Daniel the Snail

Daniel licking owner.

Daniel licking owner!

Daniel the Snail is right on top of the ceiling. He was seen in What If SpongeBob Was Gone? Shorts. and Treats!When Gary is having a party with the other snails someone threw SpongeBob's stuff back inside the house and Gary got hurt. And he was seen in the episode Treats! along with the owner in the commercial called Snail BitesDaniel will only be seen in the hit T.V. series "The Adventures Of Gary The Snail." He is the voice by Saffron Henderson.

History Edit Edit

In the What if SpongeBob Was Gone? short, Daniel is seen having a party with Gary, and other snails at SpongeBob's House. At the end, SpongeBob's alarm clock comes racing through a window, crashing into a mountain of junk Gary built, covering Daniel, Gary, and the other snails.

In "Treats!," Daniel is seen during a commercial with his owner, to show off the newest snail treat food called Snail Bites. 

Trivia Edit Edit

  • Daniel has the exact same eye color as Gary.

Quotes Edit




(Talks in Oxnard a ham ham's voice)

Daniel with owner
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