Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Gary the Snail!

Gary: It's Gary's time!

Snellie and Lary: Yeah!

(Mary's Ex- boyfriend turns on the music radio to the theme song)

Gary: (Singing) Gary, Snellie, Lary and you.

Snellie: (Singing) Goin on adventures is what we snails do!

Lary: (Singing) Asking...

Gary: What?

Snellie: Where?

Lary: Why?

Gary: When?

Snellie: How?

Lary: And Who? (singing) Go ahead... Go ahead, Gary!

Gary: (singing) La la la la, la la la! La la la la, la la la la! Here's Gary!

Snellie: Snellie!

Lary: And Lary!

Boss: Boss!

Daniel: Daniel!

Little Dollar: Little Dollar!

Yo-Yo: Yo-Yo!

Micheal: Micheal!

Victoria: Victoria!

Eugene: Eugene! And Pat!

Pat: Meow meow!

Penney: Penney!

Sweet Sue: Sweet Sue!

Edward: Edward!

Muffsies: Muffsies!

Mary: Mary!

Billy: Billy!

Petey: Petey!

Rocky: Rocky!

Foofie: And Foofie!

All Snails: (singing) Talking Snails you and I... We can solve it if we try! There's nothing we can do!

Pat: (singing) Meow meow meow meow!

All Snails: (singing) Me, Us, You and owners too! La la la la, la la la! La la la la, la la la la! A snail can run and jump and climb and make it really proud!!! But the things that snails love the most as we are talking SNAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (music ends) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Dan and Spike: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Whooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Title: Nickelodeon's The Adventures Of Gary The Snail

"Based on SpongeBob SquarePants" Created By Stephen Hillenburg

Episode Title: "Halloween Snail"(The episode starts on Halloween night a thunderstorm is heard in the flash)

French Narrator: Halloween is no difference under the waves. Pirates, Skeletons, Witches, Monsters, Sea Monsters and Ghost. (Laughs evilly) Oop sorry. Everyone having fun, even SpongeBob. Well still almost everyone, Especially the one named Gary the Snail. (Inside SpongeBob's Pineapple house Gary is watching TV but this time he's watching a scary movie)

Gary: (Scared) Mreoooooooooooooooow!! (Hides in his shell)

TV: Rawwwwwwwwwwr!!! (People screaming. suddenly a ghost came out of nowhere and sees Gary's Shell. Gary comes out of his shell and sees a ghost out of nowhere)

Gary: (More Scared) MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! (Just then a mattress sheet has been removed. It was only SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: (Laughs) It's only me. Did I scare you?

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: You sure are scared, Gary. Today is another day to go trick or treating!

Gary: Meow?

SpongeBob: That's right, Gary. It's Halloween.

Gary: Meow reow.

SpongeBob: Don't you know anything about Halloween? It's the most terrifying holiday ever. Dress up and go trick or treating and you get lots and lots of candy. I'm going there with Patrick, Sandy, Squidward and Pearl there for some candy. While you stay here and play with your playmates.

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Snellie and Daniel will be here any minute to play with you. So I must be ready for my costume. I'll be back. (Walks off to get his costume ready in the bathroom. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Gary slithers all the way to the door and there were his two snail pals "Snellie and Daniel")

Gary: Snellie! Daniel! I'm so glad that you guys are here!

Snellie: Can you believe it's our first day of Halloween just for snails?!

Daniel: Your pal Lary is in the clubhouse about to get ready for our costumes.

Gary: You mean about Prehistoric Dino Snails?

Snellie: Yeah Gary. You know our favorite costume back in 25 years of B.C.

Daniel: It's gonna be the best Halloween yet!

Gary: Great! That's because SpongeBob is going out trick or treating with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Pearl over the holiday. So what do you say you guys? Let's go to the Snail-Clubhouse over the Halloween night so we can get ready for our scary prehistoric costume.

Snellie and Daniel: Okay!!

Gary: Come on!! (And so Gary, Snellie and Daniel go outside at night to the Snail-Clubhouse that is where Snail-Park is while SpongeBob is shaving himself round and all the sponge peaces come off leaving himself left is the brain, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his pants, his arms and his legs. Scene cuts to Snail-Park where Lary and all the other snails are waiting for Gary, Snellie and Daniel)

Boss: Where are Gary, Snellie and Daniel? They should be here by now.

Lary: Yeah. Besides, I got the prehistoric costumes ready.

Yo-yo: Now now. They should be here in a minute sooner than we expected. Ain't that right, Little Dollar?

Little Dollar: You're right, Yo-yo. It's Halloween night you know.

Spike: Oh. Your thinking about a terrifying holiday huh?

Dan: But our Boss thinks that people are afraid of monsters.

Mary: Shh. Here comes Gary, Snellie and Daniel.

Lary: All right they're here! (Gary, Snellie and Daniel finally arrived at Snail-Park and hears about the good news)

Gary: Listen up, everybody! Today is Halloween! Gather up the prehistoric spray so that we can grow huge inside our clubhouse! (Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward doesn't get it of what Gary said)

Boss: Hold on, Runt! Don't you want to hear are annual scary story?

Gary: No thank you, Boss. Uh does it have monsters in it?

Boss: Yes. He is the worst monster of them all.

Snellie: Uh... No.

Daniel: Is it a true story?

Boss: True as the deep blue.

Foofie: It's true isn't it? It's about a ghost that can steal souls from people.

Muffsies: Yeah. Scary huh?

Petey: But maybe not too scary.

Gary: Okay. Maybe just a little.

Boss: Gather around, Fellas. (All snails do so) This is going to be the scariest short Halloween story we ever hear.

Pat: Meow!

Micheal: Tell us the story.

Boss: Um okay. Well, here goes. Every year on Halloween night. "The Flying Dutchman" descends on Bikini Bottom. In a pirate ship just like this. (Holds out Daniel's squishy pet ball) Only bigger!

Victoria: Excuse me but did his ship look like Daniel's Squishy pet ball?

Pat: Meow?

Boss: Like I was saying. The Flying Dutchman swoops down and starts stealing people souls. (Takes out a dollar bill)

Sweet Sue: Do souls look like dollar bills?

Eugene: After all that's Little Dollar's one dollar bill.

Boss: Yeah. As a matter a fact they do. Then he puts them where you can never get em. In his soul bag. (Laughs)

Gary, Snellie and Lary: A soul bag?

Spike: Yeah. Ever heard about the evil ghost laugh of his?

Dan: He's the guy that can eat us snails!

All Snails: (Gasps)

Plankton: (Comes out dressed as The Flying Dutchman) BLA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! (All Snails but Boss, Dan and Spike screamed) In your face, Snails!

Boss: Ha scaredy snails gets easy to scare every year! (Boss, Dan and Spike laughed)

Mary: It's not funny!

Muffsies: That's nasty!

Lary: You haven't got us all frighten!

Pat: Meow!

Yo-yo: Come come now dudes no reason to get upset about being scare of Halloween.

Larry Luciano: (Came by) Ah. Did I hear someone say it's Halloween? That is one of the most favorite holidays of the year.

Penney and Edward: Really?

Larry Luciano: Yes when ever a snail dressed up for Halloween they'll turn into for real.

Little Dollar: Try telling that to Plankton.

Lary: Yeah. He's the one who'd scared us.

Plankton: Lary, this Flying Dutchman costume was made for me.

Snellie: But that gives us a big spook.

Gary: Hey, that's it! We'll make up our own costumes for Halloween we're gonna be Prehistoric Dino Snails.

Mary: And Plankton can be the ghost of a chance.

Plankton: I'd thought SpongeBob was a ghost of a chance.

Penney: Plankton's right y'all. In this holiday. The Flying Dutchman is a ghost of a chance in his pirate ship. (Brings out a chalked and a picture of The Flying Dutchman) It says here when the Dutchman dies the people used his body as a window display. Now he haunts the seven seas because he was never put to rest.

Petey: Oh I get it. So all we have to do is go trick or treating or have a Halloween party at The Krusty Krab.

Edward: Yeah that way we can get lots and lots of candy.

Pat: Meow. Meow.

Plankton: All right all of you snails. But your spoiling up my talents!

Little Dollar: Well what are we all standing outside in the middle of the night at Snail-Park?

Spike: Yeah. Let's go get our prehistoric costumes ready!

Dan: All right! Let's go! (All Snails except Larry Luciano slithered inside the Snail-Clubhouse to get ready but Plankton makes ideas for Larry Luciano)

Plankton: I'd over heard about The Flying Dutchman character!

Larry Luciano: I hear ya Plankton my dear.

Plankton: (To Larry Luciano) Do you think maybe you will be one of my plans to steal the Dutchman's jewels, The Krabby Patty Secret Formula and crushing Halloween Parties?

Larry Luciano: Sure thing, pal. In fact I'll get the scariest costumes they'll ever see. (giggles)

Plankton: Perfect! (Laughs evilly when the scene cuts to the Snail-Clubhouse. All the Snails have on their Prehistoric costumes like a stegosaurus like tail on their tails, A Dino spikes on top of their shells and a thick unnabrows on their eyestalks)

Gary: Now! Prehistoric spray and kelp grow do your stuff! (He sprays the Prehistoric Spray and Kelp grow all around the clubhouse and the smoke of these sprays spread around the furniture and everything started to grow the smoke on these sprays are clear and all the snails started to grow too)


Mary: What's Happening!!!? (All Snails' costumes started to grow thick unnabrows, their teeth their stegosaurus like tails, and their Dino spikes on top of their shells and started to grow bigger they're snail bodies are now Dino snail bodies. They've stopped growing and they're only 10 times bigger)


Prehistoric Snellie: Nice Prehistoric roar, Gary!

Prehistoric Lary: Yeah, It looks like back in the year B.C.

Prehistoric Gary: I'm not Gary! I am...Prehistoric Gary!

Prehistoric Snellie: Really? Well, I am Prehistoric Snellie!

Prehistoric Lary: And I am... Prehistoric Lary! ROAR!

Prehistoric Gary: And look at are snail friends they're prehistoric too!

Prehistoric Muffsies: We're Prehistoric Gals!

Prehistoric Mary: All two of us together and were all girls.

Prehistoric Snellie: Really? Well check out our snail kids.

Dino Pat: (Hauntedly) Meoooow. (Prehistorics Gary, Snellie and Lary laughs)

Dino Micheal: I'm Dino Micheal.

Dino Victoria: I'm Dino Victoria.

Dino Eugene: And I'm Dino Eugene.

Prehistoric Daniel: (Turns around) Call me Prehistoric Daniel.

Dino Penney: I'm Dino Penney!

Dino Edward: ROAAAR! I'm Dino Edward and will eat you up!

Dino Sweet Sue: And I'm Dino Sweet Sue! Roooooar!!

Prehistoric Little Dollar: I am Prehistoric Little Dollar!

Prehistoric Yo-yo: I'm Prehistoric Yo-yo!

Prehistoric Petey: Call me Prehistoric Petey!

Prehistoric Foofie: And I'm Prehistoric Foofie! Don't try to run away from me! (All Prehistoric Dino snails laugh)

Prehistoric Lary: And now for Boss. (They see Prehistorics Boss, Dan and Spike coming inside the clubhouse)

Prehistoric Gary: He's Prehistoric Boss!

Prehistoric Mary: The king of all Dino snails!

Prehistoric Muffsies: And his Prehistoric fellas Dan Rex and Spike Rex.

Dino Pat: Meooooow!!

Prehistoric Boss: This is ridiculous!

Spike Rex: Now were stuck as Prehistoric Snails with the rest of you snails!

Dan Rex: Yeah. Even our Boss is now a Prehistoric Snail.

Prehistoric Petey: But those Prehistoric Snail bodies of yours looks only 10 times bigger.

Prehistoric Little Dollar: Just like the same size of us Prehistoric Dino snails!

Prehistoric Yo-yo: It's cool isn't it?

Prehistoric Boss: But if we all look so big, how are we suppose to go trick or treating like this?

Prehistoric Gary: Trust us, Boss. You look great!

Prehistoric Snellie: You were born to be as king of all Dino Snails in Bikini Bottom!

Prehistoric Daniel: And so were your fellas Spike Rex and Dan Rex.

Prehistoric Boss: Yeah okay. But I still think we can go get lots and lots of candy.

Prehistoric Gary: Now that were ready, Let's go scare somebody! (All Prehistoric Dino Snails agreed with the cheer when the scene fades to black. Scene cuts back to SpongeBob's pineapple house where Pearl knocks on the door)

Pearl: (Hauntedly) SpongeBob! (SpongeBob who is now round and has a mattress blanket on which he's a ghost opens the door)

SpongeBob: Pearl, is that really you? (We see Pearl dressed as Dracula with black hair and vampire teeth and a white dress)

Pearl: Yes. I am Dracula Pearl!

SpongeBob: (Laughs) Nice costume, Pearl. I am the ghost of the Flying Dutchman.

Pearl: I'm going trick or treating with all my friends. Wanna come?

SpongeBob: Sure!

Sandy: Hey y'all wait for me! (We see Sandy's head who was dressed as a pet goldfish in a bowl) Sorry I'm late. I can't wait to go trick or treating with you guys.

SpongeBob: That's great, Sandy! And who are you supposed to be?

Sandy: Why I'm a pet goldfish in a bowl.

Pearl: (Giggles) Nice.

Patrick: (Comes by dressed as a Frankenstein) Sorry I'm late buddies. But I can't go trick or treating without you.

SpongeBob: Hey, Patrick. Wow nice Frankenstein costume!

Patrick: Thanks, buddy.

Squidward: (Comes by dressed up as The Flying Dutchman pirate costume) I hope your numskulls are interested in Halloween.

Pearl: Don't be jealous, uncle squiddy. Oops I mean Flying Dutchman.

Squidward: What are you supposed to be?

Pearl: Why I'm Dracula with black hair and vampire teeth and I'm wearing a white dress. Dad design this for me.

Squidward: I don't get it.

Sandy: You don't have to get it, Squidward.

Patrick: Yeah. You can be anything you want on Halloween.

SpongeBob: Patrick's right. (Just then, we hear kids laughing and there stood the three kids wearing Halloween costumes one wearing the witch costume one wearing a mummy costume and one wearing a pumpkin on his head)

Witch Girl: Nice costumes, guys. But you 5 look so funny. Especially one who was the Haunted Mattress.

SpongeBob: Huh? Hey! Your those three kids in Halloween costumes that I saw.

Mummy Boy: That's right.

Patrick: I know those kids. They were laughing at SpongeBob once when he was wearing a costume.

SpongeBob: Really, Pat?

Patrick: Remember last Halloween, SpongeBob? (SpongeBob thinks as the scene flashes back to the episode "Scaredy Pants" where he was hanging from the ceiling on a rope upside down)

Kid Pumpkin: Hey, that's no Dutchman, that's SpongeBob!

Sandy: SpongeBob?

Squidward: SpongeBob. [everyone laughs even Mr. Krabs]

SpongeBob: Help! Help!

Patrick: [using megaphone] I am not SpongeBob. Those are my street clothes! (Everyone keeps on laughing at SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Flying Dutchman! Flying Dopeman! (Scene flashes back to SpongeBob. Now to Patrick) Actually yes, Patrick I do remember last Halloween.

Patrick: Maybe you shouldn't have met them before.

SpongeBob: Oh right. So who are you kids suppose to be?

Witch Girl: Call me Witch Girl! And this is my broom.

Kid Pumpkin: I'm the Kid Pumpkin!

Mummy Boy: I'm...uh...Mummy Boy!

Squidward: I don't get it.

Sandy: Nice Costumes.

Pearl: Those do really fit you huh? (Three Kids in costumes laughed)

Witch Girl: If you want candy, you gotta go trick or treating just like we do.

SpongeBob: Uh sure. We'll go trick or treating with you kids. Come on guys let's start getting some candy!

Pearl: Finally!

Sandy: Yeah!

Patrick: Hooray! HA HA HA HA HA!

Squidward: Oh boy. (SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl and the three kids in costumes start to go trick or treating while Plankton and Prehistoric Larry Luciano are hiding behind SpongeBob's pineapple)

Plankton: So they're going trick or treating huh? Well let's see how they survive my creation I'll call you Prehistoric Larry Luciano!

Prehistoric Larry Luciano: I like it!

Plankton: Now let's get out there and steal the Dutchman's jewels!

Prehistoric Larry Luciano: Right! (Scene cuts to all the Prehistoric Dino Snails slithering on the sidewalk while trick or treating)

Prehistoric Boss: After me, Fellas.

Prehistoric Snails: Right!

Spike Rex: (Panting) Hey are Prehistoric costumes are getting slow. Shouldn't we shrink back down to size?

Prehistoric Boss: No way, Boys. Remember what the Runt said. We need to get candy before we go to the party.

Spike Rex: Well I think that word your looking for is ridiculous. (They've stopped at the building where Tom the fish lives)

Prehistoric Gary: This one should do the trick.

Prehistoric Snellie: Let's go there!

Prehistoric Lary: I bet he has candy.

Prehistoric Daniel: Are you sure you three know what your doing?

Prehistoric Gary: You bet watch this! (He and Prehistorics Snellie and Lary slithered over there and knocks at Tom's door)

Tom: (Opens the door with candy in his hands and sees Prehistorics Gary, Snellie and Lary) What?!

Prehistorics Gary, Snellie and Lary: (Roars loudly like a lion fish)

Tom: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! (Throws his bowl of candy of his hands and runs inside scaredy. The candy landed on Prehistorics Gary, Snellie and Lary and on the floor)

Dino Micheal: All right, Gary!

Dino Victoria: We got candy!

Dino Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow!

Dino Sweet Sue: Candy!!

Dino Eugene: I likes candy!

Prehistoric Daniel: Tom was my owner and you scared him too good.

Prehistoric Mary: I hope it should be enough to get to the Halloween party.

Prehistoric Muffsies: I want to scare someone than Tom.

Prehistoric Little Dollar: Let's go see somebody else to scare! (All the Prehistoric Dino Snails put their candies inside their shells and continues slithering on the road while trick or treating)

Prehistoric Yo-yo: Dudes, Dudets, I found the other building.

Prehistoric Foofie: Ah very good, Yo-yo. You've found Nat's building.

Prehistoric Gary: Nat's building might do the trick.

Prehistoric Petey: Yeah. Let's go! (Prehistorics Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Mary, Muffsies, Foofie, Petey and Boss slithers toward Nat's building and Prehistoric Gary knocked at his door)

Dino Penney: Be careful!

Dino Edward: Try to remember to put the candy in your shells!

Nat: (Opens the door with a bowl of candy in his hands and sees Prehistorics Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Mary, Muffsies, Foofie, Petey and Boss) What?!

Prehistorics Gary, Snellie and Lary: (Roars loudly like a lion fish)

Nat: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Throws his bowl of candy out of his hands and runs inside scaredy. The candy fell on top of Prehistorics Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Little Dollar, Yo-yo, Mary, Muffsies, Foofie, Petey, Boss and on the floor)

Dino Micheal: All right way to go!

Dino Sweet Sue: Yay! Candy!!

Dino Eugene: I really love candy!

Dino Victoria: Way to go, Snellie!! You did it!

Dino Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow!

Spike Rex: That was scary!

Dan Rex: Oh boy they scared Nat to death.

Prehistoric Little Dollar: We've got more candy for the Halloween party. Now let's go scare someone next.

Prehistoric Mary: Oui, I hope it's enough candy. (All the Prehistoric Dino Snails put more of their candy inside their shells and continues slithering on the road while trick or treating. They've stopped at Mable Monica's building on the road where she lives) Mable's house. That must be for me! (Slithers towards Mable's building)

Prehistoric Lary: Mary, be careful! Don't try to scare her! (Prehistoric Mary knocks on Mable Monica's door)

Mable: (Opens the door with candy on her hands and sees Prehistoric Mary) Mary?

Prehistoric Mary: Looking for me?

Mable: AAAAH!! OH NO! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!! (Throws her candy out of her hands and runs inside scaredy)

Prehistoric Mary: Wait, Mable! It's only me! (The candy fell on top of Prehistoric Mary and on the floor)

Prehistoric Little Dollar: Ha ha! Yes way to go Mary!

Prehistoric Mary: But... I didn't mean to scare her! She was my owner!

Dino Penney: Aww it's okay, Mary you've got candy though.

Dino Edward: We need more candy to get to the Halloween party.

Dino Pat: Meow.

Prehistoric Gary: Penney and Edward are right. The only way to get candy is toward The Flying Dutchman's Ship.

Prehistoric Lary: Yeah. So let's go there and visit him.

Prehistoric Daniel: Now there's something you don't see every day. (Prehistoric Mary sighs and put her candy inside her shell and she and all the other Prehistoric Dino Snails go to the Dutchman's cavern out of the road while the scene cuts to SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl, and three kids in costumes where they stopped at Old Man Jenkins' building. One of the kids in costumes knocked at Old Man Jenkins' door)

Old Man Jenkins: (Opens the door and sees the three kids in costumes) My what costumes you kids are wearing.

Witch Girl: Hey, Old Man Jenkins! Trick or treat!

Old Man Jenkins: Oh boy. I wish I can give you kids some candy so here you go. (Hands some candy to the three kids in costumes and put em in their bags)

Witch Girl: Wow that's a tons of candy you've got there. Thank you.

Old Man Jenkins: Very welcome.

Sandy: You see, SpongeBob? That's what happens when you say trick or treat to the other people.

SpongeBob: Oh I get it. All I have to do now is say trick or treat just like the kids huh?

Pearl: That's right we need to get candy just like the kids in costumes.

Squidward: Probably it wasn't me knocking.

Patrick: Yeah. It should be the one were trick or treat for.

SpongeBob: (Sighs) I hope Gary and the other snails are having their Halloween fun.

Patrick: You said it, Buddy. I hope they didn't run into anyone who was scary. (Scene cuts back to all the Prehistoric Dino Snails who are now in the Dutchman's Cavern)

Prehistoric Gary: Here we are. Dutchman's Cavern.

Dino Micheal: This place gives me the creeps!

Dino Victoria: Yeah. Even people can come to this haunted place.

Dino Pat: Meow.

Dino Eugene: And the world's most biggest creep of all.

Dino Penney: My oh my look at this place. It looks like something's glowing green.

Dino Sweet Sue: But still where are we going to run into that Flying Dutchman character?

Dino Edward: He's a ghost Sweet Sue. Remember in a story?

Dino Sweet Sue: Oh right.

Prehistoric Boss: I'll do the talking around here. No Dutchman is going to eat us Prehistoric Dino Snails. (Knocks on the Dutchman's door)

Prehistoric Petey: (Reads the log which he saw) "Property of the Flying Dutchman".

Prehistoric Muffsies: It couldn't get any worser than this.

Prehistoric Lary: Here he comes! Get ready! (A thunderstorm is heard and lighting flashes from the cavern and The Flying Dutchman appears in his ship)

Flying Dutchman: RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! (All Prehistoric Dino Snails gasps and whimpers in terror) I AM THE FLYING DUTCHMAN!! Who dares enter my cavern?!

Prehistoric Gary: It is us the Prehistoric Dino Snails.

Flying Dutchman: Ah so I see you have disturbing my cavern for coming here and for that I'm out to steal the people's souls. (The Seven Dino Snail Kids gasps)

Dino Pat: Meow!!

Prehistoric Boss: Now hold on! We heard many stories about you. It appears that Halloween is your holiday is it?

Prehistoric Daniel: Boss is right. You still have the jewels that you've kept right? I mean how in the world that you'll be impressed by that Plankton character that he heard about?

Flying Dutchman: (Laughs evilly) Me keep the jewels of my secrets? Yes I have them. Just let me get em from the drawer. It was in the old cemetery. There's a jewel that will allow power!

Prehistoric Little Dollar: Wow that's great.

Prehistoric Yo-yo: Yeah I hear you.

Prehistoric Mary: I can't wait to see what jewel the Dutchman has.

Dino Pat: Meow. (The Flying Dutchman screams in his cavern and discovers that his jewels in his drawer are gone. The Flying Dutchman comes out of his cavern with a panic)

Spike Rex: What is it, Mr. Dutchman?

Dan Rex: Did someone scare you?

Flying Dutchman: NO! I have an emergency!! My jewels are missing!! I can't steal the people's souls without them!!

Prehistoric Snellie: So what happened? Where is your glowing jewels?

Prehistoric Lary: Yeah who did this to you when this happened?

Flying Dutchman: Some small green eye with with two antennas sneaked into my cavern and stole my jewels!!

Prehistoric Gary: Plankton! I bet he's behind all this!

Prehistoric Foofie: Don't worry, Dutchman. We'll get your jewels back from Plankton and save Halloween.

Prehistoric Petey: But you better come with us if we want to stop Plankton.

Dino Pat: Meow.

Prehistoric Gary: Let's go! (All the Prehistoric Dino Snails and The Flying Dutchman went after Prehistoric Larry Luciano and Plankton who now has the Dutchman's jewels)

Plankton: I got it! I got it! (Laughs evilly)

Prehistoric Larry Luciano: You sure did.

Plankton: Now it's time to crush the Halloween Parties and steal Krabs' formula!

Prehistoric Larry Luciano: Uhh Plankton, There's somebody right behind us.

Plankton: (Turns around) What the? (Sees all the Prehistoric Dino Snails and The Flying Dutchman) It's the snails they all got prehistoric too just like you were Luciano. But they're not gonna catch up to me!

Prehistoric Muffsies: We're catching up to him!

Prehistoric Mary: Come on! Faster!

Prehistoric Daniel: I don't think no one is after him!

Dino Pat: Meow!

Flying Dutchman: Come back here you jewel thieves!

Spike Rex: You think that Prehistoric Luciano is a jewel thief?

Dan Rex: I think your overreacting.

Prehistoric Boss: He's heading towards The Krusty Krab!

Prehistoric Lary: Then that's what were headed!

Dino Victoria: Come on we need to warn everybody in Halloween costumes!

All Prehistoric Dino Snails: Right!

Flying Dutchman: That's the sprint me snails! Let's warn em! (Scene cuts to The Krusty Krab where SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl and the three kids in Halloween costumes comes in with enough Halloween candy for the Halloween party. Mr. Krabs is checking the party decorations)

SpongeBob: We're here, Mr. Krabs!

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! You're here! And you brought your friends. Ah the kids in Halloween costumes. What a surprise!

Kid Pumpkin: Hello, Mr. Krabs.

Mummy Boy: Happy Halloween, Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: I've already put up the Halloween decorations. So you got the candy from your bag?

Witch Girl: Yup. Right here. (Shows her bag full of extra candy)

Mr. Krabs: All right! (Takes her bag full of extra candy and pours it in a bowl)

Squidward: Should we start the Halloween Party?

Mr. Krabs: Not yet, Mr. Squidward. First we have to wait for the other Halloween kids in costumes.

Squidward: Oh great. Real nice.

SpongeBob and Patrick: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Sandy: Uh sure, Mr. Krabs.

Pearl: Yeah Dad. Thanks for the information.

Mr. Krabs: Very welcome.

Sandy: Heads up y'all. They're here!

Squidward: Here they come!

Pearl: Right on time!

SpongeBob: The kids are already here and they're in Halloween costumes and got candy. (All the kids in Halloween costumes comes inside The Krusty Krab and ready to party)

Mr. Krabs: Everyone's here to party at me restaurant.

SpongeBob: Well in that case, Let's get this Halloween Party started! (Scene cuts back to the Prehistoric Dino Snails who were still after Plankton and Larry Luciano with the Dutchman's jewels and their headed towards The Krusty Krab which the Halloween party is now started)

Prehistoric Gary: End of the line, Sheldon J. Plankton!

Plankton: You never stop me, Snails! I've got the Dutchman's Jewels and there's nothing you can do about it! Now all's I gotta do is steal Krabs' formula!

Prehistoric Snellie: You're starting to scare somebody!

Prehistoric Lary: If you go in there you'll scare somebody like a Prehistoric Snail with you.

Plankton: I am going in there and to steal Krabs' formula and crush the Halloween party all thanks to my pal Prehistoric Larry Luciano.

Prehistoric Boss: Is that what it looks like?

Plankton: You bet it is, Snails! (Goes inside The Krusty Krab with Prehistoric Larry Luciano and Prehistoric Larry Luciano started scaring everybody)


Dino Pat: Meow. Meow.

Prehistoric Daniel: Oh no! Plankton went inside!

Prehistoric Muffsies: We have to get in there and warn everybody.

Prehistoric Mary: Come on!

Prehistoric Yo-yo: You heard the Prehistoric Gals. Let's go!

Prehistoric Little Dollar: Yeah!! (All Prehistoric Dino Snails went inside The Krusty Krab Prehistoric Larry Luciano is still scaring everybody)

Plankton: Baah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Prehistoric Larry Luciano: Trick or Treat smell my feet your enough good to eat!!

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl and Mr. Krabs: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

All Trick or Treaters: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! (But Prehistoric Dino Snails got in and scared Prehistoric Larry Luciano with a Prehistoric Dino Roar)

Prehistoric Dino Snails Gary, Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Boss, Spike Rex, Dan Rex, Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue, Edward, Petey, Foofie, Muffsies, Mary, Little Dollar and Yo-yo: (ROARS LIKE A T-REX)

Plankton and Prehistoric Larry Luciano: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (Runs away with the Dutchman's jewels)



SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl and Mr. Krabs: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (All trick or treaters, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl, Mrs. Puff and Mr. Krabs scream and run around the restaurant)

Spike Rex: Looks like we scared em too good huh?

Dan Rex: Yeah. Everybody's screaming and running in circles.

Prehistoric Boss: Somebody has to calm them down.

Prehistoric Gary: (Slithers over here and calms down SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl and Mr. Krabs) Hey calm down! It's only me and us friendly Prehistoric Dino Snails!

Everybody: (Gasps)

SpongeBob: The Prehistoric Snails speak.

Prehistoric Gary: No really. Here let me act natural.

SpongeBob: Huh?

Prehistoric Gary: Meow!

Sandy, Patrick, Squidward and Pearl: Huh?

Prehistoric Gary: See it's only me.

SpongeBob: (Gasps) Gary! (Hugs Prehistoric Gary) It is you! What a neat scary size you wear.

Prehistoric Snellie: (Slithers over to Squidward) Meow.

Squidward: Phew. It's only you Snellie. And what are you doing scaring everybody like that?

Prehistoric Snellie: Oh I'm a Prehistoric Snail, Squidward. Gary helped me grow big.

Squidward: Gary? Is that true?

Prehistoric Gary: Yes.

Prehistoric Lary: (Slithers over to SpongeBob) Meow. Don't be afraid it's only me.

Sandy: Gee Lary, your Prehistoric sized gave us a scare.

SpongeBob: Sandy's right. Maybe Prehistoric Dino Snails are friendly.

Prehistoric Lary: Yeah I guess your right about that, SpongeBob. (Then all the Prehistoric Dino Snails come slithering over to SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick, Squidward, Pearl and Mr. Krabs with lots of love)

Prehistoric Petey: Sorry I scared you owners.

Prehistoric Muffsies: Yeah don't let our actual size scare you.

Prehistoric Mary: I think I love you sea creatures.

Prehistoric Daniel: How much longer you can stay on those scary costumes?

SpongeBob: After Halloween will be over, Daniel.

Prehistoric Yo-yo: Wow. It's really far.

Prehistoric Little Dollar: Now that's a very long night for us.

Mr. Krabs: (Sighs) Now what was it that you snails wanted to warn us about?

Prehistoric Gary: It appears that Plankton has stolen The Flying Dutchman's jewels.

Mr. Krabs: Plankton stole the Dutchman's jewels?!

Prehistoric Lary: Yeah and he wants Larry Luciano to steal it so he can get your hands on the formula.

Mr. Krabs: Why that no good one eyed bottom feeder!

Prehistoric Boss: I want all of you snails to go after Prehistoric Larry Luciano try to give it love while our owners follow us and stop Plankton. Then I'll sneak up behind em and steal the Dutchman's jewels give em back to the Flying Dutchman with everything I got.

Dan Rex: Now that's the plan that I wanted to hear.

Spike Rex: Yeah Let's teach that one eyed bug a lesson.

All Prehistoric Dino Snails: Okay!

Prehistoric Foofie: Let's do it! (All Prehistoric Dino Snails go out of The Krusty Krab and after Plankton and Prehistoric Larry Luciano while the scene fades to black. Scene fades back to all the Prehistoric Dino Snails who are still looking and aftering Plankton and Prehistoric Larry Luciano)

Dino Victoria : How much further can we get to Plankton, Boss?

Dino Pat: Meow. Meow.

Prehistoric Boss: Any minute now.

Prehistoric Foofie: Sounds a little far but great.

Prehistoric Mary: We'll have to go faster!

All Prehistoric Dino Snails: Right! (Scene cuts to Plankton and Prehistoric Larry Luciano who are hiding behind a tree pole)

Plankton: I think we should be safe in here.

Prehistoric Larry Luciano: You should tell me I was scared of running away. (Suddenly a thunderstorm was heard and lighting flashes and The Flying Dutchman reappears)

Flying Dutchman: (Looks at Plankton) I heard you are stealing one of me jewels!

Plankton: Your jewels?

Flying Dutchman: The jewels you stole was cursed from my blessing!

Prehistoric Larry Luciano: Did he say...Cursed!!?

Prehistoric Gary: You bet it was!

Plankton: Who's there?!! (All Prehistoric Dino Snails came near the tree pole just in time)

Flying Dutchman: I've brought me snails along!

Prehistoric Boss: Unhand The Dutchman's Jewels you one eyed Runt!!

Plankton: Over my dead femur!

Prehistoric Boss: Guess I have to take em from you behind! Boys!

Dan Rex: With Pleasure Boss!

Spike Rex: Get those Jewels! (Prehistoric Boss, Dan Rex, and Spike Rex surrounded Plankton and Prehistoric Boss grabs the Dutchman's jewels out of his hands. Dinos Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward cheered)

Prehistoric Mary: Way to go, Boss!

Prehistoric Daniel: Yeah ha ha! You've grabs the jewels!

Prehistoric Little Dollar: Now let him have it!

Prehistoric Yo-yo: Yeah like you usually do!

Flying Dutchman: With Pleasure! (He uses it's flames to shoot out of his mouth and targets Plankton and now Plankton's burnt)

Plankton: (Jumps out up in the air with a shout) YEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

Flying Dutchman: Lucky shot.

Prehistoric Muffsies: We did it! We stopped Plankton!

Prehistoric Foofie: And got the Dutchman's jewels back.

Prehistoric Petey: It's so good that the Dutchman is happy to have his jewels back.

Dino Eugene: But why would the jewels have to be cursed?

Dino Pat: Meow!

Flying Dutchman: (Picks up his cursed jewels) Aye good question. It appears that Plankton has run away from that roar of yours.

Dino Edward: So that's how we used are Prehistoric Roar.

Dino Penney: He was really scared huh?

Dino Sweet Sue: Yeah. What a Scaredy Pants he is.

Dino Victoria: What do you mean? This was the best Halloween party we ever had!

Dino Micheal: I agree!

Dino Pat: Meow. Meow! (Later, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, Mr. Krabs and all the trick or treaters came to congratulate all the Prehistoric Dino Snails)

SpongeBob: You did it, Gary! (Laughs)

Sandy: Way to go little... I mean big guy!

Mr. Krabs: You stopped Plankton.

Pearl: And give back the jewels to that Dutchman guy.

Squidward: Well I'm not sure how to say this but... Gary you saved us all.

Patrick: How did you manage to save us all in the first place?

Prehistoric Gary: Aww it was nothing really.

Prehistoric Snellie: Only we have to get him back the cursed jewels.

Prehistoric Lary: Yeah!

Witch Girl: That was mighty heroic of you!

Mummy Boy: In fact it was the best Halloween Party ever!

Kid Pumpkin: Way to go ol champ!

Mrs. Puff: My heroes! (All the people in Halloween costumes clapped and cheered for all the Prehistoric Dino Snails)

Flying Dutchman: Thanks for helping me get the jewels back, me snails. Now it's time for me to go back to my cavern and ruined more souls. (He files back into the sky and disappears)

Dino Eugene: Goodbye, Flying Dutchman! Happy Halloween!

Squidward: Well I'm glad that's over.

Patrick: You can say that again.

Pearl: Yeah uncle squiddy. The snails have saved Halloween!

Mrs. Puff: What else can possibly go wrong?

Mr. Krabs: At least we still have our candy.

SpongeBob: Now let's continue to party at The Krusty Krab! Are you with me people!?

Everybody: Yeah!!!!!!!!!! (Scene cuts back to The Krusty Krab where all the people in Bikini Bottom in Halloween costumes hold out their cups for a cheer) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! (Laughs. All the Prehistoric Dino Snails began to dance in the party and having a great time)

Prehistoric Gary: This is the best Halloween ever!

Prehistoric Snellie: You said it, Gary!

Prehistoric Lary: Yeah and we stopped Plankton all by ourselves!

Dino Pat: Meow!!

All Prehistoric Dino Snails: Meooooow!!! Meoooooooooooooooow!!! Meow!!!

SpongeBob: Hey Patrick, How does it feel to be in a Frankenstein costume?

Patrick: Feels great. Now I know what my perfect costume is.

SpongeBob: That's great, buddy. And that's how it was to be in a Halloween costume. (Scene fades to black. Scene cuts to SpongeBob's house that night. Prehistoric Gary writes his snail journal for what he did with his snail friends over Halloween night)

Prehistoric Gary: Today was a spooktacular evening. At first I was really really scared on Halloween night with all my snail friends but we got ourselves a scary costume "Prehistoric Dino Snails!"

Prehistoric Snellie: Hey that's what we are on Halloween it was back on 25 years B.C.

Prehistoric Lary: Yeah. You know. Before Comedy.

Prehistoric Gary: And The Flying Dutchman we know got his cursed jewels back from Plankton.

Prehistoric Snellie: When the Halloween Party began that night we ran into The Flying Dutchman who are missing one of his jewels in the celementry.

Prehistoric Lary: And it appears that it was Plankton who stole the Dutchman's jewels and we stopped him in time just to give the Dutchman back his jewels.

Prehistoric Gary: We sure had a Halloween good time and it was kinda amazing. And I bet tomorrow will be even better! Don't you think so you guys?

Prehistoric Snellie: That's right, Gary!

Prehistoric Lary: Let's go to sleep! (Prehistorics Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep as we zoom out to SpongeBob's pineapple home)



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Gary: Hi Gary the Snail here! It looks like there's an idol going on in Bikini Bottom and my friends Lary, Daniel, Snellie and Yo-yo wanted to sing a song to the whole crowd. There's only one way to sing on stage and that is Meow. And all the other snails are watching us sing! Next time on The Adventures Of Gary The Snail! "Gary Idol!!" See ya then!!