Snail Freenzy is The Adventures Of Gary The Snail episode from season three. In this episode, When Snellie and Squidward get hired to be on a fasion commercial they leave town! Gary and SpongeBob go to visit them! Squidward thinks that SpongeBob might mess something up! But the Director likes SpongeBob's look! So Gary and SpongeBob find cool clothes to! But Squidward gets jealous and they end up in a fasion war! Can Gary and Snellie get them to calm down? Meanwhile, Patrick starts being followed around by camera men and hes gonna be on a show!


SpongeBob SquarePants

Squidward Tentacles

Gary the Snail

Patrick Star

Snellie the Snail


Eugene H. Krabs



Director (Character)


BBTV Studioes

The Krusty Krab

Conch Street

Bikini Bottom

Main Article: Snail Freenzy! Transcript

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