Eletric Eel

Electric Eel is an eel that appears in Enchanted Tiki Dreams and Walking Small. In Enchanted Tiki Dreams, SpongeBob and Patrick used him to sting each other and Squidward. In Walking Small, he stole SpongeBob's ice cream, when SpongeBob wasn't assertive enough, then Plankton got inside SpongeBob's mouth and spoke for him, Electric Eel cried and ran away, throwing the ice cream in SpongeBob's mouth, covering Plankton in ice cream. Because he stole SpongeBob's ice cream, he might be a criminal.

Trivia EditEdit

  • In "Walking Small", he is seen to have the power to stretch over long distances. This may have meant to be done, as eels are usually long and skinny.
  • In "Walking Small", he is shown to be taller than SpongeBob, but in "Enchanted Tiki Dreams" he is a bit shorter than SpongeBob.

Looks EditEdit

Electric Eel is neon green with a blue fin running down his back. He also has a small hat on his head.

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