits the ball back with his ping pong racket making the ping pong ball real fast and making Dale and Mary Old Fish miss the hit)

Patrick: Hey I'm getting good at this game! (Scene cuts back to the Dojo building where the Cave Dewellers are scaring all 24 snails while chasing them around while all 24 snails runs for their lives screaming)


Victoria: MOMMY!!!!!



Sandy: Oh my gosh! They need help! Wu-Han, Master Shell Ku do something!

Wu-Han: We can't! Those 24 snails don't stand a chance against the Cave Dewellers.

Master Shell Ku: He's right the only problem is the snails cannot win!



Victoria: Someone stop those Cave Dewellers!!!

Gary: Guys! Stay behind me! I'll take on the Cave Dewellers!

All Snails: (Listened to Gary) Right!! (Gary jumps and flips backwards above the Cave Dewellers looked at Gary and comes after him while all the snails can't watch)

Boss: Out of the way!

Dan and Spike: Hey!

Gary: Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowl!!! REOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! (He hits all the six Cave Dewellers by scratching, biting, punching and kicking them out of the arena. All the Cave Dewellers runs away from Gary and his snail friends while whimpering)

All 24 Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

Sandy: Way a go, Gary! That's the way you use your karate skills!

Wu-Han: Ahh very good.

Master Shell Ku: Impressive, Master Gary.

Pat: Meow!!!

Boss: Don't celebrate just yet. There still three more battles to go before we get karate belts and become King of Dojo.

Lary: Okay bring on the next fighters!

Gary: All right, Who's next?!! (Suddenly, A Sea Bear, A Sea Lion and A Sea Rhinoceros jumped into the arena)



Sea Rhinoceros: Grrr! (Breathes deeply into his nose angrily)

Boss: We'll take care of this. No one scares my fellas while me and the boys are around.

Dan: Finally. Some action with the bully snails!

Spike: Get em!! (Boss, Dan and Spike jumped onto each sea animal. Mary's Ex-boyfriend/Boss jumped onto a Sea Bear's back. Dan the Orange Snail with a red cap on jumped onto a Sea Lion's back. And Spike the Bully Snail with metal spikes on top of his back shell jumped onto a Sea Rhinoceros' back and together Boss, Dan and Spike punches their sea animals' backs)

Gary: That's the way to hit the sea animals' backs, Boss!

Boss: C'mon girls. Now's your chance!

Spike: Yeah. We can't punch their backs forever.

Dan: Please Lilly, Clover and Sue. Do something!

Lilly: You heard Mary's Ex-boyfriend and his boys, ladies. Let's do this!

Clover: Were right behind you, Lilly.

Sue: Yeah time to hit the sea animals! (Lilly, Clover and Sue slithered to the sea animals, jumped and karate chopped them while Boss, Dan and Spike jumped off of the sea animals' backs)

Sea Bear, Sea Lion and Sea Rhinoceros: Ouch. (Runs out of the arena while in pain)

All 24 Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Sandy: Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! Way a go little guys!!!

Wu-Han: Ahh. Very good.

Master Shell Ku: Excellent indeed.

Daniel: Now we only have two battles left. Huh?

Little Dollar: I agree, Daniel. Only two more fighters left to go in the arena.

Yo-yo: Yeah. I hope it's another worm that we can battle.

Boss: Alright. Bring it on you little worm runt! (Just then, A Vicious French Poodle Worm jumped into the arena in front of all 24 snails)

French Poodle Worm: (Barks loudly)

Boss, Dan and Spike: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (Runs for their lives and got behind the snails)

Mary: Hey! No one scares My Ex-boyfriend like that!

Muffsies: Yeah. Let the girl snails handle this battle.

Pat: Meow. (Mary and Muffsies slithered to the Vicious French Poodle Worm who was mean and angry)

Micheal: Be careful girls! Don't let the worm eat you!

Penney: Yeah. Try to dodge her teeth.

Edward: I hope the girls know what their doing.

Rocky: I can't look. But I must peek.

Gary: But Mary and Muffsies can't fight this battle alone their afraid of like everything. (Vicious French Poodle Worm charges after Mary and Muffsies jumped and dodges her attack. Muffsies took her gymnastic ribbon out of her shell and twirled it and yanked it at the Vicious French Poodle Worm's neck by choking her. She pulls her up into the air and spins her around and throws her out of the arena)

All 24 Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Sandy: Now that's the way to throw that varmint out of the arena.

Wu-Han: Now there's only one more fighter the snails have to face.

Master Shell Ku: It's a monster with a lot of eyes bulk teeth a tongue where the skeleton is inside fishing and it lives under the cave.

Boss: Don't party just yet, Fellas. There's a monster we have to face.

Foofie: What kind of monster are we facing sir?

Boss: It's the one that lives under a cave and has the skeleton inside of him.

Victoria: Here he comes!

Sweet Sue: Get ready!

Pat: Meow! (Later, some monster with lots of eyes, flippers, a tongue, bulk teeth and hair from the episode "Your Shoe's Untied" came wiggling into the arena)



Cave Monster: (Blows his horn with his blowhole on his head)

Gary: Daniel, Snellie, Lary, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Rocky, Let's handle this monster from the cave!

Daniel: You've got it! (Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo and Rocky slithered to the Cave Monster and growled at him angrily)


Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Yo-yo, Little Dollar and Rocky: (Jumps toward him and punches, kicks, bites, scratches and hits the Cave Monster in the face, stomach, head, tail fin and his back and throws him out of the arena)

All 24 Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Eugene: Gary did it!!

Mary: My hero!!

Petey: Good for you, Gary!!

Boss: Yeah. Way to go, Runt!!

Gary: Looks like we battled all the four fighters!

Snellie: I couldn't agree more!

Lary: Yeah. Now we are truly King of Dojo! (Sandy, Wu-Han and Master Shell Ku came into the arena to congratulate all 24 snails for doing Karate)

Sandy: Congratulations, Little guys. You've done a little bit of karate.

Master Shell Ku: You have survived the four fighters of the arena all 24 of you snails.

Wu-Han: And now my young snails your training is completed! It is my honor to reward you... 24 karate belts one for each of you snails. (All 24 Snails took one of each karate belt for themselves and puts them on their snail bodies)

Gary: Look Sandy our very own karate belts for us snails!

Daniel: Yeah. Unfortunately we have no idea what these are made of.

Lilly: I agree with you, Daniel.

Clover: So do I.

Sue: And me too.

Sandy: Well we can't argue with that. But seriously don't tell SpongeBob that you done karate.

Pat: Meow. (Everyone laughs. Meanwhile, Back in the arcade building Patrick becomes a pro at Ping-Pong and already beaten all the players at it along with his friend SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Congratulations, Pat! Truly you are a pro at Ping-Pong.

Patrick: Thanks, Buddy. I'd never know I'm really good at this game! I can't wait to tell Rocky that I'm good at Ping-Pong!

SpongeBob: Of course, Patrick you'd tell Rocky that your good at it. But seriously, Don't tell anyone that you're good at Ping Pong.

Patrick: Okay, SpongeBob I won't tell anybody in Bikini Bottom that I'm good at Ping-Pong. Just Rocky.

SpongeBob: Let's go home. (He and Patrick leave the arcade building and back to their homes. (Scene cuts to SpongeBob's house that night. SpongeBob is sleeping so peacefully on his bed while Gary is writing his snail journal of what he and his snail friends did today)

Gary: We got to the Dojo building next to the Pet Day Care building next door along with SpongeBob's friend Sandy. We manage to get inside the building till the several girl snails showed up to apologized for what they did and made it a truce.

Snellie: We did a lot of karate against the other fighters along with the two masters. We've just met. Wu-Han and Master Shell Ku.

Lary: Yeah and we got ourselves the karate belts to get over our fears of monsters, But we're not sure what these karate belts are made of.

Gary: We sure had a karate good time didn't we? And I bet tomorrow's gonna be even better. Don't you think so, you guys?

Snellie: You're right, Gary. Tomorrow's gonna be a big day for us snails.

Lary: Yeah. Let's go to sleep. (Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep as we zoom out to SpongeBob's pineapple home)



Gary: Hi! Gary the Snail here!

SpongeBob: And SpongeBob! Guess what. I doing a test for a burglar alarm and I'm going to pretend to be a burglar.

Gary: Oh really? Then I must find the way to spray paint to pretend spray on you. But it's gonna take a long time to find it. Uh-oh SpongeBob is in trouble! He must get a yard sale card before he gets sued. But the clerk at renewing new credit card store is very busy! So SpongeBob leaves me in charge of the stand while I wait but it turns out that the business man is Plankton! Can SpongeBob get back in time?

Gary and Snellie: Next time! "Snail Sale!" See ya then!!!

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