Love Hurts is The Adventures Of Gary The Snail episode from season three. In this episode, Its Valentines day in town (again). Love is in the air for everyone except Gary. Snellie is on a vacation at a snail spa, so Gary Sends her a love letter. But hes Lonely. Gary and SpongeBob walk through to streets. SpongeBob and Tom meet and talk to each other. Tom says it would be great if Daniel and Gary could play again. So they go to the Pet Daycare. Daniel is having fun but not Gary. However, several Girl Snails start to tease Gary that Snellie hates him and left him! Gary gets mad and bites them! Daniel gets teased to and They push Gary! Gary and Daniel want revenge on them and they end up in a pranking war! Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Tom discover that there favorite Tv show has been cancelled and try to get it back on air.


SpongeBob SquarePants

Gary the Snail

Daniel the Snail

Mary's Ex- boyfriend

Spike the Bully Snail

Dan the orange Snail

Tom Smith

Snellie the Snail

Lary the Snail

Lilly the Girl Snail

Clover the Girl Snail

Sue the Girl Snail

Squidward Tentacles



Bikini Bottom

Pet Day Care

SpongeBob's Pineapple House

Conch Street

Tom's building

Palace Of Pranks (debut)

Main Article: Love Hurts! Transcript

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