The Director is a fish that is known for his career in the entertainment arts. He works for BBTV, where he is head director. He is the photographer in Picture Day at Mrs. Puff's Boating School.

Description EditEdit

He seems to be impatient and strict. To help people smile, he puts a giant set of false teeth in their mouth which makes them do the biggest smile ever. This is calledPearlie and was used on SpongeBob because he was crying. This is because he got peanut butter all over him. In Model Sponge, his strict nature returns. The director is almost certainly a reference to the "Be a Man" scene from the "B-movie Julien Donkey Boy" where the father sprays the son with a hose and tells him to "quit that moody brooding" and that "a winner doesn't shiver" in an Austrian-like accent, much like the director spraying down SpongeBob and telling him to "quit that moody brooding" and that "a winner doesn't schnivel" in a similar accent.

Looks EditEdit

The director is green in color with a blue sweater, and an indigo hat, along with usually holding a mega-phone, and is assumed to be of Italian origin.[1]

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