Deluxe Krabby Patties were mentioned, but they weren't seen until the episode Pressure or Greasy Buffoons. However, a non-greasy version was seen in "The Algae's Always Greener" being given to Nat Peterson. The patty is unsually large for someone to swallow whole though but only one person can do that and that is Patrick Star.

History EditEdit

In that episode, Krabs hid his grease from the giant grease trap onto the backyard of the Chum Bucket. Plankton came up with the idea putting grease into his products to add flavor. Plankton's new product attracted a long line of customers, and Krabs knew he had to get them back by adding grease to his own food. He informed SpongeBob that from now on, he cooks two patties for every single patty that is ordered and slather the grease of one onto the other. SpongeBob listens to Krabs anyway when Krabs denies that the grease is unhealthy. The new Deluxe Krabby Patties was able to gain back the Krusty Krab's popularity for a while. The Deluxe Krabby Patty also appears in Pressure.

Trivia EditEdit

  • There has already been Krabby Patties with the word, deluxe, in its name. Examples include the Krabby Deluxe often found on the Galley Grub and the Krabby Double Deluxe from the episode, "Pressure".

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