Don the Whale/Appearances


# Title Role(s) in episode

2b "Ripped Pants" (tr) Debut; he lifts weights in the weight lifting scene.

11a "MuscleBob BuffPants" (tr)

18a "Texas" (tr)

18b "Walking Small" (tr)

19b "Neptune's Spatula" (tr)

23b "Bubble Buddy" (tr)

25a "Wormy" (tr) He appears when SpongeBob and Patrick tell a group of people that a monster is on the losse.

25b "Patty Hype" (tr)

28 "Christmas Who?" (tr)

145a "Buried in Time" (tr) Cameo

168b "Fiasco!" (tr)

188a "Kenny the Cat" (tr)

195b "Larry's Gym" (tr)

201a "Sandy's Nutmare" (tr) Cameo in the back of the crowd buying Nutty Butter.

203a "Pineapple Invasion" (tr)

Video Games

Lights, Camera, Pants! - He is both the judge for the Goo Lagoon levels and part of one of them.


  1. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

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