Clamu is a sea oyster, said by SpongeBob to be the largest sea oyster held in captivity. It only appeared in the episode, "The Smoking Peanut". It's sounds are provided by Frank Welker.


Appearance EditEdit

Clamu is a purple sea oyster with periwinkle lips. It has a pink-red tongue. It also has some dark purple spots on it's shell.

Biography EditEdit

Clamu was a sea oyster at the Bikini Bottom Zoo who regularly spat a pearl 100 feet into the air.

In the episode "Tea at the Treedome", there is an oyster that greatly resembles Clamu tries to eat Sandy Cheeks.

In the epsiode "The Smoking Peanut", SpongeBob came to the Zoo and went to it's exhibit. She was sleeping. SpongeBob threw a sea peanut at it, causing it to wake up and start wailing. It also threw one of it's trainers, Joe, out of Oyster Stadium, where it was held. The crying could be heard all over the Earth, even above the surface of the water. SpongeBob thought that it was his fault, when the person who caused it's distress was Mr. Krabs, who had stolen it's pearl.

Then Clamu's pearl hatched, revealing a baby oyster.

Personality Clamu is emotional when it's baby was stolen. Though, when unprovoked, it is calm and known to do tricks as shown in ( The Smoking Peanut)


Clamu is emotional when her baby was stolen. Though, when unprovoked, she is calm and known to do tricks as mentioned in The Smoking Peanut.

Quotes EditEdit

  • Fish on P.A.: Attention all Zoo patrons! Clamu the sea oyster is on an emotional rampage! Please scream while running around in circles! Thanks for coming.
  • SpongeBob: (imitating announcer) He spits a giant pearl 100 feet into the air! Like a cannonball!
  • Joe: Clamu, this is your buddy Joe, remember? AAAHH!!! (is thrown out of Oyster Stadium)
  • News Fish: In the news tonight: Giant Oyster Gets it's Feelings Hurt. As you can hear, Clamu the Sea Oyster emits a cry so loud that it can be heard all over the world. The cry is so loud that it not only breaks the sound barrier, but also breaks the hearts of our citizens.
  • Sandy: When I find out who caused that oyster so much pain, no more jiggery porkery! (tears yellow pages book for emphasis)
  • SpongeBob: I have come here to tell the truth! They say that truth will be rewarded with kindness and forgiveness. I am here to lay my cards on the table. To trim the branches of deception from the Tree of Truth. To shave the unkempt sideburns from the face of truth. I-
  • Fish from audience: Hey! Just get on with it!
  • SpongeBob: I threw the peanut.
  • Clamu: WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Trivia EditEdit

  • Clamu is a parody of SeaWorld's popular Shamu.

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