Chip on SpongeBob's hand

Chip is a potato or barnacle chip and one of SpongeBob's three new friends in the episode I Had an Accident. He appears to be SpongeBob's butler in that episode, as he shows Patrick and Sandy to the door at SpongeBob's request. When Sandy and Patrick get creamed by a Gorilla, Chip, Penny, and Used Napkin together convince SpongeBob to step outdoors to save his friends. [1] Chip on SpongeBob's hand Added by 120d His three friends are SpongeBob, Penny and Used NapkinChip is a single potato chip that made its only appearance in the episode I Had An Accident, in which SpongeBob decides to live indoors forever. SpongeBob dubs Chip one of his new friends. When SpongeBob goes outside to save Sandy and Patrick from the GorillaGary eats Chip.


Chip in SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One.

Looks EditEdit

Chip is of average size and color. Looking closer you can see that Chip is curvy and has small dots.

"Death Of Chip" EditEdit

He was then eaten by Gary after SpongeBob told Chip to take care of Gary.

Trivia EditEdit

  • It is obvious that Chip is Spongebob's favorite out of the three.

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